Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent Review

With remarkable attention to detail and quality, the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person tent review shows a budget-friendly three-season tent. Although not for the ounce-counters this tent will still amaze you with its features and performance. 

Mountainsmith is a well-respected brand known for producing quality, durable tents at a very affordable price. Morrison 2 Person tent is one among the rosters of Mountainsmith’s highly rated tent for it is truly a tough gear.  

Intact with lots of great features that will make your backcountry stay comfortable and convenient. So, if you love to go camping and looking for a good value tent, Morrison 2 makes for a perfect introduction.  

Key Features  


The Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent is a double-walled, freestanding tent. It weighs 5lbs and 8 oz and has a packed size of 7.5 x 18 in when placed inside its storage sack. 

Though this tent is just a three-season tent and can’t manage heavy snow loads, the crisscross aluminum poles are made robust to effortlessly handle adverse conditions. The simple frame structure allows for a quick and easy setup. 

The two big D-Shape door design on either side of the tent makes going in and out as easy as possible. It also means there are lower chances of you stepping on your buddy on late night trips to the loo.  

Inside, you will find several pockets in the corners that can be a good storage for cellphones, water bottles, and other small gears that you and your buddy will want to easily access. There’s also a gear loft at the center of the ceiling where you can place headlamps at night. 

The rain fly has fully taped seals to avoid any water from leaking especially when you experience continuous rain. It also has guyout attachment points with reflective guylines just to keep things stable. 


The materials used to fabricate the Morrison 2 are strictly selected by Mountainsmith to come up with the ideal weight, packed size, and quality of this tent. The two poles are made of 7075 aluminum which is segmented and shock-corded to provide strong stability on any terrain. 

The tent body is a combined structure of 185T breathable polyester and No-See-Um-Mesh to provide a shelter that will let you have a sense of privacy and good ventilation. 

The bathtub styled floor is a 190TD Polyester with 5000mm PU coating, while the fly is a 185T Polyester with 2000, PU coating. With these waterproof characteristics without a doubt, anyone inside will stay dry and safe. 


Setting up the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent is super easy that even for the first time of use, you can set it up in less than three minutes. If ever you’re not sure how to do it, there is a step by step instruction printed on the storage sack for guidance. 

With the color-coded poles (one gold and one silver), clips, grommets, and webbings you’ll know which is attached or connected to each other. This scheme is found in most tents and is truly a great help when it comes to assembling tents.

Once you found the perfect spot, layout the tent body on the ground and stake it out to give a nice tight pitch. Then insert the corresponding poles into the grommets.  

Next, attach the clips one by one and the two plastic jay hooks at the very center until the tent body is fully up. After its done, you can now place the rainfly. 

Deciding the orientation of the fly is made easy because the color-coded webbing attachment corresponds to the webbing attachment at the bottom of the tent.  


Having an interior floor space area of 35 sq ft and a peak height of 43 in high are ample for two persons to conveniently move inside the tent. With this peak height, there’s plenty of headroom for extra tall people to maneuver about without feeling crowded. 

Attaching the rainfly helps create a vestibule giving a total of an additional 17 sq ft space. This portion is ideal for storing your packs, boots, and other equipment. 

If you like going for a solo trip, then this tent will truly provide you luxurious space. You have plenty of livable space and storage that you can enjoy while experiencing a great outdoor adventure. 


Some parts of the tent-like the two doors are constructed with mesh allowing air to go inside the tent. The doors have taffeta like coverings that you can fully unzip to provide plenty of ventilation as you want. 

The rainfly has nifty prop-up ventilation on both sides that will allow for greater ventilation inside. So that in rainy, humid conditions you can increase the ventilation inside the tent and help reduce any sort of condensation that might happen. 

In nice weather conditions, you can roll up the rainfly or fully remove it to let fresh air flow inside the tent. Morrison 2 Person tent has a well-balanced solid and mesh fabric construction giving you a high-performance three-season tent. 

Benefits of the Product 

Ample space for two campers, you and your buddy will surely sleep comfortably at night.

There is enough headroom and shoulder space for each to freely move inside plus enough space for your packs and gears. 

Easy to set up, no one wants to deal with difficult tent assembly especially after a long trek, right? The tent has color coding in each and every piece you have to attach and connect to make everything easier. 

Storage sack can be split into two bags, this will allow backpackers to share the load weight and will result in lighter trail weight for each. 

Two-doors and a vestibule not only makes for an easy in and out but also eliminates you and your camp partner climbing over one another when you move or need to get out.  

Strong yet lightweight 7075 aluminum poles truly surprised us. Correctly positioning the poles in crisscross orientation as you assemble the tent will result in a strong stable tent setup.  

Excellent ventilation due to the No-See-Um-Mesh walls on the doors and other portions of the tent’s wall. It allows plenty of air to circulate and highly prevent condensation despite having a double-walled tent. 

Waterproof, the rainfly and bathtub styled floor are seam taped keeping away the water, snow, mud, and moisture from leaking into the tent. 

High-quality materials, everything about this tent is not skimp on material quality. You wouldn’t worry about it breaking apart because Morrison 2 is a stable tent that can stand up well in harsh weather. 

Budget-friendly for casual campers. With a price of under $200, this tent offers lots of comfort within a tight budget. Even though the cheaper price may sound poor materials used, Morrison 2 Person tent is an exemption to this rule for it is a really tough quality tent. 

Warranty, Mountainsmith got your back! Every product you brought from them is covered with a lifetime warranty. If there’s a need for repair or exchange they will gladly assist you with your concerns. 

Quick Specs 

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  • Durable quality
  • Waterproof
  • Lots of livable space and extra storage
  • Comfortable and well ventilated
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not the ideal weight for ultralight packing


Questions and Answers 

Q: Can this tent stand up to the storm and strong wind? 

A: Yes, the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person tent can stand up really well in storm and strong wind. Just make sure you set it up accordingly to have a really nice tight pitch. 

The tent comes with a full-coverage fly and adds to the stability of the tent. You can also test this tent in your backyard when there’s a storm coming, so you’re confident that it will hold up really well on the ground. 

Q: Can two adults, one is 6’3” and the other 5’10” fit in this tent? 

A: This tent is made for two persons so yes it can fit even taller people. Though space may just be enough or a bit of a snug, a duo can still move conveniently inside. 

There’s a lot of headroom and shoulder space, and huge interior space you wouldn’t feel cramped when sleeping. The two doors will also make it a lot easier for two to go in and out of the tent. 

Extra vestibule space is ideal for your packs and gears so you can still save a lot of interior space for you and your buddy to sit or lay down.  

Tips You Can Take Away 

  1. If you’re a duo camper then it is best to split the load weight into two to lessen the trail weight for each.
  2. On bad weather, you can prop up the vent on both sides of the fly or leave the door half open for better ventilation.
  3. You can set up this tent without the fly in good weather to get an excellent flow of fresh air circulating inside.
  4. To avoid displacement of parts, make sure to keep everything well organized inside the storage sack after disassembling the tent.
  5. After camping season, when you need to store the tent, make sure everything is dry and clean to avoid mold buildup.


The Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent is an excellent tent for duo campers or individuals who wants to have a quality tent that won’t put a hole in their pockets. Because one of the great advantages of this tent is its affordable price. 

Even though Morrison 2 is cheaper, it is still made to last longer and give you a great three-season tent performance. While this tent may have some disadvantages, it doesn’t outweigh the numerous benefits and advantages it gives for the casual camper. 

From having a roomy interior space, several pockets for storage, waterproof characteristics, and more this tent is indeed impressive! We think this tent is really more than what you paid for.

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If you have any more questions about the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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