MSR 4 Season Tent Review – Lightweight 4-Season Tent for Winter Backpacking

Good shelter is among the most important items you need on any outdoor adventure. This lightweight MSR 4 Season Tent is crafted by a well-known manufacturer so this article will research the pros and cons.

Will it serve your purpose and keep you warm and protected when camping in the winter season with its extreme weather conditions, a good quality tent could become your lifesaver.

So, it needs to be robust, capable of taking on anything that mother nature throws its way. Can it be used by you in other seasons throughout the year, there are some good tents out there, lets see if this one ticks the boxes for you.

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MSR Acess Lightweight 4 season Tent

The Key Features

It is a 4-season tent  

While there’s a wide range of tents out there, not all of them can have you sorted for the unpredictable winter conditions. And that’s what sets the benchmark for most of them since many outdoor lovers would answer the call for adventure, especially at this time of the year.

As such, it pays to have a 4 season tent that you can always grab when head out to brace the frigid weather, but it has to be built solidly enough as this one is to enable it to protect you from the freezing lows of winter.

Plenty of room inside

Robust as your tent might be, it mustn’t be cramped inside, which could significantly compromise your comfort, and in some cases, even cut down on convenience.

If you have a tent that you can’t move freely inside or bring in some of the most important items like a sleeping bag that you would not like to leave exposed outside, then it’s about time you replace it.

Thankfully, this tent is also designed with the need for space at heart, which is why, despite being a single-person tent, offers up to 19 square feet of interior room. This will be enough for you and most of your gear.

Sufficient ventilation

Speaking of a tent being cramped, the other concern that quickly crops up is the need for air. A tent might be good at keeping the rain, ice and cold out while keeping you just warm enough inside. But things get a bit complicated if you end up feeling claustrophobic in there.

To counter this challenge, MSR has equipped this tent with enough ventilation. These include the tent door and rainfly vents that keep air flowing in. What’s more, this also helps reduce condensation, so your tent won’t end up raining on you from the inside.

Quality material

As mentioned above, you must get a tent that can withstand constant abuse from the unforgiving outdoor conditions. And it all boils down to the material it’s made of, and of course, the construction.

The good news is, this tent seems to offer the best of both, especially when it comes to the material. Thanks to the aerospace composite materials as Easton Syclone poles, it can withstand severe outdoor conditions such as strong winds without breaking.

1-door design

Access into and out of your tent is always worth considering when making the final decision on the tent you want to go for. This will depend on the different types of tents since some are designed for a single person (as this one is) while others are built for two or more.

With this tent built for a single person, then a single door is all you need. This helps keep the tent in the right size and weight, but there’s more. The door is also large enough to allow you to not only enter or leave the tent with ease, but it’s also ideal for ventilation when needed.

Waterproof coating

The reason you would want to bring a tent on your adventure is to keep the elements out as you sleep comfortably inside. And rain is one of the worst nightmares a camper can face out there since getting wet is not only uncomfortable, it could also pose health risks such as hypothermia in extremely frigid conditions.

Not to worry, this tent’s Xtreme Shield waterproof coating got you covered by ensuring you don’t have to endure a sleepless night if a storm has hit. Besides, it also enhances the durability of the tent, giving you the value you pay for.

Interior storage

While having a spacious tent that can accommodate you and your gear is awesome, it gets even better if the tent has additional storage options for some of your items. With these options, you can arrange and organize the inside of your tent, creating even more room on the floor for your backpack, etc.

Well, that’s also taken care of since this tent is not only roomy inside, but also features an internal pocket that you can use for storing small items and personal effects such as your phone, map, dairy, and other such handy items.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

The zipper closure design of this tent is an added advantage, as it not only helps keep the wind and water out but is also easy to operate both from the inside and outside.

The roomy interior makes this tent ideal for keeping your gear safe and dry inside, especially in bad weather or when camping in an area with curious animals such as a bear.

With 9 square feet of the vestibule are, you have that much-needed additional space for keeping your gear, helping keep the inside of your tent neat and well organized.

Then there’s the center height, which, at 41 inches, is high enough to allow you to walk effortlessly inside your tent without having to crawl around.

It also has multiple guy out points that add to the convenience you need with this tent as far as space goes, which is yet another big plus that would be hard to resist.

A limited mesh on the tent body is awesome for helping keep you warm, especially on frigid nights, and this can be a big deal especially when camping in the winter season or at high elevation.

Easy to set up and take down, thanks to the small size of this tent and a swivel pole hub design, you can easily set it up all by yourself in just a matter of minutes.

And the tent packs down pretty small for this kind of tents, measuring only 18 inches by 6 inches, which makes carrying and storing it easy as it fits even in some considerably tight spaces.

It also has a central support frame that helps the body of the tent to withstand the weight of accumulated snow above, making it safer and more convenient in such extreme weather.

The Easton Syclone, aerospace component material of the poles is not only strong but also very flexible, a quality that makes them ideal for withstanding winter’s heavy snow falls and strong winds.

Quick Specs

  1. Capacity; 1 person tent
  2. Seasons; 4-season
  3. Closure type; Zippers
  4. Number of doors; 1 door
  5. Interior space; 84 inches by 33 inches
  6. Packed dimensions; 18 inches by 6 inches
  7. Weight; 3.5 pounds
  8. Interior peak height; 41 inches
  9. Storage space; 9 square feet vestibule, 1 interior pocket
  10. Xtreme Shield waterproof coating


  • It’s a small tent that you can carry and set up with ease
  • Lots of interior space and storage options
  • Large single door ensures easy entry and exit
  • A waterproof coating helps keep you dry
  • Strong materials and construction helps withstand outdoor weather


  • This tent is a bit heavy at up to 3.8 pounds maximum weight

Questions And Answers

Question: What is included in the package?

Answer: This tent comes with everything you need. From the tent body, a rainfly, the tent poles, stakes, and even guy lines all come included in the purchase, so you don’t have to spend more money down the line for those.

Question: Is a carry bag also included?

Answer:  Thankfully, yes! And not just a carry bag for the tent, but you also get a pole bag and stake bag. This is a great plus as you can easily arrange the different components in their respective bags for easy handling and storage.

Here Is A Tip Or Two

  • Keep in mind that this tent is designed to be hand-washed, so if you need to clean your tent, always make sure to hand wash it to enhance its durability. After all, this makes it easier, and you don’t have to do it every other day unless it’s necessary.
  • To keep your tent waterproof for longer and improve its durability, you can consider using a tarp when setting it up, and make sure the ground where you set it up is level and clear from rocks and pebbles. 


If you want to enjoy the outdoors on a solo trip, then this MSR Expedition 4-Season Tent should be a great pick. The combination of its solid construction and the great materials enables it to offer you withstanding protection from the elements in the biting cold weather.

It’s a tent built for the wild outdoors in every sense of the word. I would highly recommend making it your outdoor buddy, you’ll love it. 

If you have any more questions about the MSR 4-Season Tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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