MSR Magic – Zoic 1 Person MSR Backpacking Tent Review

If you’re looking for a lightweight, spacious, and quality 3-season tent then the Zoic 1 person MSR backpacking tent might be the perfect gear for you.

MSR was able to create the Zoic 1 by combining their two bestselling tent ranges, namely the Hubba and the Elixir tent series. 

The MSR Zoic 1 is designed with the solo backpacker in mind. It will provide a generous amount of living space for one and enough room for their gear as well. 

This fantastic tent shows that solo backpacking doesn’t have to always be a tiny tent resulting in discomfort. It also proves that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort just to cut down weight. 

The lightweight and compact design will not weigh you down even if you’re crossing a lake or trailing the mountain top. In warm weather, it guarantees to provide you a pleasant and fresh stay outdoors. 

Zoic tent is made to help backpackers have a good rest at night after a day full of activities. This means you can stay far more productive with days of enjoying nature and experiencing the adventure you always wished for.

Key Features 

Lightweight and Compact

The Zoic 1 person tent is lightweight and compact. When packed, it has a weight of 3lbs 12oz and 51 x 13 cm size.  

Everything you need to build your shelter is inside its customized storage bag. All the materials used to create this tent are lightweight. 

You can take it in any of your travel without adding too much weight or consuming too much space in your pack. The vast use of mesh materials, ripstop nylon, and hubbed poles are some of the key factors in achieving its lightweight design. 

Easy to Setup

The setup is very easy and straightforward. For a faster setup, always start with spreading out the body first followed by assembling the hubbed pole system and placing each pole into the corner grommets. 

Once the body and pole are in place, you can look for the best spot to position the tent. By the way, if you want extra protection place a footprint first before laying the body. 

Clip the body to the pole for stability. Add the cross pole to extend the body resulting in more interior space. 

Next, you can spread the fly on top and secure it to the cross pole, the main tent poles, and the tent corners before you finish by staking out the vestibule.

For a newbie, it may take 8-10 minutes to set it up, but for someone who has used this tent many times, it only takes less than 8 minutes to set up. 

Livability and Comfort

The MSR Zoic 1 person backpacking tent is a freestanding tent with a measure of 88 x 35 inches and an internal area of a tad of 21.5 square feet. It is particularly designed with extra length and width to make living comfortable for a solo backpacker.  

You can fit a large mattress inside and still have plenty of space for your gears. It has a peak height of 39-inches so you can sit straight without your head touching the ceiling.  

Staking out the vestibule will offer an additional 9 square feet of space where you can organize and secure your belongings. The spacious vestibule will make sufficient storage for your boots and packs.  

The steep walls and spacious floor plan truly offer a roomy interior with generous head, shoulder, and leg space. A solo backpacker will surely experience pleasant living and sleep soundly after a long tiring day of hiking. 

Durability and Design

MSR is well-established in designing and fabricating durable tents that can last longer. For the Zoic tent, they employ durable lightweight materials.

Built using solid aluminum poles, and a long-lasting Xtreme Shield™ coating to create a strong and reliable tent that can protect you from winds and rains. 

The Zoic 1 is supported by 2 7000 series aluminum poles to provide a stable freestanding tent. Its tent walls are structured from lightweight 15D nylon micromesh which promotes outstanding airflow while keeping flies and bugs at bay. 

The 70 D taffeta nylon material makes the tent floor super tough. It is coated with durable DWR coating to keep you dry at all times. For maximum weather protection, this tent is enhanced with a 40D ripstop nylon rain fly. 


Both the floor and rainfly are treated with Xtreme Shield™ water-resistant coating which lasts 3x longer than any other standard coatings.

Without a doubt, this tent will deliver excellent waterproof performance giving you peace of mind if you happen to experience non-stop rain at camp. 

Other waterproof coatings tend to degrade in hot humid weather conditions, luckily, the Xtreme Shield™ coating was made to withstand those kinds of environments.

This just means that the MSR Zoic 1 person backpacking tent will serve you for many years to come. 

MSR Zoic 1 Person Tent

Benefits of the Product

Advanced technology design features, you can carry this tent conveniently for all your outdoor adventures and rely on it in tough weather conditions. 

A proven lightweight 3-season tent ideal for single backpacker who wants spacious interior and to absolutely experience comfortable living in the wild. 

The 15D nylon micromesh construction provides breathability which is best for warm weather.

This design will also give you an opportunity to experience exceptional stargazing on a clear night. 

Lightweight 40D nylon rainfly will provide adequate protection against bad weather. You may also partially roll it back for ventilation and let you see the outside. 

The vestibule provides spacious storage for your belongings to protect it against the elements especially from the crawling creatures outside. 

With built-in gear lofts for extra storage, you can always place here essentials and gears you want to easily access. This is also an ideal headlamp holder at night. 

More vertical wall and wider floor plan for a single backpacker compared to other tents in the market.

This allows you to sit without feeling crowded, you can sit and stretch your legs while reading your favorite book. 

Freestanding design and pre-connecting poles that allow quick, easy, and light set up. This also helps with the stability of the tent in any condition. 

Great Price for a spacious one-person tent. If you’re planning to go light without breaking your bank make sure you check out the Zoic 1 person tent because it might just be the good deal you’re looking for. 

Warranty, MSR has a 3-year limited warranty policy. For more information contact them directly and they will gladly entertain your queries whether it is repair or exchange. 

Specifications Table

Zoic 1 Person MSR Backpacking Tent

Capacity 1 Person

3 Season

1 Door

Packed Weight   3 lb 12 oz

Floor Area   21.5 Sq Ft
Tent Mesh Material   15 D Nylon Mesh
Rainfly Material    40 D Ripstop Nylon Silicon

Floor Material   70 D Polyurethane & Nylon

Frame   2 x 7000 Series Aluminum Poles

Packed Size   20 inches x 12 inches


  • Huge livable space
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Easy to setup
  • Reliable waterproof feature


  • Only includes eight pegs, it would be better if they provide at least 10, especially for mixed weather conditions.

Questions and Answers

MSR Zoic 1 person backpacking tent-without rainfly

Q: How is the Zoic different from the Hubba and Elixir tent? 

A: The MSR tent is made longer and wider than the Hubba and Elixir tent series.

They boast a larger living space and claimed to be more robust and breathable compared with traditional backpacking tents.  

Other backpackers feel that Zoic seems to be a nice compromise between the Hubba and Elixir.

With a full-coverage fly, it will still provide adequate protection against winds and rains.  

If you are concerned about the spaciousness of this tent and need a little more size in the form of a two-person tent check out my review on the MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2.

Q: How do you prevent condensation? 

A: During nice weather, you will not have any problem with condensation with the Zoic tent. It is designed with 15D nylon micromesh that offers great air circulation and ventilation.

However, during rainy weather where you have to set up the rainfly, it may feel a bit condensed. To solve this, every MSR rainfly is included with a peak vent that may still allow free-flowing fresh air to move through the tent. 

Another thing you can do is to leave the door half open or partially roll back the rain fly. 

Tips You Can Take Away

  1. It is best to first look for the best area to settle your tent to avoid damage or breakage.
  2. To strengthen durability, it is always better to use a footprint to protect the floor of your tent from unwanted rocks and roots. You can check out the MSR large universal footprint for this.
  3. If you want a more minimalist approach, you can simply combine the footprint and the rainfly to provide ultralight shelter.
  4. Dry your tent as soon as possible whenever it gets wet to prevent mildew.
  5. If your tent is heavily soiled the best way to clean it is by setting it up first, then use a sponge and mild soap to clear away dirt.


The MSR Zoic 1 person backpacking tent will greatly offer a pleasant outdoor experience for single backpackers. It is simple to set up, has a full coverage fly, and designed with highly breathable mesh. 

We love the fact that it has an Xtreme Shield long-lasting waterproof coating that is one of its great features for weather protection.

Zoic tent is an amazing 3-season shelter that is sure to please any hikers who are seeking roomy comfort and a durable tent that is not heavy on the back or on the pocket. 

Our team highly recommend this tent for mild summer weather, so you can set up the tent even without the rain fly. That way, you will have a 360-degree view of nature and continuous air circulation inside your tent.

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If you have any more questions about the Zoic 1 person MSR backpacking tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

For more choices and an amazing range of quality backpacking tents for your next adventure be sure to check out my article titled best ultralight backpacking tents for a good comparison that will help with your purchasing decision.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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