The MSR Elixir 2 Person Tent Review

The MSR Elixir 2 Person Tent is intact with features that offer more livability for two. This four-season tent has been enhanced to be extremely fast and easy to set up, so even in bad conditions when you are time-pressured you can get the Elixir up without hassle.  

You can set up this tent in two different freestanding modes, the standard setup and the fast and light set up in which you only include the footprint and the rainfly. There’s no need to buy an extra footprint because the Elixir 2 comes with its own.

The footprint is more or less a $40.00 value that you can save. With MSR’s proven track record of providing durable and reliable outdoor products, we know this tent will hold up good in any situation.

So, whether you’re a long-time backpacker or a newbie, if you have plans to camp at the Himalayas or somewhere exciting the MSR Elixir 2 is certainly the tent that you be looking out to take.

Take a look at our full review below to know more about its features and benefits. 

Key Features  


The MSR Elixir 2 has three innovative 7000 series aluminum pole structure that makes the tent incredibly robust. The third pole is a separate pole that you place on top to open the tent wider and provide more interior space. 

It is nice that MSR included a footprint to protect the floor and offers you different pitching options if you’re in a hurry. The fabric used for the canopy is a combination of mesh and solid fabric. 

It uses 40D nylon ripstop for the canopy and a 20D nylon micromesh for breathability. The rainfly is a 68D ripstop polyester with a 1500 mm waterproof coating. 

The floor fabric is a 70D taffeta nylon with a 3000 mm waterproof coating. Both the rainfly and the bathtub style floor are seamed tape to give you excellent waterproof performance. 

Combining these fabrics creates an outstanding barrier against the elements while maintaining decent airflow inside.  


There is a large door on each side of the tent allowing easy entry and exit, and a spacious vestibule area on each side measuring 17.5 square feet in total.  

The vestibules are enough for storing backpacks and muddy boots. This tent has several pockets inside where you can stash smaller items such as your cellphones, earphones, favorite headlamp, and the likes.  

You will find a pocket at the head and the foot end plus two gear loft pockets at the upper portion of the tent.  

The bottom part of the tent is structured with solid fabric for privacy and the rest is structured with mesh for breathability. Giving you the perfect balance of ventilation, warmth, and privacy. 

Weight and Packability 

The MSR made sure to use lightweight materials without compromising the quality. The packed weight of the Elixir 2 is 6 lbs and it has a packed size of 20 x 7 inches.

It is not necessarily a heavy tent but it is not for ultralight packing either. With the big stuff sack, you can easily store the parts of the tent inside unlike with other tents that have narrow storage bags.

If you got a camping buddy, it is wise to divide the load to have a fair amount of weight to carry individually. 

Easy to Set up

Setting the tent up was easy and fast especially if you’ve done it many times already. On rainy days you can choose to set up the rainfly first. 

But in good weather conditions, you can start by laying the provided footprint on the ground followed by the tent body. Establish your poles next, and insert them into the color-coded end.  

It’s important to pay attention to the colors because everything is color-coded. This will help you know which to attach, insert, and clip together.  

Once you insert the poles into the grommets, you can prop up the whole thing. Clip the tent body to the pole and you can go on with the rainfly. 

MSR made the Elixir 2 Person tent so easy to set up and that for us is truly a bonus!


The interior of the tent is pretty big, for a solo backpacker this will be extravagant but you can certainly let two people live inside without a problem.

Having an interior floor area of 29 square feet will give you such plenty of space to snugly fit two sleeping pads side by side. The best part is, there is still a lot of space for other stuff and you won’t feel crowded at all.

Its outstanding pole geometry helps maximize the head and shoulder room throughout the tent. The peak height is at 40 inches which is plenty of headroom even for taller people.

It is not hard to sit and play cards with friends or eat together with how much livable space this tent offers. 

MSR Elixir 2 Person Tent

Benefits of the Product 

Two large doors so you and your camp buddy will not have a problem going in and out of the tent. You can assign one door for you and your buddy, or assign a specific entry and exit point. 

Two spacious vestibules that serve as extra storage for gears and equipment. This is truly needed in times when you experience non-stop rain at camp to keep your things dry and safe. 

The color-coded poles, clips, and webbings which makes set up a breeze. Even someone new in outdoor backpacking will quickly learn how to set up this tent.  

Decent ventilation, mesh construction, and vents on each side of the fly will minimize condensation. You can also roll up the door in good weather conditions to let fresh air inside. 

Multiple internal pockets where you can stash small valuable items. These pockets are handy for things that you usually use at camp.

Included footprint, will enhance the longevity of the tent especially the floor part.

This adds extra protection against rocks, roots, and sharp objects that may be laying on the ground. 

Durable tent, all the materials used to create this tent are strategically chosen to provide maximum durability without adding too much weight. 

New internal glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls making it easier for you to find the zipper in the dark especially if you need to go to the loo in the night. 

Affordable price, the MSR Elixir 2 Person tent is perfect for the budget-minded backpacker who wants to experience convenient camping anywhere they go.  

Warranty, MSR offers a 3-year limited warranty.

If you contact them, they will discuss to you in detail what this warranty covers and what it doesn’t. Feel free to connect with them whenever you have questions.

Quick Specs

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  • Spacious interior for two campers
  • Color-coded poles, clips, and webbing make set up easy
  • Fully waterproof and can withstand harsh weather condition
  • Includes a footprint in the package
  • Good balance of solid and mesh fabric for privacy and comfort
  • Good value for money


  • Moderate weight and pack size


Questions and Answers 

Q: Do you need trekking poles to set up this tent? 

A: No, you don’t need trekking poles for the Elixir 2, it is a freestanding tent which means the canopy and the fly is fully supported by its poles. It also doesn’t mean that you should not use stakes and the guy cords.  

Staking out the tent and fly adds stability. If you’re camping at a place with heavy wind or rain then you may want to use the guy points to be sure your setup is tight and taught. 

Q: Can two sleeping pads fit in this tent? 

A: Yes, it can. The width of this tent from seam to seam is 50 inches and 84 inches in length. That space is enough to fit two good sleeping pads and you will still have space for other stuff.  

Tips You Can Take Away 

  1. Once you find the right spot, you can stake out the footprint for stability before setting up the tent.
  2. If you got the essentials, like for example exchanging the stakes for lighter ones then you might cut down a bit of weight.
  3. During rainy days when you feel like the vent on both sides of the fly is not enough for ventilation, you can always unzip the door a little for extra air.
  4. On clear days, you can completely remove the rain fly for excellent viewing and stargazing.
  5. Before going out make sure all the parts of the tent are complete inside the stuff sack to avoid any problem.


According to MSR the Elixir 2 Person Tent is the most livable backpacking tent in their class and we have no objections about it. Indeed, MSR has proven to maintain its good track record of providing a durable and reliable tent with the Elixir 2 Person Tent. 

Elixir 2 is ideal for days of treks and wild camps where having the right combination of protection, durability, and comfort is vital. This tent really is your reliable, spacious shelter away from home. 

If rough weather rolls in, the tent’s polyester nylon materials, waterproof coatings, and quality construction will keep anyone inside dry, safe, and comfy.

All in all, the MSR Elixir 2 Person tent is an affordable tent, made to offer outdoor adventurers with balanced features and simplicity in a sturdy package.

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If you have any more questions about the MSR Elixir 2 Person Tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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