mSR whisperlite international multi fuel stove

This MSR WhisperLite International Multi fuel Stove is one of those few must-haves to carry with you when heading out on just about any outdoors trip, this small Stove allows a quick hot cuppa anywhere.

A stove also provides a means to cook a hot meal in the outdoors, and it could be a lifeline in an emergency.

As such, it is crucial that you take a close look into the stove that you plan to bring on your adventure. The choice of a flimsy stove could set you up for serious frustration, and in the worst-case scenario, it can be risky.

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MSR WhisperLite International Stove

The Key Features

You can use it with different fuel types

One thing that makes a good stove is the fuel it can work with, and this is very important as different types of weather could mean the need for use of different stove fuels.

What works down at the beach might not be so feasible in the harsh cold weather high up in the mountains. This stove goes that extra mile with the ability to work with several types of fuels.

You can use the type that works best in the environment you are entering. This design allows you to use it with white gas, kerosene, or unleaded gasoline, the choice is all yours.

Solidly built

As far as performance goes, the strength of a stove’s build counts, a lot. Get a solidly built stove, and you’ll have a unit to count on for a long time.

This not only ensures you get the value you pay for, but it also helps you avoid those frustrating and annoying breakdowns. Read my article here on a number of small portable stoves.

That’s where the robust build of this stove comes into play. Not only is it built for heavy-duty performance, but it also sports a sturdy stainless steel material that makes it an ideal choice for use in the rough outdoors environment.

Compact design

While it is important that you check to ensure the stove you go for is tough enough, it still needs to be just the right size to make handling it as easy as it can get. This can be very crucial when it comes to transporting it.

Thankfully, this is the other essential bit that we loved about the WhisperLite; it is a compact unit that folds small enough to make transportation and storage easier for you.

It’s lightweight, too!

Another factor that goes a long way to determining how easy it can get to transport your stove is, of course, the weight.

A heavy stove might be difficult to carry, especially over long distances, and probably better suited to car camping while a lighter smaller multi-fuel stove would be ideal when you’re on a backpacking trip

That’s why this unit is designed to be lightweight despite being solidly built and capable of delivering an impressive performance. At around 1.3 pounds in weight with a full fuel bottle, you can handle it easily.

Fast and easy cleaning

Maintenance is yet another factor that you have to keep an eye on when shopping for that ideal stove. After all, it is crucial if you are to enhance the durability of your stove. Thus, getting a stove that makes life easier for you can be very helpful.

With the easy cleaning of this little stove, you can bet you’ll have an easy time keeping it servicable and ready for the next use. The overall maintenance is just as easy, which is another great factor that makes using this stove easy.

Ideal wind protection

Cooking on windy days can be difficult, and in severe cases, almost impossible. And since nature can be very unpredictable, the only thing you can bank on is having a stove that is built to perform just right even in windy conditions.

This one thus comes with a windscreen that is very helpful at ensuring you can cook without much disturbance from gusts of wind. What’s more, this allows you to speed up the cooking process while at the same time cutting on fuel consumption.

It’s very stable as well

Stability is of utmost importance when cooking with a stove in the outdoors. One thing for sure is that while you might try your best and have a table or try to level the campsite, the stability of your stove still matters.

Not to worry, however, as this stove’s stainless steel legs are not only built to keep it lightweight but also do the job when it comes to keeping your stove stable. Thus, you can cook confidently without any concerns over potential spills.

MSR liquid stove sitting on the ground

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

This stove comes with the instructions on how to use it included, which can be a great add for beginners who might not have the slightest idea how to set it up or use it.

Also included is a heat reflector, a feature which further helps ensure enhanced performance while helping save on fuel.

What’s more, the fuel pump comes included in the package, so you won’t have to deal with picking one up down the road, thus saving you some money and the hassle.

There’s also a small-parts kit, thus you shouldn’t have to struggle with the assembly and connections, not to mention that this means you don’t have to buy those separately.

A one-piece leg assembly is also great when it comes to cleaning your stove as well as ensuring easy maintenance while out there.

Besides, it comes with a stuff sack too; a great addition that allows you to ensure everything is stored nicely for easy transportation and convenient storage.

The ability to work with different types of fuels makes this virtually a 4-season stove capable of working even in extremely cold conditions, which means you can count on it all year round.

Measuring 6 inches by 8 inches by 8 inches, this stove is a nicely compact unit that you can easily fit in most MSR pots for hassle free transportation.

This stove can boil a liter of water in just 3.5 minutes with white gas fuel and 4.4 minutes with kerosene, which isn’t the fastest on the market, but still considerably fast enough.

It also delivers a great deal of burn time, with the ability to last up to 110 minutes with the white gas and 155 minutes with kerosene fuel.

Quick Specs

  1. Types of fuel; Auto, white gas and kerosene
  2. Measurements: 6”x8”x8”
  3. Material: Stainless steel
  4. Minimum weight: 10.9 ounces
  5. Stuff sack included
  6. Fuel bottle not included
  7. Burn time 110 minutes (white gas) and 155 (kerosene)
  8. Windscreen
  9. Heat reflector
  10. Made in Seattle USA 


  • Easy field maintenance and cleaning
  • Very stable thanks to the solid steel folding legs
  • Compact and lightweight design makes transportation easy
  • Capable of working with up to three types of fuel
  • Considerably fast, boil times


  • can give your hands and pack a gas smell, also, can get a bit sooty after use

Questions And Answers

Question: Can this stove be used with large pots?

Answer: The good thing about this stove’s stability is that it allows it to work with even some large pots, so you can take advantage of this for cooking a variety of food types and amounts. This can also be very handy when you are camping as a pair or a few people.

Question: What size of canisters does this stove work with?

Answer: you can use this stove with either a 20-ounce canister for the kerosene fuel. And the same size of fuel canister goes for the white gas fuel. Also, as we’ve mentioned above, you’ll need to pick up the fuel bottle separately as it isn’t included in the package. However, the fuel pump is, so you won’t need to buy it separately.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • It is wise to always read and follow the instruction when setting up this stove, as is the case with most outdoor gear, to ensure you don’t make a mistake that might cause damage to your unit, and cost you money. Thankfully, this one comes with the instruction manual included.
  • For your safety, avoid using your stove indoors or in a poorly ventilated area, which could increase the chances of exposure to carbon monoxide, which can be lethal in extreme cases. This is also recommendable for most types of stoves.


If you are looking for a reliable stove that you can take on your camping or hiking adventure, this stove comes across as a great option to go for.

The MSR WhisperLite turns out to be a stove built for outdoor lovers who want a stove that can take on quite a beating from the elements.

It’s also very lightweight, so carrying it over long distances shouldn’t be a challenge, and it packs small enough thanks to the folding design. What’s more, it delivers an impressive performance, and of course, the ability to work with different fuel types makes it even more exciting.

This is an ideal winter camping stove or hiking in and around mountainous areas, see for yourself what it has to offer.   

If you have any more questions about the MSR WhisperLite International Multi fuel Stove, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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