Napoleon Portable Gas Grill

The Napoleon portable gas grill is made for all the grill lovers out there searching for portable, lightweight, and compact outdoor cooking gear. In this portable grill, anyone can conveniently cook while enjoying the outdoors.

The TQ285 portable gas grill is lighter and easier to transport compared to other grilling options available in the market. This is the perfect choice for a traveler’s grill because it can be moved and transported around easily.

Surely, car campers will love to bring this propane grill on all their travels. It packs down small and light enough to place it at the back of the car, therefore, still leaving ample space for other stuff.

A product with a wide potential of application such as the Napoleon portable grill is truly a good buy. Do not underestimate its size, because this grill can cook up to 17 large hamburgers all at once.

If you are intrigued to know more about the Napoleon TQ285-BL portable propane grill, read our complete review below.

Key Features 


This 20 lb high-end grill was specifically made to enhance portability. You can choose the downsized version of the Napoleon TQ285 gas grill where its legs are chopped off or you can also choose the same grill that comes with folding legs or the one with the wheeled stand.

This optional wheeled stand has a flattering design. It does not only have wheels for easy transport but as well as a kickstand. 

There are two, individually controlled burners to make sure you get precise temperature control. With the iconic WAVE™ cooking grids, you’ll definitely know that this grill is a Napoleon product.

The porcelain-coated enamel grill will work just like a non-stick surface. To keep it lightweight and portable the grill features a cast aluminum body.

The cover or lid is stylishly colored in blue. For easy cleaning, you can simply slide the grease tray. When it’s clean you can return it and lock it in place to avoid accidental fall off when traveling.

Cooking Output Power

The Napoleon TQ285 portable grill claims to have 12,000 BTU maximum output in which 6,000 BTU comes out from each burner. The amount of heat this grill produces is just enough for its size.

The nicest thing about this grill is how well the heat is dispersed all throughout the surface. The U-shape tubular grill burners and the grill grate itself helps achieve well-balanced heat.

This only means that no one spot of the grill gets less heat or more heat than the rest of the cooking surface. With the good power output and evenly heat distribution of Napoleon you can confidently cook as much as you want.

Temperature or Heat Control

This is where Napoleon shows how versatile the TQ285 portable gas grill. As we identified above, each burner has 6,000 BTU completing the maximum power output of 12,000 BTU. 

Having two burners with a separate controller will help you fine-tune each burner. You can easily control the temperature from low to smoking hot.

That said you can put one burner into high, while the other is in low heat or completely off. But if you’re cooking several foods at the same time you can adjust both burners to have the same temperature or power output.

Doing so will give you an even distribution of heat throughout the grill surface. In fact, it’s hard to find dual grillers the same size as Napoleon having U-shaped burners with individual controls.

What you’ll usually find in the market are grillers with only one burner and controller, making it hard to control the heat distribution especially if you just want to use one side of the burner.

Cooking Surface

Boasting 285 square inches of grilling area which means it offers plenty of grilling space for several sausages, hamburgers, or kebabs all at the same time. 

It can cook enough food for four big eaters, they can max out the cooking area grilling meat and vegetables. For a group of two or three, they will not have any problem cooking even the most lavish grilled meal.


Portability is one of the most important features you should consider if the main purpose of buying is for outdoor use. Whether it is for camping, picnic, backyard, or patio, we think Napoleon TQ285 is something you should take a look at.

For camping and travels, we prefer not to use the wheeled stand because it is much lighter and compact without it. But if you have space in your car to bring the stand then go on because it will surely come in handy at the campsite.

Without a doubt, the wheeled stand is perfect for the backyard or nearby grilling. On the other hand, we find Napoleon more versatile without the stand when transporting it to a car or a van. 

It has a sturdy handle that you can securely latch together for easy carrying. Aside from its high-level performance as a griller, we also love the fact that it is highly portable.

Portable Napoleon TQ285 Propane Grill with Blue Lid and Two Controllers

Benefits of the Product

Two 6,000 BTU stainless steel burner design allowing food to be kept warm on one side while you’re still grilling on the other side.

Can evenly distribute heat if needed. This is useful when you’re cooking chicken, sausages, or hamburgers in bulk.

A lightweight portable grill, compact, and easy to travel around. Ideal for car campers, tailgating, back or front yard barbeque parties, picnics, visits to the beach, and a lot more.

285 square inch porcelain-coated enamel grill can cook a modest meal for four and a lavish meal for a group of two or three. That said, this grill is indeed perfect for family camping.

Hood-mounted temperature gauge that makes this griller suitable for more sophisticated grilling. You can track the temperature of meat and perfectly cook your favorite steak in this griller.

The strong lid efficiently protects food against the wind. There’s no need to max out the heat or flame because the cover completely protects the flame from going off due to strong wind.

Uses high-end materials and is designed with durability in mind. This griller can last for years without fading in performance. 

Iconic sear marks, these iconic wave styled grids are responsible for the even heat transfer and great sear.

Price, the Napoleon portable gas grill is an expensive product. If you think you’re only going to use it once then you can look for a cheaper option, but if you think you’ll always want to bring this to your travels then you should invest in something as durable and reliable as this griller. 

Warranty, Napoleon offers a 10-year limited warranty for the TQ285 portable grill. To know more about this visit Napoleon’s website or call their customer support.

Quick Specs

  1. Maximum output power 12,000TU
  2. Cooking surface 285 sq. in
  3. Dimension 15.50 x 24 x19.25 in
  4. Dual Stainless Steel Burners
  5. Ergonomic Control Knobs
  6. High Top Cast Aluminum Lid in Blue
  7. Instant Jetfire Ignition


  • Lightweight and portable enough to carry or load at the back of the car
  • It has two independent burners
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron that is rustproof
  • Built to last for years
  • It can evenly distribute heat when cooking in bulk


  • The shape does not stack well

Questions and Answers

Q: Can I control the temperature? What if I only need a low heat, can I adjust it to low heat only?

A: Yes, you can. The good thing about this griller is it has two burners with individual controllers. That way, you can adjust the temperature from low to smoking hot.

The individual controllers work pretty well in adjusting the heat. This griller is wind resistant so it doesn’t blow out in the wind. 

Q: How well does the Napoleon TQ285 sear meat?

A: Our experience searing meat in this cookware was great. You can directly put the meat on the surface without worrying that the meat might stick onto the grill.

The heat was consistent, and it evenly spread out through the surface. We love that we can track the temperature of the meat with the built-in thermometer.

The thermometer was very accurate so you don’t need to be tensed at all. The cooked meat was mouthwatering that we truly enjoyed a lavish meal outdoor.

Tips You Can Take Away 

  1. Even though this outdoor grill is made durable proper care will enhance its longevity and should last you for many years.
  2. Make sure to clean after every cooking session so the leftover food or stain will not harden.
  3. Before you start cooking or firing it up, check out the grill grates and remove any foreign objects such as brush-bristles. 
  4. You can use mild soap and a brush to clean the grill.


Eating delicious food while appreciating the beautiful outdoor view will truly complete your outdoor experience. Thus, bringing a portable griller like Napoleon TQ285 will add joy to your travels.

It is a guaranteed versatile griller that will give you the option to choose to bring its foldable, wheeled stand or simply bring the griller alone. We didn’t have any difficulties cooking meat and vegetable on it and we just enjoyed the whole grilling experience.

This portable propane griller is an innovative outdoor gear that makes outdoor cooking satisfying. We highly recommend this griller for someone who loves gourmet grilling on the go.

If you have any more questions about the Napoleon portable gas grill, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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