Nemo Dagger Ultralight Backpacking Tent Review

The Nemo Dagger Ultralight Backpacking Tent could be the perfect tent for your future backpacking adventures into new horizons. Large and spacious enough inside to rest and sleep comfortably no matter what the weather outside.

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A good shelter during cold or wet weather, and it’s light enough to carry wherever you go. Not only that, this tent has a divvy sack included where you can divide the load with your travel partner.  “One-Tent Wonder” as the manufacturers called it, proved that it’s the best-selling tent that they have out there.

The tent’s freestanding structure allows you to easily set-up in less than five minutes, and with its ultralight features, you can just move freely from one place to another and be able to rebuild the tent in no time.  


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Nemo Dagger Backpacking Tent

The Key Features 

Ease of Setup 

The setup of the tent is quite fast and easy, as the product has a manual of five-step instructions on how to set up the tent. And as mentioned above, it will take you less than five minutes to set up even if you’re new to camping. 

Moreover, with the help of color-coded poles, this will help you to correctly connect the tips of the poles to which they correspond to the “Jake’s Foot” fittings, to the inner tent, and rainfly corners.

Once the pole clips are attached to the inner tent canopy of the poles, you can now easily snap the ridge pole tips into the Ball Cap fittings on the sides of the tent above the doors. 

Stakes are available which will enable you to open the backside of the tent. Attaching the rainfly is much easier, the poles are also color-coded which makes it easier for you to connect the straps and buckles to the inner tent.   

Lastly, staking the vestibule(s) and pulling firmly all the adjustable corner anchors, help you secure the tent for more strength, or you can even add more guylines for additional security from high wind.  


With an overall packaged weight of 3lbs 14oz – making this tent incredibly lightweight and perhaps, it can be considered in the list of the lightest freestanding tents there is.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new or seasoned camper, as this tent won’t burden you with a great weight.

And it does not only give that easy feeling while you are trekking the trails but also allowing you to have more space on your backpack for other gears.

 The Nemo Dagger Ultralight Backpacking Tent may be the perfect fit if you’re planning for an adventure these coming holidays, lightweight but strong shelter on your journeys.  

Design and Materials 

The Nemo Dagger 2P tent is a 3-season ultralight tent that is packed full of features that will make your camp life easier. The frame is A featherlite aluminum DAC tubing.

It is fully a freestanding tent with double-wall, two doors, and massive trapezoidal vestibules that offers ease of entry and more capacity for storage than many other tents in its weight category.  

The two doors do not only offer ease of entry but also allow you to see the different views from your tent especially when you’re camping near a river in a mountain view area.

The white No-See-Um Mesh on the side panels adds privacy and an inclusive black mesh top offers a clear stargazing view at night. The tub design bottom is 30 D PEU nylon ripstop material for good water protection.

And just like other high-quality tents, this tent is made of a breathable 15 D nylon rip-stop fabric and a polyester mesh which is a perfect utility fabric that makes the tent not easy to tear because of its abrasion resistance.   

With regards to the design, it’s very pleasing to the eyes and comes in a color of birch leaf which does not add any heat especially when it’s a sunny day.

And with additional stash pockets in every corner of the tent, it will help you stow your small essentials in place.

Also, the vertically-structured corners that allow you to have a space for your feet and your other valuable things are quite impressive as you can practically say that it’s a camping-friendly tent. 

Big Interior Space 

The Nemo Dagger is impressive when it comes to its space, as this can accommodate two-to-three people as the total floor-length has 90 inches and the peak height is 42 inches giving a total of 31.3 sq ft of usable area.

And not just that, even a 6’3 ft person can still stretch out their arms and feet and can even fully sit up in the tent without scraping his/her head on the top.  

You have plenty of room that you can even fit three regular inflatable mattresses and still, there will be more room for your pet dog or your other stuff, there has been no issue with regards to the space of the tent. 


The Dagger Ultralight Backpacking Tent offers a vestibule vent feature and the guylines that are attached in both ends of the tent when set provides extra space for stashing your gear. This also results in 11.4 sq ft of storage.

When it comes to its stability from strong high winds, this one’s impressive because of its four (4) stakes in the vestibules (two on each side) that are anchored in the tent which significantly reduces the fly fapping effect from the wind. 


With its two doors, it creates a more delightful feeling as the air flows in and out of the tent. Moreover, the ground tub-floor feature is higher than the models that you see in the online market as it keeps the moisture away outside of the tent.


Some of the highlights of this tent are its 30D PU Nylon ripstop floor fabric and 15D Nylon ripstop fly and No-See-Um Mesh sidewalls that provide ample temperature control.

The ripstop nylon floors that are used that feel like it would stand up in any harsh weather events for a long time. The provided stakes are sturdier than other ultralight tent models, therefore, ensuring the stability of your tent. 

Moreover, one of the nice features also that this tent has is the strut-supported fly vent that allows you to keep the fly unzipped in light rain.

If you’re wanting a tent that can satisfy your needs especially in different weather conditions and has fewer technical problems, then this might be the right tent for you.

Nemo 2p Dagger tent

What Are The Benefits Of This Product 

An affordable investment with a price of around $450 for a capacity of 2-person and $550 for a 3-person capacity and with a free shipping fee worldwide.

A durable product that will last for years, it’s a good investment no matter if you’re a seasoned backpacker or new, many unforgettable adventures await. 

Comfort, as it offers two-large doors and massive trapezoidal vestibules that make ease of entry and even more capacity to stow any other personal belongings.

It gives you privacy, which unlike other products, this tent gives you your time and space as it features white No-See-Um Mesh on the side panels. 

Created with lightweight materials that it’s easier to carry even in long hours of trekking and not just only that, these lightweight materials can endure for years.  

Easy setup instructions that enable you to assemble the tent in five steps only. 

Made with care, with the availability of repair kit, guy-out cords, light pockets, divvy sack (that allows you to split the load of the tent when trekking to your partner).

Gear Pockets that are in every corner that allows you to put your essentials in place, is just commendable. 

What will delight you is the light pockets feature, it creates a glow effect at night as it brings color and life to the stars that you are gazing at. 

It’s made by NEMO – a seventeen-year-old company that had grown in time and made a lot of achievements and which never fail any costumer.

Total Package gives you a delightful feeling of satisfaction with regards to the features that it offers.

From its easy set-up, structure, and its diffuser light pockets, this has just about everything you need for a long-term plan of going to different heights of adventure. 

“It’s designed to last, not to landfill”.


  • Has a divvy sack 
  • It has only five steps to set-up which can be done in just less than five minutes 
  • Fully freestanding
  • Reasonable price especially with its features that it offers 
  • Has excellent materials that enable you to enjoy the views  
  • Weatherproof design that can withstand mild to harsh conditions


  • It is quite an expensive tent
  • The rainfly does not come right down to the ground


Questions and Answers 

Q: How is the NEMO Dagger Ultralight Backpacking compare to the NEMO Dragonfly 2? 

A:  There’s just a little difference with regards to the weight and features, they’re both impressive especially that they both offer two double doors but I believe the dagger’s doors are a little smaller.

The Dragonfly has storage pockets that allow you to stow your essentials in every corner of the tent. However, when it comes to the price, NEMO Dagger Ultralight maybe a little more. 

Q: Do you recommend this tent for a long period of camping? 

A:  With its waterproof feature and no real issues inside the tent, I would say that this tent is the right for you when you’re looking for a quality tent to satisfy your needs and ensures your safety in your adventures as this can withstand many different weather events. 

Here’s a Tip or Two

  1.  Even though the product may already be waterproof, you can add protection from moisture through using a spray-on waterproofing agent over the whole tent.
  2. Using a groundsheet will not only help the tent remain cleaner but also prevents any natural elements that may create damage to your floor. 
  3.  The two-persons capacity that the NEMO Dagger Ultralight Backpacking Tent is good, but,  if you require a little more space then go for the 3-P Capacity model.


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The Nemo Dagger Ultralight 2P Tent does not only offer comfort, safety, protection, and affordability but also gives you that satisfactory feeling that you are prepared well for your trip.

From its inside and outside aspects, you have the exceptional shelter that you need, and for a sensible two person 3 season product we found this tent to be a winner in every way. 

If you have any more questions about the Nemo Dagger Ultralight Backpacking Tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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