Nemo down sleeping bag

There’s a whole lot of details that go into getting the performance and comfort that you should expect from a sleeping bag. This promising Nemo down sleeping bag is under review in this post,

I will be taking you through some of the features that make this sleeping bag a good option, as well as the downsides so you can make the right decision when choosing.

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most crucial factors to a successful outdoor trip, and thus having the right gear like a down sleeping bag is very important. Sleeping bags come in different types, shapes, and sizes.

However, the goal is pretty much the same, you need one that should keep you warm enough through the night. That is why it’s so essential to choose wisely when shopping for one of these pieces of gear.

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Nemo Riff Sleeping Bag

The Key Features

It’s ultra-lightweight

Weight is the first thing you need to be on the lookout for when on the hunt for most outdoor gear. After all, an item that bogs you down is the last thing you want on your luggage. It’s thus crucial that you get a sleeping bag that is built to keep the weight down.

Thankfully, Nemo designed this one with the need to go light and fast at heart, which is why it’s super lightweight. At only 2 lbs and 4 ounces, you can carry an incredibly lightweight sleeping bag to virtually any destination without having to break a sweat.

Technical down for ultimate warmth

While weight is a factor, you need to be mindful of when choosing most of the outdoor gear, when it comes to sleeping bags, warmth is very crucial. And it takes a well-built sleeping bag to give you that toasty warmth in the frigid outdoors.

As such, this one is built using 800 fill power down that is guaranteed to give you a great deal of warmth without having to be bulky or a pain to carry especially over long distances.

Ideal body contour

Nothing says a nice sleep in the outdoors than a well-built sleeping bag. But what’s even more important is the factor that this also affects the overall thrill of your outdoor experience. This makes it essential that your sleeping bag delivers the best comfort possible.

With this sleeping bag designed to contour with the shape of your body, it is built to offer ultimate comfort throughout the night. Side sleeper? No problem! Nemo got you covered with the spacious design of this sleeping bag, which allows you to sleep on just about any side you wish.

Thermo grill technology

One serious concern that plagues most outdoor lovers when it comes to sleeping bags is the issue of cold drafts, which can not only be a bit frustrating but could also cause the lack of enough night’s rest. This means you need to get a sleeping bag that takes care of this problem too.

That’s by far the other thing I loved about this sleeping bag. Having used and owned a fair share of sleeping bags, the Thermo grill tech on this one’s ability to vent out body heat while keeping those cold drafts in check makes it a favorite for me.

Packs small, too!

Size matters big time, and mostly when it comes to packing stuff for the trip ahead, or when breaking camp and heading home. If there’s one thing that doesn’t sit well with most adventure lovers, it has to be having to struggle to get stuff inside that duffel bag. Space is of the essence.

Thankfully, with this sleeping bag measuring only 11.5 inches by 7.5 inches when packed, it collapses into a nice little compact package that you can fit almost anywhere. If you’re a bit tight on space, then you’ll love how small this sleeping bag collapses.

Comfortable foot box

The body’s extremities are great at losing body heat. This can be a good thing during the hot days. But when temperatures take the plunge, losing heat isn’t something that could be so welcome. Thus, it’s important to get a sleeping bag that will ensure this doesn’t happen.

As such, this sleeping is built with a waterproof and ultimately warm foot box that keeps your feet from losing heat, which will ensure more heat retention for your body as well. What’s more, the foot box is waterproof too, and a zipper closure design makes it all the more convenient.

It’s very breathable as well

While a sleeping bag needs to be warm enough to keep you toasty through the night, it also needs to be breathable enough for the sake of those extremely hot nights. As much as it can be difficult to sleep when it’s cold, trying to get sleep when you’re soaking in sweat can be just as hard.

Some good news is that this sleeping bag takes care of that too, as the Grill technology also gives it an edge when it comes to heat regulation, allowing you to sleep comfortably under different conditions.

Sleeping bag in a hammock

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

An ultra-compressible design allows you to fit this bag in most of your luggage carrying gear without having to struggle, and without any compromise on the quality as well.

The waterproof design makes it ideal for use on most outdoor conditions, even on damp surfaces, it will still be able to deliver a sufficient amount of warmth and keep you dry.

This sleeping bag further comes with luxurious features such as an integrated pillow pocket, which is great for attaching some clothing to bring out that cozy sleeping experience.

A blanket fold design further adds to the comfort you can get with this sleeping bag, as you can use it as an external draft collar, giving you even more temperature regulation.

The blaze/deep watercolor on this sleeping bag brings out a touch of outdoor look that further makes it a great unit for an outdoor adventure.

Its spoon shape allows you to enjoy sleeping in a comfortable position especially for side sleepers, and even makes this sleeping bag very comfortable.

With the ideal breathability that you get with this bag, the possibility of feeling claustrophobic in there should be one less thing you have to worry about.

The fit is just right, which is awesome if you often turn and toss a lot at night, however, even when you do, this sleeping bag stays on.

As a 3-season sleeping bag, you can rely on it for most of the year, which saves you the money to buy an extra one for different seasons.

Most importantly, the versatility that you get with this one is downright impressive, as you can use it for backpacking, camping, hiking, and a whole lot of other outdoor adventures too.

An included stuff sack is compact yet spacious enough to keep the sleeping bag in, and it makes life easier for you during transportation or storage.

Quick Specs

  1. Weight 2 lbs 4 ounces
  2. 3 season sleeping bag
  3. Measurements when packed 11.5 inches by 7.5 inches
  4. Waterproof: yes
  5. Closure type: zipper
  6. Fill: 800 fill power down
  7. Breathability: Thermo Grill technology
  8. Integrated pillow pocket: yes
  9. Spoon shape design
  10. Breathable, waterproof footbox


  • Body shape contour offers the desired comfort
  •  Ultra-lightweight and super compactable for effortless transportation
  • Luxury features as pillow pocket for neck support
  • Up to 800 down fill power delivers ultimate warmth
  • A zipper closure design makes things easier and more fun for you


  • It does shed feathers, as you would expect with a down sleeping bag

Questions and Answers

Question: What temperatures are this sleeping bag rated?

Answer: As a 3-season sleeping bag, this unit can take quite a beating from the elements. And it will keep you just warm enough at 30 degrees, which can be lower than the conditions are likely to get on most nights.

Question: Who is this sleeping bag best suitable for?

Answer: It should be noted that this is a men’s, long version sleeping bag, so if you want a sleeping bag for a tall person, then this is the one. However, for the petite outdoor lovers, you might need to get a more suitable option for you.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

It’s important to note the fact that this is a sleeping bag designed for 3-season usability. As thus, make sure not to push it too far by using it in extreme weather conditions. For camping in the dead of the winter, you’ll be warmer with something more robust.

If you still aren’t getting enough warmth out of your sleeping bag, a few additional layers will do the trick. Also, you could consider sleeping with some medium to heavy socks on for that extra bit of warmth to allow you to have a sound night’s sleep.


For anyone looking for a reliable sleeping bag that one can take on camping or any other outdoor activity, this one should do a great job of keeping you warm enough while out there.

Besides the warmth, the comfort it offers is also worth the money. What’s more, you can carry this lightweight and compact sleeping bag with much ease, and without sacrificing all the space in your pack.

 I would highly recommend this sleeping bag for the outdoor lovers out there. 

If you have any more questions about the Nemo Down sleeping bag, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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