Nemo Hornet Elite 2p Tent Review

The Nemo Hornet Elite 2p Tent is an absolute ultralight and ultra-packable tent for a long-distance hike. It is technically a free-standing tent perfect for backpacking because you can actually set it up anywhere.  

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This tent is the best choice for the ultimate minimalist wanting to shave every single ounce off of their pack but doesn’t totally want to skimp on their shelter.

Weighing just 1-pound and 11-ounces, you will get a 3-season ultralight tent featured with the best and technical materials and designs out there. 

If you’re on the hunt for an exceptionally ultralight tent but don’t want to skip out on features and performance, Nemo Hornet Elite 2p tent might just be your next favorite tent for your adventure.

Get to know more about this tent as we tackle some of its key features and benefits below.

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Nemo Hornet Elite Backpacking Tent

The Key Features

Ultralightweight and Compact

As we’ve mentioned a while ago, Nemo Hornet Elite 2p is a mere 1-pound and 11-ounces and that’s probably where this tent shines the most.

This shelter comes in an incredibly low weight, considering it’s a freestanding, two-door, two-vestibule, two-person tent.  

What makes this possible? Well, it is the single-hubbed pole and the ultra-thin fabrics encompassing the whole structure of the tent, which we will talk about further in the article. 

With a customized divvy dual-stage stuff sack, you can conveniently split the weight with your partner by him/her carrying the poles and stakes, while you carry the body and the fly in a more compact size. 

Fast and Easy Setup

Setting up the Nemo Hornet Elite 2p is simple and quick. All you need is the DAC Featherlite poles connected in a single-hubbed, forming a wishbone design allowing for an intuitively fast setup. 

To set it up, it’s best to layout the body first by staking all four corners into the ground. To eliminate guessing, each pole is color-coded.

Just match the two pole ends into the gray corners and the single blue pole to the corresponding blue grommet with the blue webbing at the foot end. 

Next, find the Flybar, attach it first to the pole followed by the rest of the smaller body clips. When it is set, you can move on with the fly that is also color-coded. Merely, attach gray with gray and blue with blue.

Lastly, you want to make sure that everything is tightened and aligned. The rain fly needs to be properly centered to add steadiness. 


When it comes to materials you will be pleased by how each works to provide an ultralightweight tent without sacrificing quality and performance.

DAC Featherlite NFL aluminum is used for the poles, which are popular for being durable, tough, and positively reduces weight and bulk. 

The floor fabric and the rainfly are made of 10D and 7D nylon rip-stop respectively. Coated with silicone water repellent for enhancing water resistance. These materials shave off ounces yet will still keep you cozy and dry. 

Nemo has reduced most of the solid rip-stop materials to bring the weight down even further. They used no-see-um mesh as the tent’s walls.

Not only that it helps keep condensation and bugs at bay, but also turns virtually transparent at a clear night giving you a great view for stargazing. 

Livable Space

Nemo Hornet Elite 2p tent provides sufficient livable space for two and even more luxurious for a solo backpacker.  

The floor is 50 inches wide and tapers to 42 inches at the foot, it is 85 inches long so two people have plenty of room for their sleeping pads.

When you sit, the peak height is 37 inches wide enough for a person, not more than 6 feet tall to sit straight inside. Nemo has also added some improvements that would make a duo not squeeze one another during night time.

We have the patent-pending flybar volumizing pole clip that dramatically increases the interior headspace by widening canopy mesh at the peak.  

Another improvement is the triangular reflected guy outs, providing more usable space for the feet, this helps eliminate potential wall condensation too.

To add even more livability, there are two volumizing clips that you can connect to the fly to expand the canopy outward. 

Functional Design

This tent is a double-wall tent particularly designed for two. For this to work pleasantly for two, two-doors and two-vestibules are placed.

With the large doors and vestibules, getting in and out is made much more comfortable for two. It also makes storing gears and sharing the tent more conducive. 

On the inside of the tent, two internal storage gear pockets can fit your smartphone and chargers. There’s also a light pocket made of light-diffusing fabric, simply insert a good quality lantern so it can illuminate the whole interior. 

Attaching the seamed taped rainfly will give you peace of mind. It serves as your reliable protection from the elements and the rain.

Since the floor is significantly lighter than many other tent floors, placing a footprint below the tent is advised.  

Footprints will protect the floor from rocks, roots, and even groundwater. But take note, the footprint is sold separately. Good thing, Nemo makes a custom footprint for Hornet Elite 2p.

Nemo Hornet Elite 2p tent-yellow and grey


What Are The Benefits Of This Product

It provides all comfort of a semi-freestanding tent gaining strong praise from backpackers due to its lightweight structure and easy set-up. 

Adequate livable space for two with the help of the added improvement features like the patent-pretend flybar, guy outs, and volumizing clips to maximize usable space. 

Easy in and out, designed with large two-door and two-vestibule specially made to conveniently accommodate two persons. Each vestibule allows enough room for sensibly-sized packs and boots to lodge out of the tent. 

Vertical fly zipper design which Nemo specifically chose to reduce it getting caught in the zipper guards which is often the problem with arc-shaped like most tents have. 

Exceptionally lightweight and compact shelter designed to keep you warmer, dryer, and more comfortable compared to what’s already out there. 

A high-quality 3-season tent has an impeccable weather-resistant considering the no-see-um mesh walls this tent surprisingly stands up well against heavy rains and elements.  

Efficient ventilation flow, the large mesh wall allows air to move in and out without being too breezy. Even with a rainfly, you will still notice the cycling of fresh air inside. 

Excellent packability, the customized divvy dual-stage stuff sack allows two backpackers to divide the load making it much easier to carry. 

Outstanding quality of each accessory from the color-coded DAC Featherlite poles to the triangulated volumizing guy outs that will make your every camp experience serene and less hassle. 

Worth investing! Nemo Hornet Elite 2p is a sure value for money especially if your target is to pack ultralight and gain speed as you trek without easily feeling tired. It won’t hurt adding a few bucks for a tent as awesome as this. 

Nemo lifetime warranty, the company promises to replace your tent with a new one if you have leak issues or any manufacturing fault.


  • Ultralightweight
  • Two-vestibules and two-doors 
  • Well-ventilated tent
  • Plenty of functional little features
  • Includes everything you need in the divvy bag including a repair kit


  • It can sometimes be a bit cramped for two
  • The cost of the tent is pretty expensive


Questions and Answers

Q: Do you need to use a footprint with this tent?

A: Some hikers may not wish to use a footprint for this tent. However, if you ask us, we highly recommend a footprint for its effectiveness in protecting the floor.

Avoiding the placement of the tent from rocks and wetness of the ground will help but overall the use of the footprint will increase the tent’s longevity. 

Q: Is Nemo Hornet Elite 2p tent worth investing for? 

A: Although we know it’s a bit pricey, Nemo Hornet Elite 2p but investing in this tent makes financial sense if you’re looking for a superior, technical ultralight shelter. This tent is the absolute iconic choice for the extreme minimalist.

Tips You Can Take Away

  1. For a duo backpacker, you might want to split the weight by dividing the divvy stuff sack. One can carry the poles and the other the body and fly.
  2. Segregate your gears and stuff properly away from the doors to avoid obstruction and difficulty in coming in and out of the tent.
  3. Bring a compact size headlamp to smoothly fit in the light pockets.
  4. On nice weather, you can roll up the stashes to let the fresh air in.
  5. Make sure everything is clipped and strapped in for a more stable tent.


To wrap it up, we’ve seen that every design and detail of the Nemo Hornet Elite 2p has been stringently and carefully put together. The makers have analyzed every single detail to reduce its weight as far as possible. 

Looking deeper into it makes us think that they really put a lot of effort and thought, they may have even done several trials to achieve an ultralight tent while still maintaining livability for two.

We’d say Nemo has succeeded in providing all the essentials needed for two campers to live more comfortably compared to a typical two-person minimalist tent. 

Although not everything is perfect and there may be little sacrifices because the interiors can be a bit tight for two, this is still a great tent considering it’s lightweight and flexibility to share with another person.  

For a solo adventurer who wants an abundance of livable space, this can be your ultimate choice.

Indeed, Nemo Hornet Elite 2p tent is undeniably packed with lots of brilliant design features that can highly benefit anyone who wants to create a better adventure experience.

If you have any more questions about the Nemo Hornet Elite 2p Tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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