opolar portable fan Review – Battery Powered with Flexible Tripod

Camping in the summer is fun, but on occasions, the heat inside your tent can become too uncomfortable. This is where you need a very handy item such as the rechargeable battery-powered Opolar Portable Fan.

Despite their small sizes, these extremely convenient items put up quite a performance, driving enough air to keep you cool and fresh when you need that breeze. However, not every fan out there has what it takes to offer the performance you would expect.

So, does this OPOLAR offer the value for your money? What makes it stand out from the cheap knockoffs on the market? Let’s find out!

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Opolar Battery Operated fan

The Key Features

It’s quiet, yet strong

Although a fan could make life inside the tent more impressive with that breeze keeping you feeling fresh, it still needs to be quiet enough otherwise you’ll have a hard time falling asleep with the device on. As such, it pays to make sure you get your hands on a unit that offers the best performance without much noise.

To give you the best camping experience, the manufacturer has made this fan with a new and larger blade design as well as new back housing. This design gives it better performance than its previous version with an advanced aerodynamic mechanism that produces a stronger thrust without any unbearable noise.

Flexible mounting options

Whether on your table, beside your sleeping bag, on the tent roof, a camping fan should be adaptable to different positions. This not only makes it reliable once it’s in use but also ensures you can have it close wherever you are.

The unique flexible tripod design on this fan is designed for just that, you can attach it almost anywhere from your bedpost to a tent roof, or even a golf cart. You can wrap it, grip it, bend it, or simply have it stand by the three legs and get down to enjoying the refreshing airflow.

Powerful battery

Of course, the battery is at the heart of your unit’s performance, so it needs to be as good as it can get. A powerful battery not only ensures the strong performance of the fan when in use, but its lasting runtime also adds to the convenience you get with your little buddy too.

Thanks to the upgraded 5000mAh battery that this fan comes with, you no longer have to worry about any abnormal stoppages when you need them the most. The robust battery delivers an awesome runtime of up to 20 hours straight when running at low speed, which is more than double the time you need to enjoy a relaxing nap.

Up to 3 speeds to choose from

Speaking of speeds, it’s vital to mention that having the ability to select different fan speeds adds to the comfort you can get with your unit. A low setting is perfect for a soothing night’s sleep, but in the heat of the day, a higher speed might be what you need.

This fan sees to that with its impressive 3-level speeds, which allow you to set the amount of wind strength that you need out of your fan. This makes it perfect for a myriad of scenarios, so you can always set it to match the conditions around you at any time.

Charges fast

First things first, before settling down to enjoying what your fan has to offer, you need to ensure it’s well charged so you won’t have to run out of power at the most inconvenient moment possible. Granted, the charging time doesn’t need to be too long for the battery to suck up enough juice for the job.

If you’re tired of units that take forever to charge, then this fan’s 10W quick charging facility is something you’ll love, as it ensures faster charge times by up to an impressive 25% thus saving you time and sparing you the prolonged waits. 

Easy-to-use button control

The ease of use is an unmistakable factor that you need to be very keen on when selecting your favorite device. The easier it is to operate, the better it will be for you since you won’t have to settle for trial and error trying to understand how the unit works.

OPOLAR understands this too well; hence they have installed in this fan a button-control function that makes its use a breeze. From turning it on and off to selecting the perfect fan speed, you can operate it easily and fast with the practical buttons for each function.

Impressive a 360° rotation

Getting that soothing flow of air right where you are is usually the best experience you can get with a camping fan. Nevertheless, this isn’t something you’d pull off with just about any fan; it needs to be easy to rotate to allow you to face it where you want that breeze.

Not to worry, this fan has got that covered too, thanks to its outstanding 360-degree rotation that allows you to set it exactly where you want it to face.

This further eliminates the need for constantly moving the device around; just rotate it and you can have its magic breeze coming your way. Another great feature in some fans is the inclusion of a light


OPOLAR 5000mAh Rechargeable Battery Powered Clip Fan

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

A paint finish design ensures the unit stays looking pristine for long while helping protect the material of the fan for enhanced durability.

Can be charged using a micro USB that not only makes it versatile when it comes to charging options, but it also offers very fast charging at only 4 hours.

It’s a super-compact little item measuring only 13.07 inches by 6.34 inches, so it doesn’t take up a large space on your office table.

Moreover, when packed, it’s even smaller, measuring a meager 7.56 inches by 6.61 inches by 3.27 inches, a compact package that makes easy transportation and storage. 

Cleaning this fan is also as easy as it can get. You can open the frame easily, allowing you access to the blades, which only need to be wiped clean.

With the frame in place, you don’t have to worry about any risk of injury or damage with the use of this fan, as it keeps the blade securely inside as they rotate.

The versatile unit works great on a wide variety of activities, at home, when camping, in the office, in your RV, for sports events, and many others.

A new back housing structure makes this fan even quieter, a great advantage that you’ll be thankful for when using it in your home office, on a baby stroller or crib, or even when sleeping.

The ability to rotate both horizontally and vertically is yet another impressive perk that allows you to direct the breeze with ease wherever you need it.

Thanks to the rechargeable inbuilt battery, you don’t have to put up with any extra costs down the line or any other inconveniences that might come with replaceable batteries.

Quick Specs

  1. Color: Black
  2. Finish type: Paint
  3. Wind speeds: 3
  4. Battery: 5000mAh
  5. Control Type: Button
  6. Weight: 1.06lbs
  7. Dimensions open: 13.07” X 6.34”
  8. Dimensions packed: 7.56” X 6.61” X 3.27”
  9. Mounting: Tripod design
  10. Rotation: 360°


  • The robust battery delivers a long run time
  • USB fast-charge reduces charging time significantly
  • Super lightweight at only 1.09 pounds
  • Tripod legs for easy mounting or free-standing use
  • Up to 3 wind speeds to choose from
  • Very quiet especially in the low setting


  • The tripod legs aren’t detachable, which would be a great plus
  • Also, the rubber on the legs pop out too easily

Questions And Answers

Question: Are the tripod legs on this fan removable?

Answer: Unfortunately, the legs are not removable, which could mean if you don’t want to use them, you might have to struggle using the unit with the tripod in the way. However, you need them in most cases as far as the use of this fan goes, probably the reason they are not removable.

Question: How much does the fan weigh?

Answer: It is very lightweight, weighing only 1.06 pounds, which is perfect for easy transportation of your fan. Besides, the super lightweight design allows this fan to attach to different poles even in a slanted position without falling off.

Here Is A Tip Or Two

  • You need to be careful with the rubber/plastic foot covers on the tripod, as they may come off. In addition, it’s wise to ensure that the girth of the pole where you want to wrap the tripod of the fan isn’t too wide or too thin.
  • If you intend on using the fan overnight on a high setting and have an outlet nearby, you might consider buying a longer USB cord that will enable you to plug it through the night to avoid draining the battery completely.


Shopping for a good fan for your outdoor trips shouldn’t be hard, and with such items as this OPOLAR Rechargeable Battery Powered Clip Fan on the market, things get even easier for you.

Thanks to the long runtimes, fast recharge times, lightweight and compact design, and of course, the quiet operation, this fan earns its keep among most outdoor lovers who have tried it. 

I believe you will love it too, so if you are looking for a nice little fan that you can carry almost anywhere and use on virtually any activity outdoors this may be the one.

I highly recommend this gear, you will surely enjoy the impressive performance that it offers.

If you have any more questions about the Opolar Portable Fan, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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