Osage River Folding Camp Cot Review

For those looking for something reliable but also still affordable, look no further than the Osage River Folding Camp Cot. Great for adults and kids, this is the cot that will satisfy your camping needs.

Thanks to its close proximity to the namesake river, Osage River Gear has the prime testing ground for all its equipment. This means that this cot has been tried and tested not just in a factory, but out in the field as well. Strong and durable, it is the perfect cot for every family member.

Portable Foldable Sturdy and Durable, this cot supports anyone with a weight capacity of up to 450 lbs for travel, outdoors, beach, anywhere you need a comfortable sleeping surface. And thanks to its easy setup design, it is ready to be used whenever you go.

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Osage River Lightweight Folding Camping Cot

Key Features 

Dimensions and Weight Capacity

As a cot geared for people of all ages, its dimensions are built accordingly. The cot measures 75 x 28 x 18.5 inches without guard rails on any side. This size enables you to rest on it either on your back or side.

The same can also be said for its weight capacity which can support a maximum of 450 pounds. This allows more than enough space and support for anyone, whether child or adult in your family. 

Steel Frame

The cot rests on a solid metal frame made of high-quality tubular carbon steel. These legs have been factory tested for both their durability and weight-bearing capabilities. At the end of each of its legs is a set of plastic pads that will allow it to be placed inside your family tent.

These pads are flat and made of plastic, made with the purpose of preventing the cot from slipping or sinking in the soil. When inside your tent or house, these pads also help when moving the cot along the floor.


The cot itself is made from heavy-duty 6000D PVC coated polyester. This fabric is incredibly thick, allowing it to be sturdy enough to handle your weight. Yet at the same time, it remains soft enough to allow you to sleep comfortably on the cot.

Additionally, one end of the cot is tilted up slightly to offer some extra elevation for your head or feet when you use it. Throw a good quality sleeping bag onto the cot and all these things will keep you super comfortable when you use the Osage River Camping Cot.


The Osage River Camping Cot is made for people on the go and to ensure that, it can be folded up to carry around. Compressing the cot happens by pressing down on the joints of the frame and locking them into place. 

When folding it, you simply need to loosen the joints and push them together. The whole process is quick and easy to do, requiring no extra tools, and can be finished in a matter of seconds.

Carrying Bag

Along with the cot, the Osage River Camping Cot set also comes with a carrying bag. Although a bit small, with this bag you can pack up the entire cot and frame and can be easily is carried around when on the move.

Once you have the cot packed inside, you can shut the carrying back off with a drawstring and sling it over your shoulder with the built-in strap. This offers another layer of portability with the cot.

Side Pockets

Just beside the elevated section of the camping cot is a small hanging pouch that can be used to hold your things. This pouch is made up of multiple sections including a mesh pocket for things you want to pull out quickly and easily.

Another small pocket beside it for cellphones, and a larger inner pocket for bigger items. This allows you to keep your personal possessions or important items close to you at all times in case you need to retrieve them quickly.


Thanks to the steel frame, the cot is not resting on the ground but is instead elevated off the ground. The frame’s height is 18.5 inches which whole not so high, is more than enough to ensure that you do not have to worry about staying on uneven ground or getting sore from the hard-packed ground.

This also makes cleaning easier as you don’t have to worry about getting your cot messy from the soil underneath. Lastly, this also keeps you comfortable from the elements as air and moisture can easily pass through the cot.

Water Resistance

The OSAGE River Camping cot has been designed for outdoor activities besides just camping which may include fishing, pool parties, and beach use. With this in mind, steps have been made to ensure the cot is resistant to the water.

The fabric used in the cot does not easily absorb or retains moisture and instead allows the moisture that passes through to flow freely, keeping the cot dry. This also means that the cot is resistant to damp weather.


This cot actually comes in a number of varieties to ensure that you get one that best suits your taste. There are no fewer than half a dozen colors available to choose from ranging from black and green to bright pink.

Not only that but if you are looking for something a bit nicer, there is even a deluxe version of this cot with a built-in cushion, double the weight capacity, and even more space to use. However, this cot is also more expensive and a bit heavier.

Benefits of owning the product Osage River Camping Cot 

When buying this cot, you get materials that are high quality and which have been proven to be effective. At the same time though, ones that are still lightweight enough that you can carry it around with relative ease.

True to its promise as a multipurpose cot, the Osage River Cot can be used not just in the campsite, but also in a number of other places such as by the pool, the beach, and even in your home as an extra bed.

Thanks to its waterproofing, the cot can also be used in a more damp environment such as on the beach or when fishing. Yet while there, you can rest easy without the worry of having to stay on a wet cot.

The elevation of this cot ensures that when you rest on it, you will rest well since it will adjust to your body shape. At the same time, it also allows the air to pass through and gives some extra breeze, ensuring that your rest is comfortable.

Speaking of comfort, the heavy-duty polyester of the cot is very comfortable to sleep on. Its soft yet strong fabric ensures that you do not even need to get an extra mattress for the cot. 

The slight incline of one end of the cot is another great addition. This allows some extra elevation for you which can be a more relaxing position for you as you can put your head or feet up.

With the addition of a side pouch on the cot, you can keep all the things you need close by from flashlights to cellphones. Not only that, the pouch even allows you to separate them into three different compartments to prevent them from getting mixed up.

The floor pads on the steel frame do more than preventing the cot from sinking in the mud. When inside they also to prevent the legs from damaging and scratching the floor when you move it around.

When you are done using the cot, you have the option of folding it up instead of just leaving it lying around. Thanks to the X pattern frame, the cot can be compacted down to the size of a lawn chair.

Since the cot has no guard rails, this means there is nothing hindering you from spreading your body out on the cot. With this, you can take full advantage of its full size.


  • Water resilient
  • Elevated
  • Comes with a side pocket for your things
  • Elevated
  • Foldable
  • Quality materials
  • Comfortable


  • A fairly small weight capacity
  • A bit on the heavy side
  • Might be too short for taller people

Quick Specs

Brand:Osage River Gear
Colors:Multiple colours to choose from
Weight:12.45 lbs
Dimensions Open:75 x 28 x 18.5 inches
Dimensions Closed:5 x 8 x 40 inches
Surface Material:Polyester
Frame Material:  Powder Coated Carbon Steel
Maximum Weight Capacity:450 pounds

Questions and Answers

Question: Can the material be removed from the frame?

 Answer: No, the cot surface material is built into the frame, meaning that they cannot be separated from it.

Question: Does it come with a mattress or pillows?

Answer: No, this cot doesn’t have any additional accessories beyond the side pocket and carrying bag.

Question: Can the cot fit inside a tent?

Answer: Yes, the cot should be able to fit into your family tent without a problem.

A Quick Tip or Two

  • When setting up the bed, be sure to focus on the 4 main joints as those are the ones you need to lock into place.
  • Be sure to add some padding under the legs when using this inside your tent to protect the floor.


As you can see, the Osage River Camping cot is a reliable and high-quality piece of equipment that has been specially designed to suit multiple activities. With this cot, not only do you get a versatile and comfortable place to rest and relax, but you also get a chance to have fun with the whole family as you can use this in a variety of places from camping in the woods to relaxing in the beach.

If you have any more questions about the Osage River Folding Camp Cot, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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