Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad

If you’re looking for a comfortable sleeping pad at an inexpensive price, the Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad might just be the one for you.

There are several reasons why you will go for it and the two obvious reasons are – first, it is budget-friendly, its Amazon price right now is less than $45.00. Second, it is ultralight weighing less than one pound.

 Adhering to hikers and campers’ demand for comfort, the Outdoorsman Lab sleeping pad offers you a decently good sleep at night without weighing you down.

Besides, no one wants to wake up with a stiff neck in the morning, right? This also justifies why this pad has a reputable place among the camping community.

That said, not everyone has the same opinion. In this review, we will get you into the nitty-gritty of the Outdoorsman Lab sleeping pad so you can decide whether this pad is for you or not.

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Outdoorsman Lab – Ultralight Sleeping Pad for Camping 

Key Features


With a minimal weight of just 14.5 which is less than 1 lb, the Outdoorsman Lab sleeping pad is the answer to your ultralight backpacking.  

This means you can trek your way to the campsite without feeling burnout. It will also make you more mobile and not drag you down. 

Packing light is truly hard. If you want to lessen the number of gears you’re taking to camp, this sleeping pad is an absolute exception. 

You will not experience sweating out hastily and most importantly, it will only provide you a minimalist approach to pack lighter and smarter. 


When it comes to camping, space is important too. Your goal is to bring all your essentials in the most compact way possible. 

Easier said than done, most campers will end up carrying lots of stuff behind their backs. But with the Outdoorsman lab sleeping pad, it is totally different. 

With a packed size of 8 x 3 inches, this sleeping bag may just be equal to the size of a liter of sports drinking bottle. It is highly compact that it would not take up too much space in your backpack. 

You will see campers strapping them securely around their bags like they’re not carrying extra gear. The customized storage sack for this pad is very nice, it is not too big or too small, it’s just right. 

Easy to Use 

Inflating the Outdoorsman Lab sleeping pad is very simple and quick. As most campers had experienced, it would only take 10 to 15 breaths to pull this up. 

Compared to another sleeping pad, this one has a special kind of valve that works well for fast inflation and deflation. 

Once it is inflated, you’re looking at a sleeping pad that measures 73 inches long, 21.6 inches wide, and 2.2 inches of cushion. 

On the other hand, deflating it is much easier. Just open the valve and push the stopper-like button. To make the air come out continuously, hold the stopper as you drive the air out.  

When it is fully deflated, roll the pad and place it back into the storage sack. 

Unique Support Air Cells 

A captivating feature of this sleeping pad is the patented cell-like structures, which are all over the pad.

According to Outdoorsman Lab, these cells are the ones responsible for providing optimum sleep comfort, warmth, and support. This structure also makes the pad more flexible and suitable for uneven terrain. 

The interconnected air cells can instantly adjust to follow the shape of the body. When you lay your back down on it, you will definitely feel your body off the ground. 

Although, when you tend to move around and sleep on your side, you may feel the ground because of the pressure points on the shoulders and hips. 

Well, let’s face it, the pad is only 2.2 inches thick and it’s not for everybody. If you’re bigger you may want to consider thicker pads. 

Other than that, this pad is not bad considering the price and the compact size still makes it an attractive choice for your go-to sleeping pad.  


The Outdoorsman Lab sleeping bag is built to last. It is made of a thin rip-stop 20D nylon fabric with a TPU lamination. 

This means it is waterproof and durable that it can withstand sticks and rocks with no puncture. But that doesn’t necessarily mean leaks won’t happen. 

To save you from leaks, this pad comes with a patch kit. We must say, carrying a repair patch is good to keep while at camp especially if you’re out on an extended trip. 

You may say that sleeping bags are merely accessories for your tent, but with this pad, you can lay it directly outside. 

Knowing your sleeping pad can endure rougher treatment is something that will make you sleep soundly at camp. 

Best for Summertime 

This sleeping pad is a high-quality two-season pad that deserves a spot in your backpack.

Having an R-value of 2.2, and being slightly insulated we would not recommend this for really cold weather camping. 

But if you’re living in a tropical country, or simply love to camp during the summer season, this pad is ideal for you. 

Value for Money 

The Outdoorsman Lab sleeping pad is one of the cheapest alternatives to ultralight backpacking that is specially designed for a camper’s mindset. 

Numerous sleeping pads in the market would promise to give you full support and comfort at camp, but unfortunately, most of them are considered a flop. However, with this ultralight sleeping pad, it’s completely the opposite. 

Many campers have tested it, and we have seen it! Outdoorsman Lab surpassed other sleeping pads which are more expensive. 

Its toughness, being waterproof, the cellular structure providing extra comfort and other features that provide great advantage makes this pad worth your money. 

Selfy overlooking feet protrudung from a tent out to the ocean

The Benefits Of This Product   

Ultralight sleeping pad, weighing only 16 oz which is less than one pound. This will help make you move faster and without feeling dragged down even on stiff trails. 

It also features a laminated PTU coating, which is also very impressive at enhancing the comfort and durability of this sleeping pad, giving you the ultimate value for your money.

Compactly compressed, and stored in a small storage sack that you can conveniently carry or strap around your backpack for easy storage and transport.

The 2.2-inch thickness makes this pad a great choice if you want a pad that offers sufficient comfort, support as well as warmth, this one is built to offer all of that.

Cheap alternative to ultralight backpacking where you don’t exactly have to break your bank account just to go ultralight. You can get it for less than $40.00 at Amazon. 

Inflating and deflating is remarkably simple and quick. It will only take you 10 to 15 breaths to fully inflate, and quick minutes to deflate. 

The self-adjusting cell structure provides added comfort, support, and warmth. Your body will feel definitely off the ground while sleeping on your back. 

Highly recommended sleeping pad for summertime backpackers. This may also be an ideal pad to bring for a dessert camping trip. 

Proven and tested durable quality as reviewed by seasoned campers and hikers alike. T

The tough material makes it both robust and durable. Guaranteed sturdy on rough terrains. 

The sleeping pad’s shape is wider by the shoulder and narrower by the feet. It gives you enough space to move your body at night. 

Lifetime warranty, we’ve researched and found out that if you have problems with leaks or any manufacturing defect, they will provide you a new one. 

With three available color options, you can choose from (blue, orange, and green). It’s always good to have color options so you can match it with your other gear.  


  • Budget-friendly
  • Ultralightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • With an R-value of 2.2
  • Included pillow for additional comfort.
  • Durable
  • Patch kit included


  • With only 2.2 inches of thickness, it is not for everybody. If you’re bigger, you might want to consider other thicker sleeping pads.

Questions and Answers

Q: I am confused, is it a 1-year warranty or a lifetime warranty? 

A: We’ve researched this, and to eliminate any confusion, it is a lifetime warranty. Looking through Amazon and other selling platforms, you will see customers having issues and asking for a replacement. 

To those with issues, yes the company has reached out to them and does replace the pad with a new one. 

Q: Is this a recommendable sleeping pad for the cold winter season? 

A: No, it is not, with an R-value of 2.2 this is not recommended for extreme cold. This is a three-season sleeping pad that is great where it will keep you cozy and comfortable at night. 

Tips or Tricks

  1. Make sure the sleeping pad is rolled and compressed properly to easily secure it to your backpack. You would either want to strap it on top or bottom of your bag for easy transport. 
  2. See to it that the sleeping pad’s weight is evenly distributed, this will help you on your balance as you trek on mountains and prevent you from falling. 
  3. For storage, keep your sleeping bag in a dry place and out of direct sunlight to ensure long life. 
  4. One thing to keep in mind is that the material is most likely to stretch when fully insulated if the pad is new, so you can consider fully inflating the pad and leaving it so for a day before use. 


To sum it all up, the Outdoorsman Lab sleeping pad is truly worth its price. It is ultralight, very affordable, packed small, easy to fully inflate and deflate, and robust. You wouldn’t ask for more for a price of around $40.00. 

Although it may be lacking in thickness or a bit narrow for people with bigger muscular built, it will still give you comfort at night laying your back on it. Do not underestimate this pad for its price because you will be surprised by what it has to offer. 

We can confidently say that this is one of the best minimalist sleeping bags that will allow you to pack lighter and smarter. With great features and outstanding performance, you can wake up feeling energized and ready for more exciting activities the next day.

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If you have any more questions about the Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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