Outsunny Cot Tent Review – 1 Person Compact Pop Up Shelter And Bed

The 1 Person Compact Elevated Outsunny Cot Tent is excellent camping equipment that will make your trip a whole lot more comfortable and convenient by providing a fully enclosed personal space to sleep and rest.

So, for your next outdoor adventure why not opt for sleeping on an elevated cot tent that will spare your back the relentless assault from rocks and pebbles. But wait, not all cot tents are stout enough, or offer the comfort you would expect, which is why you need to be very careful when choosing the perfect one for your camping journey.

And since that’s most probably why you’re here, this review will help you decide whether this one is a good fit for you. By the end you will be able to make an informed decision.

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Outsunny 1 Person Compact Elevated Camping Cot Tent

The Key Features

Tough construction

When selecting the perfect camping cot tent, the one thing you don’t want to miss is whether it’s solid enough to protect you from the outdoor conditions you encounter. But more importantly, it should be able to last you through a satisfactory number of trips.

Well, that shouldn’t be a problem with this little haven, thanks to the robust fiberglass poles and a tough 190T polyester taffeta, which are both very strong and durable, allowing them to keep you well sheltered and still serve you for trips on end.

The set up is a snap

No camper would say no to a cot tent that one can set up effortlessly and take it down just as easy and fast. This helps save time, but also the struggle with the setup of your cot tent after a long and strenuous day isn’t so much fun, not to mention that you’ll still have other gear to set up.

Thankfully, Outsunny has made sure the setup of this one is as easy as it can get, and every bit as fast. With the pop-up design, you will never have to struggle to get it ready and should be all set fast enough to settle down and enjoy the starry night sky.

Keeps you dry

While there are a lot of things that could make a camper’s trip turn into a nightmare, getting wet is one of the things most outdoor lovers dread the most. Thus, having a cot tent that can keep one dry when the weather turns (which can happen at a moment’s notice by the way) goes a long way. 

And this combo set does a great job at that, thanks to a variety of features that help you stay dry through the night. Among these is the elevated cot bed that allows you to sleep off the ground, thus minimizing any chance of getting soaked as you would in the case of a leaking tent floor.

 Strong frame

Let’s face it, sleeping on the ground can be very uncomfortable, even with a good sleeping bag. Sleeping off the ground can be fun and convenient, but it brings up some challenges as well. The caveat here is that if the frame on your cot tent isn’t sturdy enough, you could be facing a not-so-pleasant surprise if it gives way under your weight.

To ensure you won’t have to sleep with any fear of your elevated cot tent failing at the most inappropriate moment, Outsunny has made the frame on this item strong enough to support up to 225 pounds. This makes it perfect for teenagers and most average adults.

Zippered doors

If there’s one bit that could turn out to be a real bummer when it comes to using your cot tent, it has to be having a hard time hopping in there for the night. And even having large doors that make getting in easy isn’t enough, you also need a way of keeping them shut and ensuring bugs stay out.

That’s what the large zippered doors on this item are designed to help you achieve, allowing you to get into your cot tent with ease. And thanks to the strong and durable zippers, you not only get a reliable means of shutting the doors to keep cold and bugs out, but you can also expect them to last as long as the cot tent itself.

2-in-1 combo

Having a tent that comes with a cot is a big advantage for your trip, it helps you cut on costs as you don’t have to buy each of them separately. Now, what about if you could get a bit of flexibility when needed?

That’s where this two-in-one combo comes in very handy, thanks to the combined protection and comfort that you get with it. This makes the Outsunny combo set a great choice for solo trips, as it also helps reduce the luggage that you have to carry and the weight as well.

Folds small

The size of a cot tent once set up is important to ensure you have enough room in there, but when folded, it should be compact enough to make transporting and storing it easy for you. In this case, the smaller it gets the better, as it allows you to carry your combo set to almost any outdoor adventure.

That’s one more thing I came to love about this item, as it folds very small at only 39.37 inches by 8.6 inches by 5.12 inches. With such a small package, you get to carry your cot with ease even when you have a heap of other camping gear to haul along.

Outsunny portable camping Cot Tent

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

The water-resistant Oxford fabric that the tent is made of makes it perfect for keeping you dry. But I recommend you use a tent fly for extra protection in wet weather.

And there’s a PVC coating that adds an extra layer of water protection and adds to the overall strength of the tent, helping it last longer.

With the tent and cot being detachable, you get a bit of flexibility that could prove to be very handy when you want to use either one or both of them separately.

In the package is also a carry bag that does an awesome job of keeping everything in one piece when in transit and further helps protect the combo set from damage or dirt.

Measuring 76 inches by 20.25 inches, the cot is pretty spacious, enough for an adult to have sufficient room whether they are a side or back sleeper.

Besides, the 17 inches height is worth mentioning as well, as it ensures you are far enough off the ground to be able to prevent heat loss, and of course, no need to worry about rocks.

The tent itself is slightly larger than the cot at 76 inches by 30.25 inches, but the one bit that makes life comfortable inside is the 46.5 inches height that allows you to sit inside.

With a dark green color, this cot tent blends in nicely with the environment when camping in the woods, which can be an advantage for some.

At 19.4 pounds, the Outsunny cot tent might not be the most lightweight out there, but considering the solid construction and its outstanding material, it’s worth the weight.

An easy setup makes it a great choice for most outdoor activities, from camping to fishing trips, hikes, and even in your backyard when you’re not out camping. Perhaps add your sleeping pad underneath your mattress for even more comfort.

Quick Specs

  1. Frame material:
  2. Fabric material:
  3.  Capacity: 1-person cot tent
  4. Color: Dark green
  5. Weight: 19.4 lbs
  6. Weight capacity: 225 lbs
  7. Cot dimensions: 76” X 20.25” X 17”
  8. Tent dimensions: 76” X 30.25” X 46.5”
  9. Packed dimensions: 39.37” X 8.66” X 5.12”
  10. Carry bag included: Yes
  11. Rainfly included: No


  • Enough weight capacity for most average adults
  • Sufficient space inside and enough height for the cot
  • Easy to use doors with strong zippers
  • Fast set up and take down
  • Tough material for durability and performance


  • Not ideal for extreme weather conditions
  • Would be great if the combo set came with an included rainfly
  • The cot height is a bit low for seniors

Questions And Answers

Question: Does this cot tent come with a rainfly?

Answer: No, this combo set doesn’t include a rainfly, which means you have to pick one up separately. But there’s some good news, the cot tent can work just fine with a standard rainfly, so getting one for it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Question: Can I hang a light or fan inside the tent? 

Answer: Yes, you can. The Outsunny combo set has a tab at the roof where you can hang something lightweight, this should be strong enough to hold a fan and light combo unit that isn’t too heavy.

Here Is A Tip Or Two

If you are having a hard time setting up this tent for the first time, consider sticking colored tapes where the poles go and on the poles to make things easier for you the next time you need to put it up.

Also, it’s worth noting that this tent is not completely waterproof, so consider getting a rainfly and a ground cover for extreme conditions. 

Keep in mind that this cot tent combo is built for a single person weighing up to 225 pounds, so if you are a bit heavier or want a cot tent for two, then you can consider getting a tent cot with the ability to support a higher weight to be safe.


When preparing for a solo camping trip, there are a whole lot of boxes to check. But when it comes to protection from the weather and sleeping comfort, this Outsunny 1 person compact elevated camping cot tent would be a great choice. 

It might not be the strongest tent, but in mild weather and light showers, it will hold up just fine. Moreover, the ability to sleep off the ground where you never have to worry about any rocks digging into your back or any frustrating bugs, is a great way to spend the night in the wild. 

If you have any more questions about the Outsunny Cot Tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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