ozark trail xXL director chair Review – 500 lb Capacity

From camping to spending some time down by the beach, having a reliable chair like this Ozark Trail XXL Director Chair with a high 500lb capacity could make your trip a whole lot more enjoyable.

However, you can’t just grab any chair that you come across on the market; you should be very choosy here to get one that you can confidently sit on even after dozens of camping trips.

Now, does this Ozark Trail chair have the right construction to give you an outstanding performance over a long time? Let’s dig in and see what it has for you.

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Ozark Trail 500 lb Capacity XXL Director Chair

The Key Features

Solidly built

The one thing that you can’t afford to take chances with when it comes to chairs is the construction, and especially for the big people, you need to be very careful with this one. The last thing you want is a chair collapsing at the worst moment possible, embarrassing and potentially injuring you.

That’s why Ozark Trail has ensured this chair is tough enough to keep you safe as you enjoy the beauty of the wild. With the ability to support up to 500 lbs, it is an absolute fit for plus-sized people. And yes, it does live up to this claim thanks to the robust frame and high-quality fabric.

Tight seat and back

While the frame of a chair matters as far as keeping you off the ground, the fabric needs to be just as impressive too. And nothing quite proves uncomfortable than an extremely saggy seat on an outdoor chair like this one, not to mention, it also needs to be as well-built as possible.

Thankfully, the fabric on this one is just as awesome as the frame itself, with a taut design that makes sitting and getting out of your chair easy and fast. And it gets even better since the tight fabric makes this chair super comfortable to sit in.

Spacious sitting area

With chairs made for big people, the sitting area is very important if the chair is to be comfortable enough. And nothing makes a big chair more comfortable than being wide enough to offer enough room to sit in, but don’t forget to ensure it’s also deep enough as well. Space is of utmost importance for this type of chair.

This chair is built to keep you safely off the ground and comfortable as well, with a great seat width of up to 28 inches. If you are a large person, this will prove to be a handy design for you as there won’t be any discomfort from the armrests digging into your body.

Sturdy armrests

Armrests are also a great addition that could make virtually any chair even more comfortable. Thus having them adds to the luxury that you can expect out of your big chair. However, these too need to be solid enough to hold the weight of your arms without any unpleasant surprises.

That’s yet another bit I love about this chair, as its armrests are just as robust as the chair itself, featuring the same stout steel material. This not only means a great deal of comfort but also ensures you don’t have to be concerned about the durability of this part of the chair as well.

Sufficient seat height          

Just how high the seat is from the ground could mean a great deal of difference in terms of comfort. And that’s not all, it also determines how easy sitting in and getting out of the chair can get. In most cases, having a chair that is high enough off the ground is better than trying to sit in one with a low profile design.

Thanks to this chair’s impressive 18-inch seat height, sitting in it and standing up from the chair is very easy, and this couldn’t be more convenient for people with knee, back, or other joint problems. Also, since this chair is designed for big people, this particular design earns its keep as far as ease of use goes.

A handy side tray

Whether you’re out enjoying the summer fun, attending a sports event, or camping near the beach and enjoying the breeze, there’s always the need to keep a few personal effects handy. Having your phone, watch, a book, or just any other essential items within reach is always cool.

Not to worry, this chair got that covered too, thanks to an inbuilt side tray on the armrests, which is a great plus as it allows you to keep most of your handy items close by. Besides being very convenient, the tray is also as strong as the rest of the chair, so you can bet it will be safe for a variety of items and can last as long as the chair does.

Cushioned seat

Comfort is one of the most important aspects of a camping chair, no matter how strong or easy to use it is, it needs to offer the best comfort possible. This will depend on several factors, but the seat is at the center of it all.

It’s thus no wonder Ozark Trail has built this chair with a cushioned seat and backrest to offer you the best comfort you can expect out of it. While most other chairs out there feature only a bare fabric, the cushioning on this one sets it apart with that cushy comfort makes it awesome even after hours of use.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

A seat depth of up to 18 inches offers more than enough room to sit in, complementing the wide design of the chair, which makes it perfect for a plus-sized person.

The side tray also has a cup holder design that allows you to keep your favorite beverage within reach yet keeping your hands free.

With an impressive 18 inch height on the backrest, you don’t have to struggle to sit in comfort, just layback and the sufficient back height supports your back to your shoulder blades.

Setting up this chair isn’t necessarily difficult despite its large size, as it opens right up and then you snap the side tray into position, and voila! You’re all ready.

And taking it down is just as easy, and it folds down to 6 inches by 10 inches package, which shouldn’t be too large if you are car camping, but not ideal for hiking.

The armrests have a fabric that makes them very comfortable, but the best part is that they are also removable for easy cleaning when needed.

Its X-frame design along with the solid steel material of the frame make this chair very stable and strong enough to support an immense weight.

Besides, attached plastic feet further add to the stability of your chair on different ground surfaces, and could help reduce sinking into sandy or soft ground.

Foam in the seat and back also goes a long way to enhancing the comfort of this chair thanks to its ideal padding.

The handy and strong side tray doesn’t make setting up or taking down your chair any bit harder, as it unfolds from the side of the chair for use, and folds right back when collapsing it to save on space.

Quick Specs

  1. Frame: Steel
  2. Cushioned seat and back
  3. Padded, removable armrests
  4.  Foldable side tray
  5. Cup holder
  6. Seat size: 24 inches by 18 inches
  7. Back height: 18 inches
  8. Seat height: 18 inches
  9. Capacity: 500 pounds
  10. Dimensions open: 33.16” X 21.65” X 35.83”
  11. Dimensions folded: 6” X 10”
  12. Weight: 23.1 pounds


  • A very solid frame offers reliable and lasting performance
  • Comfortable seat and back with sufficient cushioning
  • Handy side tray with a cup holder for keeping essentials with you
  • Impressive seat height makes sitting in the chair and standing up easy
  • Comfortable padded armrests that are also removable for easy cleanup


  • This chair is ideal for big people, and thus might feel a bit too large for a petite person to lean back on the backrest
  • It is a heavy and bulky chair that proves a tad hard to carry along, making it less ideal for such activities as hiking or backpacking.
  • At 23.1 pounds, carrying it a long distance would be a task. 

Questions And Answers

Question: Is the side tray removable when taking this chair down?

Answer: No, the tray isn’t designed to be detached from the chair, it just folds down into the side of the legs, thus helping the chair fold down flat and creates space for storage.

Question: How can I fold up the chair?

Answer: The best way to fold up your chair is to start by unsnapping the arms from the back of the chair, this makes it easier to fold down. Once folded, however, the chair doesn’t have a carrying case to put it in or a handle, but shouldn’t be difficult to handle when moving it around.

Here Is A Tip Or Two

  • I wouldn’t advise leaving this chair exposed to the elements, due to the foam in the seat and back being vulnerable to collecting rain and molding or rotting if it doesn’t dry well.
  • The color and fabric of the chair could be adversely affected by UV light, so make sure to store this chair well protected.


If you are a large person who has had enough with cheap chairs that just don’t cut it or last any more than a trip or two, then this Ozark Trail 500 Lb Capacity XXL Director Chair should be a perfect choice for you.

The solid construction and a combination of comfort and great performance make it worth every penny. And although it’s hands down a hefty and bulky piece of gear, the benefits that you get with it by far outweigh the difficult portability.

Check it out and enjoy your time in the outdoors sitting in a chair that is not only comfortable but also won’t let you down. 

If you have any more questions about the Ozark Trail XXL Director Chair, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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