Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler – Amazing Personal Cooler Review

In this review, we will look at one of the best personal coolers available, the Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler Review. We will look closely at its design, construction, and usefulness. I will discuss how well it works and how durable it is.

Then we will also research its features and benefits so as to give you enough information to decide if this product is right for you.

Are you a fisherman or woman, well purchasing a Pelican 20 QT cooler will keep your drinks cold for the day and your catch fresh on the return trip.

Whatever activities you and your family enjoy it’s fair to say a good cooler is on the shortlist of essential equipment. Then when it’s back to work, it will act as a personal lunch and drink cooler during the working week. 


The Pelican Elite 20 Quart Cooler is an ideal example of a next-generation novelty, built to last for generations. This is a new model and it has some great characteristics.

From its freezer-grade seal to its latches and heavy-duty handles, every part is ergonomically designed for efficiency and durability.

Perhaps, that is why the company feels so confident to cover the product, not for 5 years, not for ten, or fifteen but with a lifetime guarantee.

Whether you are planning a cross country road trip, camping in the woods over the holidays, or a hunting expedition of a lifetime, you will not regret having the Pelican 20 on your side.

Be sure to add it to your Camping Checklist Essentials.

The Key Features

Built-in Bottle Opener

  • Most people will be contented with a cooler box that is just a cooler box. However, it will come as a reprieve to know that the pelican elite is more than just that.
  • It comes with additional features that spice up the outdoor experience to a whole new level. For instance, it is designed with a universal bottle opener that can open almost any bottle.
  • The built-in bottle opener will also work very well. This comes in handy because sometimes we don’t remember to carry a separate bottle opener.

Cup Holder

  • It comes with integrated cup holders, always good to have a spot to place your drink when the fish are biting. On the lid of this cooler, feet back comfy in your favorite chair, let the cooler hold your drink.


  • The pelican elite packs enough space for all of your drink needs. It comes with an impressive capacity of 20 quarts big enough for a medium-sized party or barbecue.
  • A cooler which you can fit 24 cans plus ice, that will keep you and a friend happy for a day outing or an overnight camp.
  • Being not so big comes with another advantage, that is it can be used daily, on the job to keep lunch fresh and cool.


  • It is light enough to carry a distance without tiring too much. This feature comes in handy for campers and travelers who have to move around constantly or walk in a short distance to the campsite.
  • To add on its portability, it is designed with two sets of handles. The weight of the whole cooler is evenly distributed on these handles making it easy to move it with the help of a second person.


  • Built with strong stainless steel hardware, and non-porous plastic the pelican elite has hardware consisting of industrial-grade stainless steel.
  • As a result, it is highly durable when compared to other coolers in its class. The Roto-Molded material also makes it easy to clean since the surface is smooth and slick.
  • Users also don’t have to worry about rusting since the body is made of high-grade nonporous plastic.

Cleaning and Care

  • Any contamination can easily be wiped off the surface of this material with a wet cloth, transporting the cooler is also easy because stainless steel and non-porous plastic are strong materials.
  • These can withstand high degrees of rough handling, but even so, it is important to handle your cooler with care because you want it to serve you for a long period of time.


  • The Roto-Molded built cooler box comes with two inches of polyurethane insulation which is the feature that gives this cooler its ice retention capabilities.
  • With this insulating layer, you can be assured of cold drinks and fresh food for several days, even when the sun is at its strongest.
  • Controlling temperatures also becomes easier when compared to other cooler boxes with thinner insulating layers.

Leak-proof Drain Plug

  • It is inevitable for coolers to get wet. However, whatever happens after that is what distinguishes a good cooler from a bad one.
  • Unlike other cooler boxes in its class, the pelican elite is equipped with a leak-proof drain plug which prevents liquids from leaking out of the cooler.
  • A leaking cooler box can be messy and problematic, but if you have the pelican elite, you have no reason to worry.

Freezer Grade Seal

  • It has a very good airtight seal, the freezer-grade seal is built into the lid during manufacture, it’s not just glued on or pressed in.
  • Sometimes, the seal works so well, the lid will hold shut for a while after closing as escaping air when the lid is closed causes a vacuum.
  • However, opening the drain plus a little will break the seal if need be, also is dry ice compatible which is handy.

What Are The Benefits?

Pelican as a brand is renowned for producing highly regarded products, and these ice chests excel in ice retention.

Nothing less can be said of the pelican elite. It has the capacity to maintain ice for more than, or at least 7 full days.

Therefore, you can rest assured that you will have a week’s supply of ice even when out enjoying the sun in the middle of the woods or camping near the beach.

If you are a camper or adventurer who finds thrill from forested areas, you can rest assured that the pelican elite is bear-proof.

You no longer have to worry about ravenous bears, parts of the cooler are made of industrial-grade stainless steel and the body is built of heavy-duty roto-molded non-porous plastic.

You can sit or stand on this cooler with no problems. In addition to strength, the seal of the box is also designed with bears in mind.

It is strong enough to withstand rough handling and has even received certification from the Inter-Agency Grizzly Bear Committee. Keep it safe when your not in the camp by storing it in your tent.

Ask any traveler or camper and they will bear me witness, lighter is better. The pelican elite isn’t that heavy even with the solid materials used in its construction and the general design.

The design itself is ergonomic with heavy-duty handles that make it slip-free. Two sets of handles mean that it can be carried by more than one person, easing the load. The empty weight is just 12.5 lbs.     

Few companies are confident enough to cover their products with lifetime guarantees. However, this is not the case with Pelican.

The Pelican elite is covered by a lifetime guarantee which is an assurance of quality and exceptional service.

At least, you can be assured that you have bought the right cooler box for your escapades and if not, the company will be ready to sort you out no matter the age of the cooler box.

Pros.pelican 20qt elite cooler

  • New Model Cooler looks Great
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Excellent Ice Retention
  • Cup Holders
  • These coolers have an Excellent Seal
  • Lightweight and Portable


  • I cannot find any obvious flaws with this Cooler, but I would prefer a steel handle.



By now, I know you should have a clear picture of what the Pelican elite 20 Quart has to offer. These coolers are exceptional equipment and the differences to the old style of plastic or form coolers are like chalk and cheese.

The ice retention capabilities have to be seen to be believed, plus they are tough and durable and will last for decades. They are good looking, reliable, and perform beautifully. 

This product will definitely satisfy your requirements in a high-performance cooler, the only other option is the size, and Pelican has that sorted with many other sizes to give you complete satisfaction.

We have carried out a detailed and unbiased field test and researched a range of roto-molded coolers to put together a comprehensive list of the best available, the Pelican elite 20-quart cooler featured very highly and ranked near the top. 

Why not call the shots and own one for yourself, what could be better than a Pelican 20 Quart Cooler. You will be buying a really good quality product made in the USA that will stand by you for many years like a reliable and trusted friend.

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If you have any more questions about the Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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