Pelican 70 QT Cooler – Review and Reveal

With a unique ergonomic design, the Pelican 70 QT Cooler Review and Reveal will help any camping enthusiast, hunter, or traveler stay on top of his or her hunger fixes, better than any cold locker. 

This Article Was Last Updated On March 01, 2021

Its self-draining system, push-button latches, freezer-class seal, over-molded carry handles, reinforced in-lock hasp, corrosion-free stain-resistant steel plate plus a non-skid and non-marking raised rubber feet to make this heavy-duty travel kit one of the smartest choices versus any other icebox on the market.

Traditional old style plastic coolers stand no chance against these modern roto-molded coolers, this cooler is designed and built with sophisticated design techniques, and using high-quality materials, resulting in a very strong durable cooler.

While providing maximum ice retention of up to 10 days to help your catch stay fresh, or the drink and food cold and enjoyable. This Pelican 70 Qt cooler review shows a lifestyle choice cooler with 70 full QT capacity plus a lifetime warranty, made in the USA.


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Pelican 70 Quart Elite Cooler

The Key Features.

Top Notch Model:

A true next Gen innovation, this product is engineered with high intelligence to support camping, fishing, hunting, and traveling all distances. What’s more, its extended sloped tethered plug for drainage gives you an option to attach a hose for easy removal of ice melt while in the truck. 

For the fisherperson, it has a molded-in fish scale on the lid to help you with the correct catch size. Many days of ice retention give an ability to stay out longer than ever before, particularly if they are biting well. This cooler comes with a remarkable warranty and is manufactured in the USA.

Extremely Easy-to-use:

The Pelican Elite 70 Quart Cooler is fully optimized to ensure ultimate ease of handling for trip makers of all sizes. Firstly, a push-button release of the hardy latches makes operation seamless from every angle. Secondly, the lid stays in place without flapping at random. Thirdly, this model has been carefully engineered by Pelican to minimize any splashing and dripping.

What’s more, the extended drain plugs with plastic extensions offer quick-draining like never before. Leave it in your family tent and drain the ice melt through a hose that can be easily attached to the plug.

In fact, there are many smart features that make this cooler a hassle-free and anytime-use box.  Finally, This ice cooler box rates highly by scoring 8 in the metrics of usage.

True Value For Money:

Coming at the price of this super cool model, its competitive insulation ability and durability must top the list of considerations. Next, its scientifically tested, molded-in handles, molded-in tie-down slots, extended drain and tethered threaded plug, flash scale on the lid and structural integrity, making it an unbeatable choice in the market of high-end coolers.

It’s a no-mess and flawless cooling system, that can keep the roadies hassle-free all through their long drives or extended stays anytime, anywhere. Hence, engineered to perform to a high standard, this innovative icebox can claim its listed price of around $ 34o.00 without pulling punches.

True-to-Size Capacity:

With a weight of around 38 lbs, 23.5″*11*14.3″ internal dimension and 36″*20.3″*21″ large, rugged-looking exterior, the Pelican Elite 70 Quart Cooler is the next level player when it comes to making any wild hunting, outside camping or tailgating trips more than just hassle-free.

This heavy-duty innovative hard molded plastic box comes with a capacity big enough to pack 4 day’s camping foods and 24 drink cans and keep them spill-proof and icy cool for as long as seven days.

Whether it is to pack some cans of beers on the go or keep the burgers factory fresh, this next Gen cooler can beat all its competitors by housing food and drinks of at least four with no mess, it’s capacity is a full 70QT. This cooler is also at the top of our picks of best coolers for camping.


An all-weather favorite outdoor carrier, this cooling maestro offers extreme ice retention like no other. Whether you are out for hunting in the wild, crossing the desert or reaching out to the seaside, or just for your tailgating experience, this cooler lives up to its name under all extremities.

Its 2″ PU insulation with a top-notch freezer-class gasket provides a 360-degree ice-cooling solution. What’s more, this top performing cooler has already passed a 40 degree Fahrenheit temperature insulation test. It has ranked an impressive score of 8 over 7 long days of observation, much higher than any traditional model,


Blessed with a long shelf-life, the Pelican Elite 70 Quart Cooler is probably the only thing in the current marketplace that promises to last a lifetime with a replacement guarantee.

With its manufacturer promising an all life guarantee, buying this intelligent cooling giant could not be a better option for thrill seekers of all sizes.

With a well built and robust exterior made in the USA, this huge and hardy piece is a four-person trip maker box for any given trip. It does not only come with a lifetime warranty from Pelican but also holds a certificate for its bear-proof capability from the Inter-agency Grizzly Bear Committee.


The one thing that this model offers at a stark contrast to its heavy and huge exterior is its unique portability, one of the best features a camper can bargain for in a high definition cooler marketplace. Thanks to its plastic built handles that fit snugly and spread the weight evenly to ease out carrying this cooling giant on and off your truck or boat.

With a larger than life insulation capability, easy to use latches, stay-on-top lid, and easy drainage plug make the 20.30 wide, 21″ tall and 36″ long Pelican Elite 70 Quart Cooler, largest of its kind, a time-tested portable solution.

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Cooler?

With a 70 quart internal volume, huge sturdy exterior and built-in easy-to-use structure, you have probably a no better option for keeping your foods and drinks intact and cold on the go. Put this box anywhere in your vehicle and pack it with your next 7 day’s culinary essentials, you will not be disappointed, no need to buy ice every day.

The integrated, state of the art structure and the dynamic functionalities make this icebox easy handling for all trip makers. Whether you are using for the first time or 100th time, this Pelican cooler will provide your stay with extreme convenience while keeping your drink and food fresh and cold.

Do you think it’s a bit too pricey? Compare it with any low-cost model and you will find no better option than shaving off a few percentages on your budget list for a smart pick like this. Its robust built, top notch anti-shear hinges, superb insulation performance and guarantee of a lifetime are worth the money.

The huge capacity and the easy-pull push snap latches of this cooler promise to give you an effortless locking, even if you keep this cooler back of a 1/2 ton truck near the tailgate. Further, its grizzly proof interior, built-in 4 set of easy draining cup holders and the trendy bottle opener take no time to cajole your munchies on the wheels.

With easy-to-use handles, smart latches and freezer compatible gasket, this tried and tested cooler can take insulation to the next level. Whether it’s your long weekend drives or extended holiday trips, this high-end model is ready to keep all your tasty food and drinks safe and fresh under any condition.

With a guarantee for life, the Pelican Elite 70 Quart Cooler is probably the best buy for anyone. Even if you break a part or the whole of it, the manufacturer will replace- no question asked.

This is the one oversized model of a cooler that superbly blends its heaviness with its portability to leave you with smart handling tactics. This 70 QT cooler offers you a carefree carrying option like no other by making the most of its molded plastic handles.


  1. Impressive insulation and days of complete ice retention performance
  2. A spacious cooler for all your supplies
  3. Its stainless steel structure is corrosion-proof
  4. It comes with a freezer grade superior gasket
  5. Nonskid and non-marking raised rubber feet
  6. Industry certified
  7. Sloped and tethered threaded draining plug
  8. An integrated scale on the lid
  9. Press and pull plastic molded latches ensure the maximum user convenience
  10. Self-draining enabled cup holders and trendy bottle opener
  11. The cooling product comes with a larger than life durability
  12. Highly portable to carry anytime, anywhere.


  1. The heavy and large exterior might be a bit of a hassle while loading and unloading into your truck
  2. A cooler of this size when full could use wheels
  3. Lid seal is not spill proof
  4. The drain plug is a little short and may obstruct the water draining at times



This cooler performed exceptionally well in warm conditions, the ice retention capabilities will be determined by many factors however one of our tests was over a 3-day long weekend which averaged 86F. Being careful to keep the unit in shade and not opening excessively, the ice melt was minimal and it would have easily lasted another two days.

This strong and durable cooler is bear-resistant thanks to its roto molded thick polyurethane insulation and strong locking latches, its easily carried when full by two people, the stainless steel bottle opener was well used by us. The tie-down points working together with the slip-proof feet keep it stable on the back of the truck or on the floor of the boat.

After research and use, we found this cooler to be an excellent product, with remarkable features that will stand the passage of time and use with ease. If your looking to buy an amazing cooler then we would have no hesitation in recommending the Pelican Elite 70QT Cooler, a good looking, well-built unit manufactured in the USA.

If you have any more questions about the Pelican 70 QT Cooler Review and Revea, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “Pelican 70 QT Cooler – Review and Reveal”

  1. I really liked the video spots you had for the cooler. I do feel a bit bad for the bears never getting the box open to the tasty treats. I was wondering about the weight that you had listed for the cooler. Was that an empty weight or ave when full weight. Also does Pelican make larger models of the cooler? I wasn’t sure if it came in different sizes. Thanks.

    • Hi there. the videos are great aren’t they, i think the bears are pretty well fed lol. The weight is approximately 38 pounds empty and pelican certainly do have larger models in fact they have 3 or 4 larger models up to 250QT then they also have 3 wheeled models for easier mobility. Great product great choice, you wont go wrong.

  2. I’m quite new to coolers but I have to admit this sounds cool and very much for me, In the summer me an my mates like to go camping when its warm so having a mini cooler where we can store away beers and other refreshments would literally be perfect.

    I’ll have to mention it to my mates when I next see them as this would be a great investment, might take a few of us to carry it thought once its full, I don’t know 🙂

    Thanks again for sharing,


    • Hi Joshua, these are great while camping and being outdoors. the opportunity to have ice in your drink for more than just one day is awesome. Fill it up with confidence, as a couple strong guys will have no trouble.

      I know you will enjoy many years of use. Cheers, Shane.

  3. Hi Shane,

    Fishing and camping are favorites of my family in the summer.

    This Pelican 70qt cooler is amazing. With the lifetime guarantee, it’s worth the price that you have to pay.

    I like that it has self-draining property so it’s so easy to use and clean up after using.

    I will plan on buying it for next summer.


    • Hi Marita, I’m with you, there is nothing better than camping, fishing and being outdoors. Its very well designed and with a lifetime warranty the amazing 70QT cooler will provide you with cold food and beverages for many days at a time. Besides, where do you get a better made cooler than one made in the USA.

      Thanks for your comment, Shane. 

  4. Hi Shane, wow, I absolutely hear what you say when you call this “Next Level”. This cooler sounds so cool we could virtually replace our fridge with it. What was that movie where the guy built a bunker to save himself from Armageddon? I’m picturing this cooler in that bunker right now.  And with a lifetime guarantee we’d be styling.  SOLD. The weight does bother me a little, I’m thinking of the weight once it’s full of all those beers. Luckily my hubby is strong.  I don’t expect I could lift it up?

    • Hi Lauren, yes this is a great cooler for any occasion we were more than happy with its performance and design features but we were really impressed by the lifetime warranty, this is rare. The weight can be an issue but with the two of you there wont be any problems. The good thing is those beers will be nice and cold.

      Hope you enjoy your new cooler, let me know your thoughts.

      Thanks Shane


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