Portable Gas Grill Review – Cuisinart Petit, Delicious

We are going on a road trip and we need a portable gas grill to provide us with a cooking surface so we want to check out the Portable Gas Grill Review – Cuisinart Petit, Delicious. 

This is a good looking grill. The red color is really eye-catching and the Cuisinart emblem stamped into the grill lid is a nice touch.

The red model looks very smart and gives a high quality looking finish and professionally designed and built. It’s one of our stoves in our best camping stoves list.

When folded the grill looks like a briefcase or small toolbox, while the curved edges give the grill a sleek efficient look. The rich red color of the grill is a real eye-catching feature plus the mixture of colors between each different component works well also.


The Key Features


Measuring just 16.5” x 15.75” x 6.5” with legs folded, and with a sturdy comfortable briefcase-style carry handle situated on the side of the grill. This compact design feature means it can be carried one-handed with ease.

Features a grill lid with a lock on it to prevent the grill from accidentally opening during carrying.
Sturdy Aluminium legs that can be folded out taking the grill height from 6.5” to 32”.


With a total weight of 17lbs, the grill is quite lightweight. The legs are made from aluminum and are hollow to save weight while the lower body is made from aluminum and plastic.

The cast iron grill grate is the heaviest component but they have reduced the thickness to reduce the weight even further, while the lid is made from a thin sheet of steel.

Large Cooking Area.

The total cooking area for the Cuisinart portable gas grill is 145 square inches. On this surface, you are able to cook 8 burgers, 8 steaks, 6 to 10 chicken breasts (depending on the size), or 4 pounds of fish.

Cuisinart has managed to fit a fairly large cooking area into this portable grill, considering the size. It can easily feed up to 4 -6 people at once.

Easy set-up.

Initial assembly requires no tools, it simply requires only the attachment of the feet to the end of the aluminum legs, The feet have color-coded arrows so no chance of assembling incorrectly.

Legs are extended by pulling on them and folding them out easily, the stand requires the grill to be lifted until legs unlock, they then fold outwards while collapsing the legs uses only the leg release button.

Quality Components.

Made by Cuisinart using good quality components, the grill box and lid are made from painted stainless steel, while the grill grate is cast iron with porcelain enamel coating.

Legs are made from lightweight aluminum and are sturdily designed. Feet and brackets are made from ABS plastic parts, that fit together well to give it a stable footing.


5,500 BTU burner, can reach temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit within a few minutes. The lid can be closed during heating to assist the grill in reaching temperatures faster.                                                                           

The compact size means that the heat produced is close to the cooking surface. Heat is spread evenly without any cold patches and cooking for your loved ones will be a breeze.


The grilling area reaches cooking temperatures quickly and easily, the grill uses gas in an efficient way and does not waste heat, 16.4oz bottle of liquid propane will last for around 3 hours on high.

The lid can be closed during use to retain heat and produce an oven environment. An adjustable flame means that less heat can be used for cooking less food. When using a portable grill it is good to know that it will last for a long time.

Easy To Clean.

Grease and other fluids run into an integrated drip tray which can be removed to empty and wash. The grill grate is removable to allow it to be more thoroughly washed separately.

The stainless steel and painted surfaces are easy to wipe clean with a cloth and soapy warm water. Grills always get dirty and greasy and its good to know that cleaning this grill is very easy.


Available with extended legs, or can be used as a tabletop model gives you choice when tent camping
It comes in a range of different colors, red, black, or stainless steel. A durable grill cover is also an option.

The two different leg options are good to see as it means you can select the right model for your use. If you’re on a boat with a table then you don’t necessarily want the added weight/size of the extendable legs. The grill cover is great for home use also.

Pricing and Warranty.

In comparison to other products of this style the price is quite low, Amazon.com provides free shipping with this grill. Warranty is covered through a distributor of Cuisinart, The Fulham Group, It is good to see a 3-year warranty on this grill.

The Cuisinart comes with a warranty for any defects that develop with the grill, however, the enamel coating of the grill grate is only covered for 30 days as this part gets the hardest work.

kebabs grilling on a barbeque

What Are The Benefits Of This Product To You?

All these features add together to make a grill that is fantastic for traveling. I would recommend this to anyone who likes the outdoors or wants to cook in a small area, like a boat.

It is easy to carry one hand and locks securely during carrying. This Grill will not overcrowd limited space and its size makes it easy to transport and store.

When you are looking for a portable grill, weight is very important when you start loading a heap of equipment into the car when going camping.

At just 17lbs this is a very light grill and will not be difficult to carry into a campsite away from the car.

Having a good size cooking surface makes it very easy to prepare meals for multiple people at one time this means convenience at a time when convenience may be hard to find.

These features all add together to make this grill very easy to use. No tools are required which is great. The set-up and collapsing of the grill is also very easy and takes a matter of seconds.

Good quality components built for their lightweight properties (apart from the grill grate) they are also built to last. Components near the cooking area are all coated in some form of corrosion protection which will give them a longer life. The grill grate will take the most punishment.

High temperatures on small grills can also sometimes be difficult to achieve so its good that the lid can be folded during use. This makes the stove more fuel-efficient, and also means it can be used in windy conditions.

An impressive 5500 BTU of heat reaching 500 degrees Fahrenheit means this grill is good enough to cook all meats and vegetables well.

The removable components mean that each piece can be washed separately. A drip tray means that you won’t have food debris and grease building up on the grill grate. Easy simple cleaning is always a benefit.


  1. Compact and Portable
  2. Lightweight
  3. Easy to Transport and Set-up
  4. Very good small grill
  5. Gas Efficient 


  1. Once used, the paint on the lid burns and blackens quickly
  2. The grease trap is a little difficult to empty
  3. Only 30 days warranty on the grill grate



This little grill is quick and easy to assemble and set-up takes very little time or effort, one to two minutes and you’re ready to start cooking.

Press button control to start the flame and a good strong dial knob to regulate the flame height. Slide-out grease drip tray stops the excess grease and fat from dripping onto the table or bench.

The grill lid has a catch and locking device to keep it securely closed, and the extendable leg model brings the grill up to an easy to use height.

With Non-slip plastic grill feet to help keep it stable, and with extendable legs the grill can be used in three different modes; Legs folded up, legs folded down, and legs folded down extended (for extendable leg model)

Each of these small things adds to the user experience. Before during and after cooking, the Cuisinart is very easy to set-up, operate, and clean down.

The different modes of use make it flexible in the grills cooking location. and overall a nice little grill that performs very well under most normal conditions.

If you are looking for a quality compact grill for your next adventure, this one is a real possibility and sure to satisfy. 

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If you have any more questions about the Portable Gas Grill Review – Cuisinart Petit, Delicious, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


4 thoughts on “Portable Gas Grill Review – Cuisinart Petit, Delicious”

  1. We have purchased a new house and have a small backyard also, so I am thinking to have a small portable BBQ in order to have some memorable family and friends gathering. Me and my friends also often go for hiking and camping, therefore I think this might serve my purpose as it is very portable and efficient also. Do you have any other suggestion for me?

    • Hi Hari, the Cuisinart Petit Grill is a wonderful small grill, very portable and enough power to cook a perfect steak. If your not sure take a look at our list of Best Camping Stove for 2018 here you will find some fantastic alternatives.

      thanks for your comment Shane.

  2. Hi Shane,

    The Cuisinart Petit Delicious portable gas grill looks really nice. I like the fact that it is light and easy to carry. Also, the folding legs make set up so easy and quick.
    My only concern is the 5500 BTUs of heat. I’ve had experience with cool temperatures and windy conditions. Even with a lid, it takes a long time to cook steaks.
    For other items like hamburgers and hot dogs, I’m sure it will work fine.


    • Hi Ed, 

      During our research the grill performed flawlessly, I must admit we tested the Cuisinart grill in a warm climate, however it was also quite breezy and the flame was not affected to badly, and produced ample heat for a steak. 

      Having said that you could be right with your assumption regarding cool to cold climates, however the grill area is not huge, so the burner does work well in normal conditions, and i think it would be good in all but extreme conditions. Overall we found a very good small grill.

      Thanks for your comment 



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