Portable Toilets For Camping

If you are planning a car or RV trip away from home the convenience of using portable toilets for camping could be easily overlooked when the only thing on your mind is the adventure ahead.

You may hardly notice it at first, but camping fun comes at the cost of some basic everyday conveniences, and if digging your own toilet hole doesn’t sound like fun you will need to bring along one of those porta-potties or toilets that are readily available and are super convenient.

In this post, I will be taking you through some of the best portable toilets for camping on the market. Be sure to stick around to the very end, where I will be sharing with you some handy tips on choosing the right toilet for your road ahead.

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Take a Quick Look At Our Top 10 Choices

ImageProduct NamePrice
Thetford Porta Potti 345Current Price
SereneLife Outdoor Portable ToiletCurrent Price
Camco Portable Camping ToiletCurrent Price
Camco Premium Travel ToiletCurrent Price
Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford ToiletCurrent Price
Reliance Products Portable Flushing ToiletCurrent Price
Zimmer Portable Toilet Camping PottyCurrent Price
DOMETIC 970-Series Portable ToiletCurrent Price
Hike Crew Outdoor Camping ToiletCurrent Price
Camco Premium Portable Travel ToiletCurrent Price

Thetford Porta Potti 345


  • A convenient carry handle makes it easy to move around.
  • Spacious fresh water and waste holding compartments
  • Easy-to-use piston flush pump
  • A spacious seat at 13” wide and 14” front to back
  • An easy to read level indicator takes any guesswork out of the way
  • It also comes with a deodorant sample, which is a big plus


  • The only downside to this toilet is that the vent button is not as solid as the robust construction of the toilet

First Impression: Let’s get it on with this Thetford 92814 Porta Potti, a nice little solution to your needs in the outdoors that brings together the best of performance and portability.

Its exclusive rotating spout makes emptying your toilet super easy after the holding tank fills up, which can be very convenient especially considering you will be handling several gallons of waste. A removable seat and cover make the cleaning super easy, and it has a standard lid latch that turns out to be just as handy when using your toilet.

The freshwater compartment holds up to 4 gallons, which is more than enough for use over several days, especially if you are on a solo camping trip. Its waste container isn’t any less impressive, thanks to the sufficient 3.2-gallon capacity that allows you to go for several days without having to empty it.

At 9.93 pounds, and measuring 17.13” by 15.36” by 13.27”, it is easy to transport and doesn’t take up much real estate in your RV. For even easier handling, the toilet also has an ergonomic handle. The ease of use hasn’t been overlooked either, as you also have an easy-to-use piston pump flush and an easily readable level indicator.

SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet


  • The freshwater tank can hold up to 3.2 gallons
  • Piston pump flush design makes easy work of clearing the bowl
  • An included carry bag makes it easy to carry your toilet on long trips
  • Spacious waste holding tank makes emptying less frequent
  • Built for the best of comfort and performance


  • On the downside, the waste holding tank has 4 compartments that make emptying and cleaning the tank a daunting task since the waste gets caught up somewhere up there.
  • The bow is quite small, making it hard to use, especially for adult males who need some more room  

First Impression: Up next is another portable toilet that comes full of great features too, including the extra-large 5.3-gallon holding tank, which dwarfs most other options out there.

Besides, it has a wastewater level indicator that keeps you on the know as the tank fills up, so you can know when it’s time. Then there’s the emptying process itself, which has been made a breeze thanks to the rotating pour spout that spares you those nasty splashes that could spew poop all over.

Sticking with a stinky toilet in the RV can make life almost unbearable, which is what the odor-resistant material on this toilet is designed to prevent. This outstanding construction, along with that an airtight seal keeps the odors inside as they keep the waste.

Made of high-density polyethylene, this toilet gives you the best performance and portability. Besides being a toughie that can last you for seasons, it weighs just 11.25 pounds, making it ideal for on-the-go use.

Camco Portable Camping Toilet


  • Total seat width of 13” is spacious enough for average adults
  • It comes with a pack of Camco’s TST biodegradable chemicals
  • A strong build makes it strong enough to support 330-pound users
  • Integrated handles make it easy to move around and even carry along
  • It’s also a snap to empty thanks to a convenient pour spout


  • The lid can be a struggle to unscrew when it’s time to dump the waste, might take some muscle
  • The flush mechanism is a bit hard to operate

First Impression: This Camco portable toilet too comes with a generous 5.3-gallon holding tank, which you will be thankful for as it allows you to enjoy the outdoors without constantly emptying your portable toilet.

But that isn’t the only bit I loved about this one, as it also boasts an impressive sealing slide valve that allows you to lock in the odors and prevent any leakages. This will come in very handy when using this potty in an RV.

It also has side latches that guarantee a solid, leak-proof connection of the tank and the toilet sections, and makes the product into a single, easy-to-handle unit. that you can move around with ease.

Its polyethylene material doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance and durability — it proves particularly awesome at locking in odors. A bellows-type flush is also at hand to make easy work of waste removal from your toilet’s bowl into the holding tank.

Its freshwater tank is not very large at only 2.5 gallons, but it still holds enough water for a fair number of uses. Weighing just 10.8 pounds, it’s pretty lightweight and thus easy to carry with you, and yes, at 14” by 16” by 15.5”, it doesn’t take up much space either. 

Camco Premium Travel Toilet


  • Great odor resistant interior material
  • reliable pump flush action makes it easy to use
  • Swivel design dump elbow makes dumping waste less messy
  • The lid can be latched closed in transit for safety
  • Spring-loaded attachment between the compartments makes reattaching the waste tank easy


  • Some issues with the lid cracking quite easily
  • Waste is caught up where the spout turns inside the tank, make sure the contents are fully broken down before emptying

First Impression: If the above Camco toilet proves a bit small for you, then go right ahead and try out this one instead. With the water tank at 4 gallons, and the holding tank at 5.3 gallons, this one is better suited for a larger family.

You won’t have to worry about odors with this toilet either, as it boasts a handy sliding gate valve that takes care of that by locking in the odors and keeps leaks in check. While still at it, you will also be thankful for the slick ABS material of the interior surface, which prevents odors from lingering on the toilet.

Flushing your toilet is the other worry you will have to face; not to worry though, the pumping flush action on this potty takes care of that, making it super easy to give the waste the slight motivation to go down.

It is a bit heavy at 14 pounds, and slightly larger at 18” by 16.25” by 17.5” but when you consider the longer you will have between dumping, it’s worth it. Speaking of dumping the waste, you can’t go wrong with the swivel elbow spout, which makes it easy to remove the waste; no mess, no fuss.

Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Toilet


  • The seat and lid are removable for easy cleaning
  • A convenient toilet paper holder keeps it clean and out of sight
  • Handy pour spout cap helps achieve maximum sewer control
  • A spacious 5.5-gallon holding tank can take up to 50 flushes
  • The clean water tank is just as impressive with up to 4-gallon capacity
  • Tank level indicator helps monitor the waste level


  • You need to be careful with the pouring spout as pressure builds up inside the holding tank on hot days, expect a small explosion when opening it
  • Since this potty is tall and slightly thin at the bottom, it gets a smidge “tippy” to the sides. And at 13.45 pounds, it can be a bit hefty

First Impression: This Porta Potti is built for versatility besides all the other perks you can get with it, as you can use it for your boating adventure, trucking, camping, and all those other off-the-grid adventures.

The battery-powered flush mechanism is one of the bits that make it a mainstay for most outdoor lovers thanks to its ease of use. Then there’s the ergonomic carry handle design, which makes your toilet super easy to bring along or move around the campsite.

Even better, it sports an ideally integrated toilet paper compartment that keeps your TP nicely tucked out of view yet easily accessible when needed. An odorless and leak-proof construction is, of course, a much welcome design that keeps the environment around your potty from any unbearable odors or mess.

When it’s time to get rid of the holding tank contents, you have a reliable rotating pour-out spout that allows you to dump the waste without any risk of backsplashes. Other features that I found worth mentioning include the sleek, homelike look of the potty, a comfortable seat height, as well as a larger bowl size for ultimate comfort.

Reliance Products Portable Flushing Toilet


  • A convenient spout makes emptying your toilet a breeze
  • It boasts a solid construction, capable of supporting up to 330 pounds
  • Ideal height makes it easy to sit on and stand up
  • A convenient flush mechanism makes it a snap to clean
  • Compact and lightweight construction allows you to use it just about anywhere


  • The size and shape of the seat makes it kind of a pain for men to use it, especially adults
  • Its holding tank has many nooks and crannies that make cleaning it a challenge 

First Impression: Here’s another handy portable toilet that you will love if you are setting out on a camping or hiking adventure. The snap-on/off lid on the seat and cover combination is unmistakably one of the bits that set this toilet apart.

But it isn’t all there is to this unit, you will also love the hard plastic construction of the seat. This makes for a solid seat that will last you for seasons, while still keeping the toilet lightweight enough for easy portability.

Speaking of weight, at 10.6 pounds, this unit is considerably quite lightweight enough for a toilet this strong. And it doesn’t take up much space either, as it measures only 17.2” by 16.5” by 14.5” making it compact enough for tight spaces in the RV, truck, or boat.

A solid connection between the toilet and the holding tank ensures a solid seal that keeps it free of any leaks even when in transit. You can lug it along without having to worry about any mess.

What’s more, standing at about 17” tall, it’s high enough so you won’t have to struggle to sit on it or stand up, which is a great plus for an extra bit of comfort in the outdoors.

Zimmer Portable Toilet Camping Potty


  • Made of high-density, easy-clean polyethylene material
  • The unit comes fully assembled, you can use it right out of the box
  • It’s also quite lightweight at just 9.75 pounds
  • Ideal handles for easy handling and transportation of your toilet
  • It’s tightly sealed to keep odors in and prevent leakages


  • The flush lets out a slight amount of water, which might not be very efficient at clearing the bowl
  • The bowl itself is also very shallow, tends to fill fast with urine

First Impression: As our list rolls towards the end, here is a toilet that comes jam-packed with great features such as the sufficiently spacious clean and waste tanks for less maintenance.

The freshwater tank can take up to 3 gallons, while the waste holding compartment has enough capacity for an impressive 5-gallon capacity, lasting you through as many as 50 to 70 flushes before you have to empty it.

A slide valve is on hand to offer you an easy time when letting waste into the holding tank and then seals tight to keep odors in and offers a watertight seal that prevents leakages. Connecting and disconnecting the two compartments is super easy and convenient, thanks to handy side latches that let you secure them together for use or separate them for dumping and cleaning.

Each tank has a removable cap that guarantees mess-free filling of fresh water on the water tank or emptying of the waste tank. Transportation hasn’t been overlooked either, as the toilet has handles that make it easy to handle and carry when on the move.

DOMETIC 970-Series Portable Toilet


  • A pressurized push-button flush ensures instant cleaning
  • It also has a scratch-resistant matte finish that is easy to clean and looks pristine for long
  • The 2.6-gallon holding tank isn’t as spacious as some others we’ve looked at but still does a great job
  • It uses less than a pint per flush, helping save on water
  • A convenient easy view prismatic tank level indicator proves to be very handy


  • The flush is powerful but loud, such that it could wake others up when used at night
  • Its pour spout has a small diameter that makes emptying solid waste a bit of a challenge 

First Impression: yet to find the portable toilet you want for the trip ahead? Well then, why not try this Dometic high-strength toilet that can take on the punishing outdoors environment.

But the solid material and sturdy construction aren’t all this toilet got going for it, as it also comes with such comfy features as a full-sized seat for convenience and a great deal of comfort when in use. For ease of use, you have an easy push-button flush design that makes clearing the bowl instant and effortless.

It also has a prismatic tank level indicator that lets you monitor the level of the water without having to open the compartment or go on guesswork. The ABS material on this toilet also makes it easy to clean, which is a great plus when it’s time to empty and clean the holding compartment.

A latching lid offers security when this toilet is in use or transit, not to mention that it also does a great job at keeping the contents in so you won’t have to worry about unfortunate leaks. A long and pivoting discharging spout also goes a long way to save you any mess when cleaning your toilet. 

Hike Crew Outdoor Camping Toilet


  • An integrated vent for releasing any built-up pressure
  • It has a reliable level indicator for easy monitoring of the waste level
  • The spacious tank allows for up to 50 flushes in between maintenance
  • A double-sealed valve prevents any leaks and keeps the odors in
  • Secure clamps and latches make connecting both compartments easy and solid


  • The seat is round and pretty small for adults
  • It’s a tad hefty at 12 pounds, but for the solid build, it’s worth the extra weight 

First Impression: If you want to spend more time on fun than doing maintenance (and you should) then get this 5.3-gallon toilet and the frequency to empty it becomes few and far in between.

The waste holding tank is impressive, and so is the freshwater one, which boasts a 2.6 capacity that allows you to use your toilet for longer before the next refill. Then there’s the solid constriction, which is where the high-density polyethylene material and sturdy build come in, making this toilet both durable and strong enough to support up to 441 pounds.

Side latches offer a secure connection of the top and bottom compartments, and then it has a sturdy seat design that feels pretty much the same as your home toilet. To keep the environment around your toilet as clean as it gets, you have a solid seal design that keeps odors in and prevents any potential leaks, especially when moving the toilet around.

A powerful flush function goes the distance to make the use of your toilet super easy, thanks to a robust piston 3-directional T-type flush design. When emptying the waste tank, you have a rotating emptying tube that makes the task straightforward.

Camco Premium Portable Travel Toilet


  • The holding tank features a slick finish for easy cleaning
  • It’s pretty spacious with 5.3 gallons capacity
  • An easy flush action makes easy work of rinsing the bowl
  • A spring-loaded latch design makes it easy to detach or reattach both sections
  • The toilet lid also has a latch that you can close for safe transportation


  • Some issues with leakage, ensure both top and bottom compartments are perfectly aligned to prevent any leakages

First Impression: If you’re yet to find that portable toilet that best suits your outdoor needs, then this Camco premium travel toilet is for you. It lives up to its name with a hoard of awesome features that will bring all the convenience you need into your trip.

First, and of course, the most obvious one is the roomy 5.3-gallon waste tank, which makes maintenance less frequent. A tight seal between both compartments firmly keeps odors from leaking out and ensures the waste stays in place.

A pump flush construction effectively rinses the bowl after use, keeping it clean and free of odors, not forgetting, it uses the bellows-type flush, which is very convenient at getting the job done.

The unit is made of a lasting ABS resin material, making it strong enough to withstand a considerable amount of weight and last for seasons. Both compartments are connected with a spring-loaded latch that makes it easy to detach and automatically attach.

Larger bowl size is a much welcome addition that helps prevent it from filling up fast when in use. The whole unit measures 12” by 16.25” by 17.5” and weighs 11.5 pounds, making it easy to transport, and takes up less space when in use or storage.

My Top Picks

Best Overall — Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp

Why: A glance at this portable toilet reveals why it’s my best overall choice, and one of the best options out there. The sleek, modern design gives it a classy touch, but the one thing that gives it the edge is the powered flush, and of course, the overall performance doesn’t disappoint.  

Most Popular — Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

Why: With a stout build, this toilet can support up to 300 pounds, making it perfect for both adults and kids alike. Besides, it boasts a wide seat for comfort and accommodating larger users as well. Then the large fresh and wastewater tanks make it obvious why it is such a mainstay for most outdoor lovers.

Best Pistol Flush — SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet

Why: The Piston Flush on the SereneLife portable toilet sets shoulder-high above the competition, thanks to its impressive performance. What’s more, it’s super easy to use. With this unique function, you never have to worry about any nasty streaks sticking around on the bowl. 

Questions And Answers

Question: Where can I use a portable toilet?

Answer: This will depend on your preference. These toilets are built for just about any outdoor activity, from camping to hiking, trucking, and even on the open seas. Just make sure to get a toilet that ensures a secure connection so you won’t have to worry about leaks or odors and you can enjoy a great deal of convenience wherever you go.

Question: Will my portable toilet spill the waste if it topples over?

Answer: Luckily, that’s very unlikely. With an airtight seal between the compartments, you can bet a well-built potty will keep the waste in even if you have to slam on the brakes and it goes flying across the back of your RV. The same goes for the odors, a nice tight seal keeps the odors in for a better toilet experience whether on the move or at the campsite.

Question: How much weight can these toilets withstand?

Answer: That will depend on the quality of the construction. Some toilets can take on up to over 400 pounds, others can’t stand such high capacity. If you are a large person, be sure to check the weight capacity closely to figure out whether the unit will be a great fit for you.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • After taking the unit apart to dispose of the waste, always make sure to align both compartments perfectly to prevent any odors escaping, or in the worst-case scenario, any leaks. Any or both of these could happen with a faulty toilet.
  • The best way to stay on the safe side is to ensure you seal everything tightly and check to ensure both compartments are aligned.

What To Look For When Buying

The flush mechanism

It’s the one feature that will make rinsing the bowl a snap for you, so you can’t afford to get it wrong. “But any flush toilet should have this spec, that isn’t supposed to be a big deal, is it?” Well, here’s the catch, as much as a flush will give you that extra bit of convenience, there are still several aspects that you have to be keen on.

It shouldn’t be too loud (you don’t want to wake up the whole campsite after using the toilet late at night), and it should dispense just the right amount of water. Some toilets rinse the bowl perfectly but run through the water reserves too fast, others go slow on the water, but lack enough pressure to clean up everything. Additionally, some mechanisms are too hard to use, especially for kids.

Toilet height

This could be the last thing you will think of when checking out the different toilets. However, it’s just as crucial as any other feature. A good portable toilet should be just the right height, for several reasons.

If it’s too short, it will be a pain to sit on or stand up, more so for users with arthritis or knee problems. On the other hand, if it’s too tall, it might get a bit “tippy” and you don’t want that since these toilets are rarely secured to the ground. So yeah, keep a close look at the height too.

Water and waste compartment capacity

These two often go hand in hand. After all, you’re not in the outdoors to do constant maintenance on your toilet, you’ve come all this way to have fun. So, a toilet that you can fill up and use for a considerable amount of time before you need to refill or empty the waste can be a much welcome convenience.

This boils down to the size of the tanks, and often, the larger the better. But, there’s a catch! Larger tanks might also mean the unit will be heavier, and especially with the waste compartment, you might have a real hassle to empty it with all the weight, choose wisely here.

Seat and bowl size

Here are the other two features you can’t turn a blind eye to. Toilets with a small bowl are most likely to fill up real fast, and you will have a hard time trying not to get the piling waste on your butt, or wiping yourself off without getting urine on your hands (ladies who have used toilets with small bowls can know the struggle). Also, if the seat is too small, you won’t be comfortable, especially for the men.

Special Mention

One that I use currently on all my camping and outdoor car trips is the very good Thetford Porta Potti 345 I have owned this toilet for around 5 years and it is simple to operate has no real intricate moving parts that can go faulty.

It deserves my special mention because of the convenience it provides and the overall good quality build. Click on the image below to go to the Amazon page for more information.


Your hunt for just the right camping portable toilet might have been a long and drawn-out one, but with the awesome options I have shared on this post, I believe it has finally come to an end. You don’t have to compromise your outdoor fun for a hard time trying to find a place to relieve yourself.

Neither do you need to make do with an improvised pit nor have to settle for public facilities, which might not always be available or within easy reach.

Go right ahead and grab your ideal portable toilet, and take on the road with confidence. You deserve the best camping experience, and these toilets will help provide just that!

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