Portal Oversized Camping Chair Review

This Portal oversized camping chair promises to be a strong stable and durable chair, offering the same great features of many good quality camp chairs it’s construction allows great support for bigger guys and gals. 

More than that, it also offers a few extra features that are sure to add to the convenience and enjoyment of your camping trip regardless of your destination.

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PORTAL Oversized Camping Director’s Chair

Some Key Features


The dimensions of the Portal XXL director’s chair are quite big measuring 18.1 x 27.6 x 36.6 inches. This is to be expected given its promise to the big guy. In fact, you can probably sit more than one person on it if they manage to squeeze in.

With that huge width, you won’t have to worry about feeling cramped or pressed against the seat. This spacious comfort extends equally across the entire seat so you are free to spread out your entire body and just relax.


To honor the promise of being able to support whatever you can throw at it, the Portal XXL Director’s chair comes with a strong frame. This frame is made from high-quality 25mm steel pipes. 

The entire frame has been powder coated to prevent the chair from rusting and breaking from the elements. This means this chair is made to last for a very long time. 

On the bottom of the frame, you even have footpads to add some extra grip. This also prevents the chair from scratching anything up on the floor.

Weight Capacity 

For its weight capacity, the chair lives up to its promise of being a chair for big people. It has a maximum capacity of 600 pounds, about double what normal camping chairs have. 

Many users weighing over 300 pounds have said that they found no issues with the chair showing that this is more than an empty boast. 

However, this comes at a cost as the chair itself is very heavy. At almost 19 pounds this chair is going to be heavy to carry, However, it will normally be used in car camping situations on in an RV


Despite its large size, the chair is made to be portable. This is done by folding up the chair which should be no problem for you. The process is quick and just involves pushing the two sides together to form a tight bundle.

Once it is folded, the chair has now been reduced to a size measuring about 37.4 x 15.7 x 11.8 inches in all. This is still pretty tall and might be an issue with storing and carrying it. Because of its large size, it also means that the chair doesn’t come with a carrying bag.


On the sides of the director chair, you have some armrests built into this. These extend out from the chair frame. These can also serve as a way to carry them when you’ve folded the chair up.

These armrests have a round shape which may make it a bit difficult to balance on though. On the other hand, they come with a tube of padding which can prevent the armrests from getting too hot from the sun. They can also give more grip when you rest your arms on them.

Side table 

With the heavy-duty director’s chair, you don’t just get the chair itself but also a built-in side table. This table is normally left folded in the side but when you want to use it, you can just pull it out and lock it out.

This table is about the same level as the seat and offers plenty of space for you to use. You can keep anything from snacks to a tablet on it. You even had a cup holder in the corner that can carry both bottles and even cups.


The Portal XXL Directors chair is made for the comfort of big people and this shows in its seat. The seat is also made from 600d polyester which is a high-quality fabric. This makes the chair flexible and resistant to tearing.

This has been stretched out over a wide frame to give ample space for you to spread out. When you sit down, you really sink into the chair. This is because there is nothing underneath so you don’t have to worry about hard parts at the bottom.

A Few Of The Benefits

Between the heavy-duty frame and the powder-coated finishing, you are ensured that this chair will last a long time. This smart-looking director’s chair won’t break down from your weight and definitely not from the elements.

Its wide seat means that the Portal XXL is not just strong, but also comfortable. Now you won’t have to worry about lacking space because its extra-wide design gives more than enough.

The seat itself is made from high-quality polyester which is both flexible and resistant to tearing. There’s nothing underneath either so you can just sink into it without feeling anything poking against you. 

Besides just the seat, you also have an equally wide backrest that is flexible and strong. This means you can just lean back against it and relax on its cushioning surface. 

Overall the weight capacity is a whopping 600 pounds, which means it can take just about anyone. If you make the space, you can even let two people relax on it.

On the side of this heavy-duty chair, you have a sliding side table that can be pulled out at a moment’s notice. You can hold anything from your books to your meals.

It even comes with a cup holder for your drinks. There you can place whatever glass or can without worrying about spilling. It is even designed so that it can hold your mugs as well.

You can also enjoy the two solid armrests built into the seat. They have even padded to allow you to offer some cushioning for you. These are sure to let you immerse yourself into the seat.

The padding serves not only to let you enjoy the armrests more but also serves other purposes. Things like giving some extra friction so your hands won’t slide off and to prevent the metal from heating up.

Of course when it’s time to go you can easily pack up the seat. This is done by pulling the seat up to compress the frame into a smaller bundle. From there you can easily just carry it off.


  • Good size
  • Strong frame
  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Quality products
  • Comes with a side table
  • Comfortable seat and back
  • Good ventilation


  • Heavy to carry
  • Somewhat awkward shape when packed up

Quick Specs

Style:Directors Chair
Dimensions Open: 18.1 x 27.6 x 36.6 inches
Dimensions Closed: 37.4 x 15.7 x 11.8 inches
Weight:18.90 pounds
Capacity:600 pounds
Product Materials:Steel and Polyester 
Portable and Foldable:Yes
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Questions and Answers

Question: Does the chair come with ventilation?

Answer: Yes, while the chair doesn’t have a mesh lining, it does have an open-air back and arm rests which can allow air to flow freely.

Question: Can the chair hold more than one person on it?

Answer: Yes, if they manage to make room the chair could hold other people as well. For example, reviewers have said they were able to squeeze in with their kids or grandkids.

Question: Do you need any tools to set up the chair?

Answer: No, the chair doesn’t require any special tools or even assembly. Everything can be done by hand.

Here’s A Tip or Two

  • Thanks to the bars used at the bottom of the frame, the chair will have an easier time on uneven ground so you won’t need to worry about finding flat ground while you’re setting up.
  • When it’s time to pack up and fold the chair, use the side of the seat to fold it up. Just pull it up and the chair should compress.


The Portal XXL directors chair is a terrific spacious, strong, and comfortable chair for the bigger guys and gals among us. However, it’s a great idea to do a comparison, so here is another great option if size and strength are important. It’s the very good Ozark Trail XXL Director Chair. It’s the image below.


In the end, it’s a good thing this chair is a director’s chair, between all the features and comforts it has you are sure to feel like a boss when you are using it. There aren’t too many issues with this strong and spacious chair so be sure to check it out thoroughly, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how good it is.

I hope you enjoyed this article and you may like to read my Best Heavy-Duty Camping chairs for more great information on some other very good chairs that are available to you.

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