Powerlix Sleeping Pad Review – Ultimate Ultralight Sleeping Pad

To enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep outdoors you need a piece of equipment such as this Powerlix Sleeping Pad. There’s a long list of features and factors that make a good sleeping pad even better.

So when buying you need to be keen on everything that matters, and that’s probably why you’re here, to try to make the right choice.

I will be taking an in-depth look at this product, through every area of what I think is important to help you make the best choice possiblechoose wisely. So, read to the end of this review to decide whether this is the sleeping pad for you.


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Powerlix Ultimate Inflatable Sleeping Mat

The Key Features

Durable sleeping pad

One thing you need to be very keen on as far as buying a sleeping pad has to be how lasting it can be despite constant use and exposure to the elements. Usually, this comes down to the construction of the item itself, but the material also plays a significant role here too.

Thankfully, with this sleeping pad made using a tough 75D nylon material, it is durable enough to last you long enough even when you use it often, and in rather unfavorable conditions. What’s more, with the material’s rip-stop capability, you can count on it to withstand some abuse from rocks and twigs in the outdoors.

Enough insulation

The whole idea behind getting a sleeping pad is sleeping in comfort and warmth to be able to achieve a soothing sleep through the night. This usually boils down to a sleeping pad’s R-value, as well as the construction of the item itself.

That’s where the thermal insulation of this sleeping pad plays a big role, as it is designed to keep you warm enough even on some considerably frigid nights. 

Patch kit included

No matter how careful you are, something could go wrong when you least expect it. Whether it’s a sharp tree stump or rock nipping your sleeping pad, if it becomes compromised, you could be facing a long night on a flat pad— every camper’s worst nightmare.

That’s why this sleeping pad comes equipped with a patch kit, which can come in real handy if such a thing happens. You will be ready to do that quick fix and have your sleeping pad ready for the night.

Another great option and one that has worked for me in the past is to take a good strong groundsheet if possible, this will go a long way in keeping your pad in a good condition.

It’s also waterproof

As much as your sleeping pad might be warm and comfy, if you get wet, this performance could be compromised, and still have to put up with unnecessary cold through the night. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case as long as you have a sleeping pad that can keep you protected from the moist ground below.

And that’s exactly what this sleeping pad is designed to do, with a 100-percent waterproof construction that goes the distance to keep you dry especially when camping in an area with moist ground. And you will be grateful to stay so, especially on cold nights.

Great for comfort

Of course, comfort is one of the factors that largely play a part when it comes to sleeping pads. A comfortable pad allows you to wake up the next day rejuvenated, and free of any neck or back pains. But this isn’t so easy to find unless the item is designed with your need for that cushy support in mind.

Not to worry, this sleeping pad takes care of that too, thanks to its revolutionary hexagon design that packs in a body-mapping technology for great support and contour of all your crucial body sections.

No-leak valve

Since sleeping pads work by keeping the air inside, it’s the valve that you need to be very keen on. This becomes crucial since, without air, the item won’t be any good for you, so it mustn’t lose air at night. And this comes down to the valve.

With this necessity in mind, this sleeping pad comes with a no-leak air valve that helps ensure you don’t have to worry about your sleeping pad going flat in the middle of the night and compromising your overall comfort and insulation.

Easy to inflate and deflate

Unlike when using a sleeping bag or a sleeping mat that only need to be rolled out and you’re ready for the night, you need to inflate your sleeping pad before you can get to enjoy the cozy warmth and comfort that it offers.

It’s hard with a sleeping pad that is a hustle to inflate, but with the dual-action air valve that this sleeping pad comes with, the inflation and deflation don’t have to be a challenge you can inflate it in next to no time and settle down for the night.

Powerlix inflatable Sleeping mat - a tent on a hill

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

The storage bag that comes with this sleeping pad is not only robust enough but also very waterproof, helping keep everything inside dry on rainy days.

With the sleeping pad itself lightweight enough and folding up to a nice compact unit, transporting and storing it becomes super easy.

Thanks to the 2 repair kits that come with this sleeping pad, you can easily patch up any leaks and get down to enjoying great night comfort.

And with the inflating bag that comes with this item, inflation becomes even easier and faster, and without having to struggle to blow up your pad.

Besides, the inflation bag can also be used as a pillow or a waterproof carry bag, or a laundry bag; you get more options with this pad even when you’re not using it for sleeping, especially during the day

Hexagon air cells design delivers ergonomic support for ultimate comfort that keeps your vital body parts protected from bumps and rocks on the ground.

Built for versatility, this pad can work just fine virtually anywhere; whether for camping, hiking, backpacking, and even other outdoor adventures, it goes with you.

At only 1.32 lbs, this lightweight sleeping pad becomes super easy to carry with you just about anywhere, even on hiking trips where you want to go light.

Everything fits nicely inside the included inflation bag, which allows you to pack up with ease and not have to get an extra carry bag separately.

Thanks to the waterproof construction of this sleeping pad, if you dont have your favorite tent or other shelter it will still perform nicely if your caught out.

Quick Specs

  1. r-value: 1.6
  2. Material: 75D nylon
  3. 3. Hexagon Aircell interior design
  4. 4. Dual-action valve for inflation and deflation
  5. 5. Inflation bag included
  6. 6. 2 repair kits also included
  7. 7. Weight: 1.321 lbs
  8. 8. Quiet in use
  9. 9. Waterproof design
  10. 10.  Internal thermal insulation


  • It is very compact and lightweight      
  • Easy to inflate and deflate with the inflation bag      
  • A sturdy valve helps keep the air in even with weight on       
  • Waterproof design ensures you stay dry      
  • It’s pretty quiet when in use, doesn’t wake you up every time you turn


  • The r-value is a bit low
  • You still have to blow into the inflation bag to inflate the pad

Questions and Answers

Question: What is the r-value of this sleeping pad?

Answer: This item has an r-value of 1.6, which is not as high as most other sleeping pads out there, but it still does a great job as far as keeping you warm in different night conditions. The construction of the pad itself gives it the advantage as far as cushioning and insulation goes.

Question: Is it very noisy when in use?

 Answer: Luckily, this sleeping pad isn’t noisy. It does produce some noise when you toss and turn on it, but it isn’t loud enough to wake you up or keep you from falling asleep. It will probably be just about as loud as your sleeping bag is, hardly noticable.

Here Is A Tip Or Two

  • Although this sleeping pad is a bit of a toughie, it’s still wise to keep it protected from rocks and other hazards on the ground. Using a tarp beneath it, or using it only inside the tent could help keep it safe and thus serving you for longer.
  • Also, having something as a microfabric towel underneath it could help keep it in place, and quiet it down a bit as well as offer that extra bit of protection from condensation.
  • There haven’t been any claims that this item has any odor, but it’s still a good idea to order it early enough before your trip so you can give it some time to air out. And while at it, make a point of inflating it and leaving it inflated to see if it has any leaks.


Shopping for a nice sleeping pad? Then this POWERLIX Sleeping Pad could be a great choice to go for. It is comfortable, easy to inflate and deflate, easy to transport as well as store.

It does an impressive job at keeping you warm, not to mention that it’s waterproof, which is a big plus. So I think it proves to be one sleeping pad that has virtually everything you need.

If you have any more questions about the POWERLIX Sleeping Pad, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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