Queen Size Air Mattress – Etekcity Quality and Comfort

Not many of the mattresses in this tier beat the Queen Size Air Mattress – Etecity, and this one ranks high with a fair share of good reasons. It is durable, comfortable, and easy to set up, and above all, it is every bit as tough too. This mattress will solve a lot of problems with sleeping arrangements.

If you are setting out on the quest to get the ideal mattress for guests when they visit, plus a bed that will travel with you on your next getaway, outdoor adventure, or camping holiday, then keep reading to find out why this could be the one for you.

The Key Features.

High design

If you want a bed that you can sit or lie on without straining your back or the legs, then this is it. The design is what puts this bed a notch above the competition, giving you all-night comfort. Besides, standing at a height of around 22-inches, getting on and off the bed is always super easy. Other air beds are not so high but still very good, check out the Alps Mountaineering Air Bed for a lower bed.

Special Inner Construction

Comfort can’t get better than when you have a mattress that is as stable as it is comfortable. Well, this construction makes the Etekcity Camping Air Mattress capable of supporting up to 650 pounds. But there’s still more, as it also comes with unique wave veins for supporting all your body without the concern about stress points.


What’s more exciting about this mattress is its airtight design. For a tight feel and reduced squeaking, its seamless assembly helps prevent an air leak, which earns it more reliability. The same can be said for the edges too, which are built with a unique, sturdy design that makes the bed super strong on the edges too.

Electric and Manual Pump

Setting up your bed is crucial, and having an easy time with the process is the best you can ever hope for. This one is built to give you the convenience you need to pull that off. Hence, it comes with an inbuilt electric pump for a fast, easy inflation or deflation of your bed. And if your camping or outdoors and you don’t have a generator or a power outlet, there’s an Etekcity rechargeable Mattress Pump for getting the job done.

 Nontoxic Material

The other great thing about this mattress is the safety it offers for your health, thanks to the robust, yet nontoxic PVC material. This material not only makes the mattress durable, but it also ensures you don’t trade in your health for your comfort.

Rib-Like Structure

Besides, this mattress also comes with a rib-like structure that makes it great for bed sheets. It features some impressive rib-like structure, which keeps any sheets you fit on it stay on.


This is one of the key things to look for when shopping for a mattress for on-the-go use. What makes Etekcity air mattress queen one of the best options is the ease of use and transport it comes with. You can easily fold it up and pack it in an included carry bag and transport it in the car like a backpack.


Keep in mind that it’s best to use this category of mattresses occasionally. And this means storing it once you are not using it. Well, this one makes that one a snap too, as it is an ideal space saver. Despite being a queen size bed, you can easily deflate it and tuck it away for future use, without having to sacrifice much space in the house.

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Product?

A double high design ensures a soothing, comfortable night sleep without any risk of strain on your body. This can be very relaxing after a long day hiking the countryside or mountain climbing. It also assists in getting into and out of the bed.

Its seamless Construction keeps the bed sturdy enough to take on some considerable weight, even for two. It even proves essential in keeping the edges solid, preventing any possibility that you might roll off at night.

Electric and manual pump functions bring onboard the much-needed convenience. Whether you are using your bed at home or out in the wild, inflating it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable task.

A simple manual rechargeable pump will have this bed inflated in just a couple of minutes, very convenient.

The nontoxic PVC material further makes this bed both comfortable and stable. But it all comes without posing any compromise to your health. This is a major concern for a lot of people and good health is paramount.

Portability is also something worth a hard look in this bed. Weighing about 7.6 lbs, this mattress won’t add much weight to your luggage. And considering the comfort, it’s worth it. Lightweight and compact mean less load to carry.

Easy storage is something virtually anyone would look for in any portable mattress. With the ability to fold it up and stack it away in its carry bag, storing and transporting this one is always a breeze. Just store in a dry place till next time.

Warranty 2-year warranty and lifetime support from Etekcity gives us real peace of mind and makes our sleep even more sound on this quality air bed. Always be sure to check any warranty at point of purchase.

Here Is A Tip Or Two

  • Always place a groundsheet under the mattress for extra protection.
  • Stick by the weight limits for lasting service.
  • All Airbeds lose firmness when new, after a couple of uses it should maintain the correct pressure.
  • Protect the air opening from lint, hair and other debris.
  • Never try opening the pump casing; you risk both electric shock and damaging it.


  1. An extra-thick surface for durability.
  2. Automatic and manual pump functions for convenience.
  3. Several-layer construction makes it more stable.
  4. Water-resistant top.
  5. Great at holding air
  6. The edge support is incredible
  7. Skid-free base keeps the bed from moving across the floor
  8. It also comes with a repair kit that you might need in the future


  1. It lacks an automatic pump that would be great at keeping the firmness constant through the night.  

Our Overall Opinion

Nothing quite beats the efficiency and comfort that comes with having the right mattress for a night out in the wild. And it becomes apparent that Etekcity Air Mattress is one of the top options to go for. It is convenient, easy to use and carry around as well as storing it. Above all, it is large and robust enough but still comfortable enough to gain quite a high review for us.

Better yet, it all comes with a considerably ideal price, so you don’t have to break the bank to land this fantastic mattress into your equipment pool. We went far and wide to bring you a well-rounded overview of what this mattress has in store for you. But why take our word for it? You can proceed with confidence and click that buy button. Outdoor camping can’t get better!

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If you have any more questions about the Queen Size Air Mattress, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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6 thoughts on “Queen Size Air Mattress – Etekcity Quality and Comfort”

  1. I would like to have this one. It could perfectly do as a guest bed in our guestroom.

    When there are no guests it doesn’t take any space and when needed it’s ready without much hassle.

    I like the price too for that it has a in built pump and is very high and durable.

    Only for camping I think it’s a bit too high and heavy. I would be afraid that my girl would want to take it in the water to play and that could get a bit dangerous due to the huge size to get lost under.

    • Hi Stefan, this air bed from Eteckcity would be perfect as a guest bed, and yes it is durable and compact. I don’t know if it would be safe in water.

      All the best, thanks for the comment, Shane.

  2. Thanks Shane for this wonderful review. The one thing i find most interesting about this Etekcity Air Mattress is the skid free base it comes with. In my previous experiences with air mattresses, this has always been the biggest issue so i gave up on them but reading this now, i think i might just give this a try. It really looks impressive and i hope to own one soon. Thanks again Shane for bringing this my way, cheers.

    • Hi Samson, thanks for your comments, yes the skid resistant base is a nice feature, but don’t forget a good groundsheet under the bed if your camping out in case of sharp sticks and other objects on the ground.

      Hope you enjoy, thanks Shane.

  3. Well Detailed review of Queen Size Air Mattress – Etekcity Quality and Comfort. Like you said, it is not easy purchasing a product from a wide range of similar products especially when there’s money and one needs true quality.

    This one looks enticing to me considering the highly rated features, the pros over the cons too. I think I also love the design.

    • Hi Barry, it’s very wise to do your research before purchasing any product , the design is great and the Etekcity company produce many quality products.

      Thanks for your comment, Shane.


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