Redcamp Aluminum Folding Table

Come join us and take a look at the exciting Redcamp aluminum folding table, it’s strong, an ideal size, and most importantly, lightweight enough to tote along on virtually any camping, fishing, or outdoor adventure.

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When setting out on a camping trip, there are some must-have essentials that you just can’t afford to leave behind and a good quality table is one such item.

Let’s find out why Redcamp table may be the one you’ve been looking for, does it give you the solutions to your table needs at your campsite and is the asking price the right price.


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Redcamp aluminum folding table


The Key Features

Built with strong materials

The materials come in as the first thing you should be keen on when shopping for any camping table. The worst that can ever happen is getting a table that isn’t built to withstand the unpredictable outdoors.

And while this one is no exception, it’s built with just the right material to not only stand the rough outdoors but also ideal if you are out to get a durable table with a long usable lifespan.

To begin with, the tabletop features a robust medium density fiberboard, as well as an upgrade-aluminum alloy. Besides being waterproof and resistant to stain, these materials are also super lightweight and very lasting.

Aluminum is a very robust product and will add to the longevity of this little table. It is also available in 2 sizes.

Adjustable height

The height always counts when it comes to considering which table to select for your needs. Too high, and it might not be ideal to use with most types of chairs, too low, and you might have a hard time using it comfortably.

Thankfully, the issue of height is one less thing you will ever have to worry about with this table. It’s easy to use this as a side table with any chair depending on your needs.

The adjustable height lets you set the 3 ft table at a full height of 27.6 inches which also allows you to sit on the stool and have your knees under the table. The second setting is at 15 inches or the low height, this would be an ideal height to be off the ground while sitting on a blanket or on the grass having a picnic.

It is also important to note that the 4-foot version comes with 4 stools which will make it more suitable to a small family.

Easy to carry

Portability is yet another thing you can’t afford to overlook when shopping for any table that you intend on using for outdoor purposes. It wouldn’t be a good idea to bring along a table that’s built for heavy-duty use but feels like you are carrying the whole world on your shoulders. 

Weighing only 12 pounds it shouldn’t be too difficult for most of us to carry along, particularly as most times we will be in the car  As it folds up to a nice little package that won’t take up too much space, you can take it with you just about anywhere.

As a folding table, you can know that this one is going to be a breeze to carry around, but that’s not all there is, being portable and lightweight also makes it very convenient and something we can enjoy on multiple occasions.

Enough room for your needs

It might be sturdy, durable, and easy to carry around, but if the camping table you go for doesn’t offer sufficient space, then it still won’t fit the bill.

You need a table that will have sufficient room for different uses, which is one thing this table does best, its suitability in size is enhanced by the fact it is available in 2 sizes

Measuring 35.4’’ by 23.6’’ by 15’’/27.6” when unfolded up, it offers sufficient room to do a wide variety of activities from playing cards or having dinner together under the stars just to mention but a few.

Enough area for a small stove or mini cooker to boil water for a coffee. The larger 4-foot design measures 47.2 in x 23.6 in x 22 inches set on low and 27 inches set on high.

It’s very versatile too

It’s one of those things every outdoor person would have their eyes on when looking for that ideal camping table. If it can do more than just cater to your needs around the campsite, then it will be worth considering further.

Thanks to its combination of the ideal design, sturdy construction, and a lightweight make.

These make it an impressive choice for different purposes such as having a picnic, fishing, outdoor concerts, on the beach as well as tailgate parties, and of course, for camping too.

This would be an ideal table for inside the family tent as a side table or game table, that’s what gives the Redcamp table a whole range of versatility.

Buy with confidence

No matter how well any table might be said to perform or how long it lasts, there’s always only one way to find out, and that is by using it yourself.

And the worst you can hope for is to put your money on the line, only to find out that you got the wrong table. This is where a warranty against faults will come in handy if the product fails or does not perform properly.

That’s one thing REDCAMP goes the extra mile to ensure you are covered and as such, besides having this table built with your outdoor needs in mind, the manufacturer also goes the distance to stand solidly behind their quality product.

With an unconditional 1-year warranty that ensures you have every reason to buy with confidence, this is a low-risk purchase.

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Product

Ease of transportation is among the most important things you need to look into when deciding which camping table is right for your needs.

That’s why this table comes in handy thanks to such features like the lightweight design, and sturdy, double handles that are designed to feel comfortable in your hands.

Performance is also definitely another crucial considerations that you can’t afford to get wrong when choosing a camping table.

And this holds true when it comes to the issue of how much the table can support, a factor in which this table pushes the limits with its ability to support up to 100 pounds.

Having some stools or chairs that come along with the table is always a much-welcome addition. This not only proves to be convenient, but it also helps cut the costs on your side.

You never have to worry about spending more down the road to get the chairs. Fortunately, this one comes with free stools, just one extra cool thing about it.

For ultimate stability, you need a table with just the right construction, which is another thing that makes this table stand out.

It all comes down to a U-shaped support tube on the frame, which strengthens the table and enables it to support stuff many times its own weight.

The set up is always another thing that keeps most people on edge when deciding which table to go for, as this can be a complicated task if the table isn’t built for easy setup.

Well, now you have another reason to breathe a sigh of relief as this table is also super easy to set up, and it comes with set up instructions located on the bottom of the table.

You will also find attached S hooks that let you hang some personal stuff as bags on the side of the table when relaxing, which is also a cool feature as it takes most stuff off your hands.


  1. The lightweight design makes it one of the easiest to carry with you on outdoor adventures.
  2. The set up is straightforward and super easy too, and the two adjustable height options will just blow you away.
  3. It comes with two stools, which means you never have to spend more down the line.
  4. With a tough, water and stain-resistant design, you can bet that you will be using this chair a good number of years down the line.
  5. Capable of supporting up to 100 lbs, it’s robust enough that you can use for just about any outdoor purpose.


  1. The chairs are quite short to use with the table, which might feel uncomfortable, especially for tall people.
  2. The fact is this is a lightweight setup for lightweight use and not something you would use for a full-on large family camping trip. 


The market has an endless sea of folding camping tables, why does this one come across as one of the most suitable options? Well, it’s all about the features, construction, and design of the table itself and this robust table has a lot going for it.

Now that you have found out the ins and outs of this table, you can make the right choice before putting your money on the line. Camping doesn’t get better than when you have the right equipment for the trip, and what better way to start your prep than with a table that has all it takes to transform your camping experience.

This is a lightweight table and chair set suitable for periodic use for all usual activities, it’s affordable and if looked after will last you many seasons. Get out there and grab it before leaving for your next weekend of camping, you’ll love it.

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