Redcamp Camping Chair Review

I recently had the chance to trial the Redcamp Camping Chair, sturdy and strong it’s built for heavy-duty use. If you require spacious comfort when lounging around the campfire take a look at this chair.

You don’t have to settle for a log, rock, or putting together a makeshift bench, bring your comfortable, chair along and enjoy a great time around the camp or when watching the starry night sky.

So it’s important to go the extra mile to find a chair that is not only great at comfort but also offers outstanding performance. Does this chair have what it takes to satisfy your needs? read on and by the end of this article, you will know.

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Redcamp Oversized Folding Camping Chairs for Adults

Some Key Features

Very stable construction

Stability is one of the most often overlooked features when campers are on the hunt for that ideal chair to bring along on their trip. But for the few who have ended up with a flimsy chair, the lesson is learned the hard way.

Thankfully, with this one, you might not have to worry very much about that, as it has an X-style frame that ensures outstanding performance when in use. This fastened frame construction guarantees a great balance for your chair, thus keeping it from toppling to the front, back or sides.

Heavy-duty capability

Another important aspect you have to factor in when deciding on which chair to go for is the performance you can get out of it. This includes, among many others, the amount of weight that your chair can take on, depending on your body weight, but more often than not, it should be able to support more than you weigh. 

Now, that’s where the impressive 330-pound capacity of this chair comes in, making it ideal for most average adults and youths alike. Thanks to the solid frame and fabric, you can count on this chair for its impressive performance, allowing you to lounge in the outdoors with confidence.

Built to last

Having a chair that can take on a serious amount of weight and offer the much-needed stability is one thing, but ensuring it can last you for a long time can be quite a whole different story. Not only does the build count here, but the material is also very pivotal if you are to get as much durability out of your chair as possible.

Not to worry, besides the impressive construction of this chair, the material it’s made of doesn’t disappoint either. Thanks to the alloy steel alloy construction, as well as a 600D Oxford fabric, you can count on its durability to last you through the seasons even when exposed to punishing outdoor conditions.

Optimal relaxation

Enough of performance, the other thing you need to be keen on before dishing out the money for your folding camp chair has to be the comfort. A camping chair should come in to give you convenience when outside, it ensures you won’t have to make do with a log or rock.

And that’s exactly what you get with this chair, as it offers a nice blend of luxury and convenience that you’d otherwise be hard-pressed to find while off the grid. With an outstanding 105-degree reclining back, you can enjoy a great deal of comfort when lounging in your chair. Whether you are enjoying the cool breeze at the beach or watching the stars above, this chair makes every moment worthwhile.

Great comfort

Of course, comfort is the other bit that makes a camping chair worth your money. As much as you want it strong, stable, and capable of supporting your weight, if it isn’t comfortable enough, it still won’t be as cool as it can get. Finding a chair that offers this extra touch goes a long way too.

With such features as the padded armrests, and a high back design offering up to 21 inches of back support, you can’t go wrong with this chair when it comes to comfort. This awesome design allows you to spend hours in it without ever having to worry about your back or hands becoming sore.

Convenient storage

With your comfort and support sorted, we can now turn to some of the tiny details that still make a difference. One of these is the storage for your handy items when having a great time in the outdoors. Having a comfy chair is great, but if you have to stand up and dash to the tent every time you need something, you might not be so comfortable after all.

Well, you don’t have to bear with all that, this chair got you covered with its inbuilt storage, where you can tuck in some of those important items like a suntan, some sun shades, a magazine, a phone or several books. A convenient storage pocket built into your chair takes care of that, and with a mesh pocket at the back, you have even more storage options.

It’s easy to use and carry

Before you can settle down to enjoy all the benefits that your chair has to offer, you will have to haul it to your destination and set it up. Things can get a smidge complicated here if your chair isn’t built for easy portability, and is similarly difficult to set up. Thus, it pays to have a chair that makes things easy for you both on the road and at the campsite.

An included carry bag makes it easy to transport your chair, but the best part is the folding design, which allows you to set it up and take it down easily and quickly. Although this chair can be a bit hefty at 11.4 pounds, with the compact folded design, and tucked nicely into the carry bag, you can hit the road with confidence.

What Are The Benefits Of This Chair

A double layer, wear-resistant 600D fabric is one of the most outstanding perks you can get with this chair, offering you impressive comfort and withstand outdoor conditions for seasons.

It also has a foldable cup holder, which is awesome for keeping your drinking close but without ever having to hold it all the time.

The arms are not just padded for comfort, they also boast a hard design that offers ideal comfort for your hands and further offers support for sitting in your chair and standing up.

For ultimate performance, the chair’s frame is built with a 22mm steel tube that can support a serious weight and still last for a long time.

Its folding design allows you to collapse it down from 27” by 27” by 37” to 7.5” by 11” by 40” for easier portability, especially considering you’ll have other gear on board too.

The compact folded design is also a great plus as it allows you to store your chair conveniently in limited space when you’re not using it. 

The convenient side bag is not just great for your small items; it also offers enough space to accommodate several of them in there.

Built with rotating feet that are very stable on varying terrains, this chair comes in handy for a variety of destinations like camping, hiking, fishing, and many other outdoor adventures.

What’s more, the seat height is quite sufficient at up to 17 inches, which makes this chair super easy to sit in or stand up.

And the seating area is just as impressive, as this chair has a generous 21-inch seat width, which offers enough space even for slightly built users to sit in comfort.

Quick Specs

Frame material:Alloy steel
Fabric material:Strong 600D Oxford
Dimensions Open:27” X 27” X 37”
Dimensions Closed:7.5” X 11” X 40”
Seat height:17”
Back height:21”
Weight:11.4 Pounds
Carry bag included:Yes
Storage pockets:Yes
Cup holder:Yes


  • Awesome arms for an unbeatable support
  • Sufficient seat height is easy to sit in and stand up
  • The seat width is also just as impressive
  • Comfortable reclining design for the ultimate luxury
  • Additional features as cup holder and storage pockets


  • The chair is a bit difficult to fit back into the bag; you will need a bit of fondling to get it back in there
  • At over 10 pounds, it’s a considerably hefty chair

Questions And Answers

Question: Is this chair good for the beach?

Answer: Yes, you can comfortably use this chair on the beach without having to worry about the legs sinking in the sand. The rotating duck feet are wide enough to keep the chair from sinking in sand or soft ground, which is a big plus for those who need a chair for a variety of outdoor adventures.

Question: Does it have any bar digging into the thighs?

Answer: This chair is comfortable in many aspects, and the ideal X-frame is one such awesome feature that makes it perfect for comfort. This design ensures you won’t have to deal with any bar digging into your thighs.

Here’s a Tip Or Two

As much as the rotating feet on this chair allow you to use it in different terrains, being careful with your chair is still very vital. You still should be keen when using it so as not to position it on a place with a significant gradient that might compromise the integrity of the frame.


From the spacious seating area to the X-frame design, the comfortable build, and convenience, this REDCAMP Oversized Folding Camping Chair got it all. If you’re on the hunt for a chair that wraps together comfort and convenience, then give this one a go and you won’t regret it.

I would have loved it even more if it were a slight bit more lightweight than it is, but for such a solid build, it’s definitely worth the weight. you can sit in it comfortably and never have to worry about any mishaps or embarrassing falls.

It’s a worthy addition to any serious camper’s arsenal. You should have it too. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any more questions please leave them in the comments section below and I will answer them asap. For more excellent chairs for your adventures read the Best Camping Chairs.

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