Redswing Folding Camping Table Review

This Redswing Folding Camping Table is a great outdoor table, it comes equipped with all the features and benefits you need to enjoy your camping trip. Portability, adjustability, and hanging hooks have all been added.

You need more than just tents and chairs when you go camping. You’ll also need a table to put your things on. Something like the 3 ft RedSwing folding camping table can work very well and make things at camp much easier. 

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RedSwing Aluminum Folding Table 3 Feet Adjustable Height

Some Key Features


In terms of size, the table is quite big, measuring 36 x 24 inches for its length and width. The height wasn’t placed because you can adjust the height thanks to its legs. 

At 3 feet long, you can easily seat around half a dozen people. This makes the chair really useful when you have picnics, BBQs, or just have some friends with you. 

It is worth noting that this table is not restricted to one size and we are reviewing the 3-foot long table specifically. Here is a brief rundown of the dimensions of the other tables. 

Assembled SizeFolded SizeShortest HeightLongest HeightWeight
47.2 x 23.6 inches23.6 x 23.6 x 2.7 inches22 inches27 inches11.7 pounds
23.6 x 15.7 inches15.7 x 11.8 x 2.6 inches10.2 inches19 inches5.5 pounds
24 x 16 inches16 x 12 x 3 inches19 inches27 inches5.5 pounds
24 x 24 inches24 x 12 x 2 inches10 inches27 inches7.2 pounds


The table’s frame is made of aluminum. This makes the table lightweight and easy to carry. While light, the RedSwing is also durable enough to survive the elements. 

Beyond just being strong, the legs are also versatile. The lower part of the chair can be slid inside the upper part. This lets you adjust the height of the chair thanks to a series of holes in the legs that let you slide and lock it in place.

Each leg has a pair of plastic slipcovers to prevent the chair from scratching or grinding against the ground.

Weight Capacity 

When camping, you’ll have a lot of stuff with you that you don’t want to just dump on the ground. To give you a place to put it the folding camp table comes with a weight capacity of 70 pounds. 

This should be strong enough for you to do a variety of things. You can leave your bags there or you use the table for cooking or eating.

Conversely, its weight capacity is about 8.6 pounds. This is very lightweight and is actually lighter than most chairs. This means you can carry this without much of a problem. 


Moving a table can be really hard, especially if you’re outside. Because of that, the RedSwing camp table tries to answer that by being portable.

You can easily fold up the table by sliding the legs under the table and then folding the table. This should reduce the size of the down to 23.6 x 23.6 x 2.7 inches.

While not small, this is still half its original size which can make it much easier for you. It even comes with a carrying handle that gives you a place to hold it.

Adjustable Height

There are times when you need your table to be taller or shorter. The table might be too short for the chairs you have or maybe you want the table a bit shorter. It’s for this reason that the camp table is height-adjustable.

This is done by pushing against the peg which locks the leg’s height which lets you move the seat back and forth. 

The legs can go as low as 15 inches, which is small enough to let you use it as a lap desk. You can also raise it as high as 28 inches, letting you use it much like a regular table.

Safety Locks

To ensure safety and that the table won’t close in on you while you’re using it, a series of locks have been installed.

The first one is found in the sides of the chair by the latches on the legs. You can lock and unlock them by pushing them together until they’re straight.

The second one is a lock found in the middle of the table right where it can be closed up. This locks the table in place once it’s unfolded. 

Artificial Wood

Instead of being made of organic wood, the material used for the RedSwing camping table is artificial man-made wood. This adds some durability because you won’t have to deal with issues like the wood rotting or breaking down.

At the same time, this would also be much smoother offering a flat and even surface for you. This makes cleaning much easier too as you can wipe across the tabletop without much issue. 

Hanging Hooks

On either end of the table, you have a pair of holes where you can place hanging hooks. These can serve as extra storage for you.

These hooks come in the shape of an S and can be removed when you’re not using them so they don’t get in the way or when you are folding up the table. In total, you have four of them to use.

They can be used to hold your bags when you want to set them down without getting them dirty. 

Redswing Folding Camping Table

Some Benefits

At 3 feet long, the table is big enough for more than one person to use without being cramped. This means you can use the table for a family dinner or get together with all your friends and family. 

The aluminum frame strikes a good balance of being lightweight yet strong. This makes it ideal to have with you for outdoor outings where it can survive the elements without becoming a burden for you to carry around. 

It’s always safety first when you’re camping. Because of that, the folding camp table comes with multiple lock systems to ensure safety. These let you assemble the chair without the legs buckling or the middle folding up. 

With different situations come different heights. Using its retractable legs, you can adjust the height according to your needs. You can make it easier to use when you’re sitting down or when you need to clean it by lowering or raising the table.

There are even different tables available for you to use. These all fill a certain niche that you may need. The options range from small square tables for personal use or big wide tables for families.

Whatever table you get, you can be sure that all of them are strong. Each table can hold up to 70 pounds. That’s about everything you might have with you on a trip from your backpack to your cooking supplies.

You don’t have to place all of them on the tabletop. When you don’t want your stuff getting in the way, the table comes with a set of side hooks to hang your things. While doing so, you don’t have to just leave them on the floor.

Artificial wood of the RedSwing camp table also means you get none of the drawbacks of wood. You don’t have to worry about pests, weathering, or problems cleaning it.

Cleaning this also shouldn’t be much of a problem for you. Thanks to its artificial wood, the tabletop doesn’t retain water or stains from spills. You can run a rag through it and it will sweep all the dirt right off.

When you need to disassemble it, the table can easily be packed up. You can tuck its legs into the table and fold them together. This allows you to turn it into a square the size of a briefcase.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable height
  • Plenty of space
  • Comes with hanging hooks
  • Easy to clean
  • Different options in size and shape
  • Good weight capacity
  • Comes with locks


  • Might be a bit awkward to carry due to the size
  • The legs aren’t good on uneven ground

Quick Specs

Product Brand:RedSwing
Dimensions Open:36 x 24 inches
Dimensions Closed:24 x 18 x 3 inches
Weight:8.6 Pounds
Capacity:70 pounds
Product Materials:Aluminum and engineered wood
Portable and Foldable:Yes

Questions and Answers

Question: Does the table heat up in the sun?

No, the RedSwing camp table doesn’t hold heat since it is made of artificial wood instead of metal. This makes it less likely to heat up with the sun’s heat.

Question: Are there leg extensions available?

No, the high position of the legs is as high as they go. There are no devices available to extend them. 

Question: Can you place objects like hot pans on them?

That can be dangerous without placing it on. The heat from pans can be too strong which can warp the table.

Here’s a Tip or Two

If you do wanna cook on the camp table, be sure to have some sort of a heating pad or something to put it on.

Be careful with its claim of waterproof. While it is easy to clean up, it would be best to clean it up right away because you run the risk of letting the water warp your tabletop.


Looking for comparisons? then don’t go past this great little table from Coleman. It’s a very good very portable and very simple Coleman Folding Camping Table. Click on the image below for more info.


In the end, this is a true camping table not because it has plenty of features (though that doesn’t hurt.) It’s a great camping table because it gives you plenty of options. You can adjust the height to whatever you need and hold whatever supplies and bags you may have with you.

When you do have it, the table lets you do whatever you need from cooking, enjoying a meal, to just relaxing on it. All of this while letting your bags hang on the side of the table without ever letting them touch the floor.

If you have any more questions about the Redswing Folding Camping Table please leave them in the comment section below and I will return with an answer. You may like to read my Best Camping Tables post for further information and some great deals.

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