Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Chair with Cooler

A good chair such as this Rio Gear Ultimate backpack chair with cooler is without a doubt one of the most important additions to your equipment list.

It might not seem like it, but the lack of a chair could deal with your camping comfort a serious blow, especially if you are camping in an area without logs or rocks that you can make do with.

But why go through all the struggle while you could simply get yourself a good chair and enjoy life? There’s one catch though, finding that ideal chair is never that easy.

So if that’s what you are on the hunt for, then this post is for you. Keep reading to find out what this chair can bring to your outdoor adventure.

two reclining beach chairs

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Rio Gear Ultimate Chair With Cooler

The Key Features

Aluminum frame

As much as you need a chair that can make your life easier and more comfortable while out there, it doesn’t necessarily have to weigh you down. And nothing determines this aspect when it comes to chairs as the frame.

That’s why this one is built with a solid yet lightweight aluminum frame that makes it both robust and lightweight.

Besides, the aluminum frame is also considerably durable compared to other materials such as plastic, which gives this chair an additional advantage.

High capacity

The amount of weight that a chair can support also goes a long way to determining the convenience it can offer you. And in most cases, the higher the better, as this means the chair can be ideal for different individuals in your family.

Thankfully, that turns out to be one of the things this chair does a great job at. With the ability to support up to 240lbs, it is a solid chair that you can bet will support most medium-sized individuals as well as teens and kids.

It’s very flexible too

Ease of use is hands down one more reason to fall in love with just about any outdoor chair. While these chairs might be perceived as best for convenience, a little bit of comfort comes in handy too.

That’s why this one is designed to give you just that, thanks to its impressive flexibility that allows you to set it up at up to five unique positions, including a full recline.

So whether you want to just sit up and enjoy the breeze or lie down and watch the starry evening sky, this chair got you covered.

Insulated cooler for your drinks

A good outdoors chair isn’t just all about sitting down and relaxing from the day-long hike, sometimes a little more handy features go a long way too.

And what better to enjoy your time in the outdoors than with a chair that allows you to keep a few essentials within reach.

That’s the other bit that got our attention in this chair, as it comes with an insulated cooler that you can use for storing your favorite beverages closeby. you can enjoy a refreshing sip once in a while when basking under the sun.

An included headrest for more comfort

As far as comfort goes, the more the better, especially when it comes to this type of chair. And a headrest on a chair offers more than just comfort, it also helps prevent fatigue on your neck, which is a great thing too.

That’s why the headrest on this chair further makes it worth the money. you can enjoy a relaxed position without having to worry about those nasty needles on your neck after sitting in your chair for long.

Lace-up suspension

Being able to set the amount of comfort you can get out of your chair, and the more features designed for this purpose, the better.

Turns out, that’s the other bit that the manufacturers of this chair put into consideration, as it is also built with a lace-up suspension attached to its Textilene sling. This allows it to contour to your body, offering maximum comfort. 

Gear pockets

Keeping a few handy items close by is also crucial when having a good time outdoors. Such personal effects as your phone are better stored conveniently by your side while keeping your hands free.

That’s what the zippered pockets on this chair are designed for, allowing you to keep your hands free without having to leave those small yet important items in the cabin.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

Lots of storage options including a double compartment that carries the collapsible cooler along with a dry storage area located on the seatback.

The headrest is also removable, which is a big plus as it offers you that little flexibility to detach it when you don’t need to use it.

It’s a robust chair that can support up to 240 pounds, which is a great capacity that makes it an ideal chair for just about everyone in the family.

And it’s very lightweight, and compact enough, measuring only 20 inches by 15 inches by 15 inches when packed, so it’s easy to transport.

With a height of up to 11 inches off the ground, you can bet that sitting in this chair and standing up is super easy as well.

Then there’s a bar at the back of the seat that you can use as folding towel support, which is also very ideal since you don’t ever have to keep your towel on your lap at all times.

For the ultimate comfort during hot days, this chair’s fabric, which is made of Textilene, is well ventilated to keep you from sweating, which is yet another great addition right there.

Besides, the fabric is also washable, so if you want to keep your chair looking as clean and pristine as possible, then you can always wash it after every use.

Then there are the molded and cushioned armrests, which further add to the comfort that you get with this chair, not forgetting, these two are made of the breathable Textilene fabric.

When it’s time to break camp, this chair collapses into a backpack-style design that makes carrying it effortless and convenient.

What’s more, the shoulder straps add to the ease of transportation of your chair, as they are both padded as well as adjustable, offering you not only comfort but also flexibility.

The cooler holds up pretty well even during hot days, as it stays cool enough thus ensuring your bites and drinks stay ice cold. Besides, it’s quite spacious, capable of holding sufficient treats.

Quick Specs

  1. Rustproof aluminum frame
  2. Breathable polyester fabric
  3. 11 inches seat height
  4. Insulated cooler for beverages and snacks
  5. Dry storage for storage
  6. Adjustable, padded shoulder straps
  7. Backpack foldable design
  8. Up to five recline positions
  9. rear-access zippered carry pouch
  10. Weighs 1 Lb
  11. Capacity 240 lbs


  • Lots of storage options for your treats and other items
  • A rack for your towel, as well as a pouch for small items
  • Impressive recline for extra comfort
  • Breathable fabric on seat and armrests
  • The frame is made of rust-proof aluminum
  • It’s also very lightweight and packs small  


  • Unlocking the chair can be a bit difficult and takes some muscle to get done
  • Getting the locked chair on and off your back can be a bit challenging

Questions and Answers

Question: Where and when can I use this chair?

Answer: Basically, this chair is built for camping and hiking, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for other outdoor activities, especially since it is super portable.

Question: What is the full length when this chair is fully laid out?

Answer: There are several recline positions that you could select depending on your choice, but at full recline, the chair is 41 inches long.

Here’s a Tip or Two

When you decide to head further down the beach, just pack up your chair, then slide your towel between the folded seat and the back of the chair to carry it with ease while still saving space.

The chair is designed to lock in place in the frame once opened, make sure to get it to lock it for safety and to avoid any embarrassing accidents.


If you have been on the hunt for a chair that is lightweight enough and delivers the value for your money. Then you should consider giving this piece of gear a chance. It’s not just comfy, it’s luxurious, and convenient, too!

It’s also a chair designed for on-the-go use, so you can carry it with ease when it’s time to move camp or head home. And that’s not all, it also helps keep your hands free when lounging and enjoying the beauty of nature.

And another very important bit, the cooler lives up to its name, it stays cool even during some seriously hot days, which ensures that your treats stay frosty.

If you have any more questions about the Rio Gear Ultimate backpack chair with cooler, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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