Ropoda Pop Up Tent Review – Compact and convenient Privacy Tent

When deciding the right pop-up privacy tent to invest in, you need to look at this popular and highly rated Ropoda Pop Up Tent. We like the easy use, transport, and privacy it offers us.

These are just a few aspects to consider, you still have a whole lot to keep an eye on, and this review is here to help you understand every bit about this little privacy shelter so you can decide. Let’s get into it right away.

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Ropoda Pop Up Privacy Tent

The Key Features

Easy up, easy down

Pop-up tents are built for use on short notice, and thus it’s important to get a tent that you can set up or take down easily and fast. This makes it the perfect choice for on-the-go use. However, it comes down to several factors.

The pop-up design of this tent could be all you’d ever ask for when you need to set it up in no time. Just remove it from the carry bag, unfold it, and it pops right up, and no fuss no hassle, and no assembly or tools required.

Made of tough material

Granted that you need a tent that you can carry and use with ease, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for less when it comes to performance and durability. And one of the most pivotal factors here is the material of the tent, which could mean the difference between a robust, lasting privacy tent and a cheap knockoff.

One area I came to love about this nice little privacy shelter is the flexible poles made of steel, which allows the tent to retain its shape and structural integrity even after months of constant use.  And the fabric is by no means less impressive, thanks to its high-quality 170T polyester taffeta material, which makes it just as lasting.

Spacious interior

Although these shower tents are usually designed for use by just a single person, having a bit of room in there could make life easier for you. This is particularly important for plus-sized campers, but sometimes it makes sense to have a tent with some room especially when you have to help pre-teen kids to shower or use the potty.

Measuring up to 3.94 feet by 3.94 feet, this tent is generous when it comes to offering you enough space for comfortable movement inside. And with the height at up to 6.89 feet, it is high enough even for tall people to have an easy time taking a shower in there.

Adequate ventilation

Having an adequate amount of fresh air coming into your tent and the hot, humid air and odor inside getting out is the other aspect of this tent that could make taking a shower or any other activity in there less stressful. And it takes the right ventilation to achieve just that.

Well, that’s where the mosquito net at the top of this privacy tent is for, ensuring you can enjoy a refreshing bath in a well-ventilated environment, thus making your shower time a little more fun.

Removable roof

While taking a shower in a tent with a breath of fresh air feels like heaven, if the weather isn’t on your side, this could quickly turn out to be a nightmare. In such extremes, you still need to take a shower while being protected from extreme cold in case of a storm, or scorching sun if it’s in the mid-summer heat.

Not to worry, this tent has a removable roof on standby for that purpose, which also gives you that extra bit of flexibility to stay ahead of the ever-changing outdoor weather. Just draw it into place when you need it, or take it off if conditions are right, your choice!

Removable floor mat

Just as is the case with the roof, having a privacy tent with a removable floor could be a major leap into getting the flexibility you need as well as a great deal of convenience too. This will help keep the inside of your tent clean and allow you to drain the water easily after use.

And that’s exactly what the removable floor mat that this tent comes with does. Not only is it pretty easy to clip on into place, but it also ensures you don’t have to deal with any dirt when or after a shower, which can be a real struggle if the ground beneath your tent doesn’t have any cover such as grass.

Packs small once folded

While a spacious family tent can be every camper’s desire, if it doesn’t pack small enough once you take it down, then you will have a hard time on the trail, and no one wants to lug along with a bulky tent. Same as our other gear such as a pop-up privacy screen like the Ropoda keeping things compact makes a lot of sense.

 Turns out, the need for easy portability is also taken into consideration in the making of this tent, as it is designed to collapse into a nice little package that you can carry, store, or handle with ease. Measuring a meager 25.5 inches by 25.2 inches by 0.98 inches when folded, takes up minimal space in the trunk of your car, and carrying it becomes super easy.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

A mosquito netting on the roof doubles as ventilation while still keeping any crawlers or nasty stinging mosquitoes at bay so you can shower without having to watch out for them.

It also has a shower hole at the top where you can bring in a showerhead from outside the tent, which is a very handy feature.

With a side bag inside the tent walls, you will never have to worry about where to put your personal effects such as a phone, watch, wallet, or others.

There’s also a clothesline, which is a great touch too since you can use it for hanging your clothes or wet towels when needed.

For extra stability, this tent comes with up to 8 plastic studs that you can use to secure it more solidly especially if you are expecting heavy winds.

You will also get a hook that you’ll come to love when using this tent at night, as it allows you to hang a good lantern to illuminate the interior.

The high-quality polyester fabric on this tent is not only strong and lasting but also has a water-resistant silver coating that keeps it from soaking after every use or during rainy weather.

Also included in the package is a detailed instructions book, so if you have never used this kind of tent, this should help make it easier for you.

A large entry allows for easy entry and exit into this tent, and the ideal zipper closure helps keep your privacy at a maximum when you’re inside.

It’s also a versatile privacy tent that you can also use as a change room or a potty room, and even as water-resistant storage for some of your gear when camping.

Quick Specs

  1. Weight: 5 Pounds
  2. Diamensions Open: 6.89′ x 3.94′ x 3.94′
  3. Diamensions folded: 25.5′ x 25.2′ x 0.98′
  4. Pole Material: Flexible Steel
  5. Fabric: 170T Polyester Taffeta
  6. Carry Bag included
  7. Accessories include: clothesline, interior pocks, shower hanger, and light hook
  8. Removable Roof: Yes
  9. Removable Floor: Yes
  10. Water Resistant: Yes


  • It’s very roomy inside, with enough height for regular campers and tall ones too
  • Easy setup thanks to the pop-up design, no assembly or tools needed
  • Water-resistant and tough material offers ultimate privacy
  • Great ventilation with nice bug netting on top 
  • Removable floor and roof for flexibility and convenience


  • Would be great if this tent is sturdy, enough to support the shower bag hang inside
  • A hole for allowing in a portable showerhead in the bug netting compromises the effectiveness of the net as it can let in bugs

Questions And Answers

Question: How heavy is this tent with all the accessories?

Answer: Albeit being a compact little package, this tent weighs in at a hefty 5 pounds, which can be a bit inconvenient for long hikes such as when backpacking. However, for campers, and mostly car campers, this makes a perfect outdoor privacy shower tent/

Question: How can I attach the removable mat to the tent? 

Answer: Easy, the removable floor tent has loops on each corner, while the tent has bits that allow you to insert the loops through to secure the floor in place. It isn’t difficult to figure out or get it done, you should have it in place in no time. 

Here Is A Tip Or Two

Be careful when unfolding this tent, it pops up with a sudden release, a tad fast actually. You don’t want to be in its path as it unfolds, so make sure to keep a safe distance and stay safe.

 The showerhead hole at the mosquito net on top of the tent has a hole about 2 inches wide, which can let in mosquitoes and other bugs. If you are camping in a mosquito-infested area, make sure to seal it with tape or something, especially at night when you have the light inside the tent.


From beach camping to enjoying fun and adventure in the woods, hygiene is one thing you can’t trade-off for happy days. And such pieces of gear as this ROPODA Pop Up Privacy Tent save the day for those who want to take a quick shower here and there.

Besides, this tent could also double as a convenient potty room, or even as a side tent for any extra gear that doesn’t fit inside your main tent. And that’s not all, you can also use it for sports activities like a nice little handy change room.

The spacious interior, sufficient ventilation and lasting performance make it the go-to tent for the outdoors. I highly recommend checking it out and experiencing firsthand the fun that you can have with this one.

If you have any more questions about the Ropoda Pop Up Tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.     

Please Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.



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