RTIC Cooler 45 – Best Camping Cooler Reviews

If your about to spend some serious hard-earned money on a roto-molded cooler be sure to check out the RTIC Cooler 45 for your next outdoor adventure, take a look at our review here into a contender that will not only handle the task of keeping your food and drink cold for days it will also help you save some of  those dollars and put them back in your pocket.


The Features.


  • Outside Dimensions Approx – 26.5 x 15.5 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight – 25 Pounds
  • Holds Approx 36 x Cans
  • or Approx 40 lbs Of Ice
  • Holds 45 quarts


The Roto-Moulded construction and production techniques give a cooler that has a high impact resistance as well as a durable and long-lasting, almost indestructible body. The walls of the cooler are up to 3 inches in thickness so not only giving the cooler strength but smooth and reliable insulation.

The roto-molding process feeds a liquid molten plastic over a thick foam which sits in a mold and while rotating spreads evenly through the mold resulting in a product that is generally free from imperfections that will hold the cool air in while keeping the warm air out.

Durable Latches.

The latches on this cooler are designed using silicone rubber material that is suitable for use in all weather conditions. The material used to make the latch is also resistant to ultraviolet rays and suitable to use in saltwater environments.

The latch is also conveniently T-shaped so that it easily locks into the body of the cooler when required. Once it is locked in, there is no wiggling room left, due to the strong grip between the body and the latch, therefore ensuring that the cooler remains closed unless you open it.

Built-in Handles.

There are two types of handles that are fitted on the cooler, with the sole purpose of making it easier to handle. The first type of handles is the side handles. These handles are molded into the body of the cooler by design. This is to ensure that it is safe, easy, and convenient to carry.
The cooler, even when it is fully loaded is not to difficult to carry as there are also very high-quality ropes attached to the body of the cooler and act as the second type of handles. These ropes are comfortable to hold when carrying the cooler and allows for two people to share the load.

Specialized Feet.

The feet of this cooler are designed in a way that enables the cooler to hold its ground when it is loaded onto a truck or a boat. The feet are made of rubber material that firmly grips onto the surface where the cooler is placed. The other function of the rubber feet is to ensure that the cooler does not come in contact with hot floor surfaces.
They elevate the cooler so that there is space for air to move freely beneath the cooler for improved cooling ability.
This helps restrict the transfer of heat from the hot surface it sits on into the cooler reducing the performance of the cooler


Many of the coolers in the market today are difficult to open because of the design. With the use of freezer grade gasket seals creating an excellent vacuum, many people end up struggling to open the lids of their coolers. The latest model of the Rtic 45 has a lid with a small lip handle, specially designed to help with the opening.
This lip handle, allows you to place your fingers under the lid, which is simply an extension that goes past the edge of the cooler by 0.5 inches. This feature enables you to avoid having to pull upwards on the latches as many people do. The Lid also has a padlocking point on the two front corners for extra security and when used with two padlocks makes the cooler bear-proof.

Tie-Down Slots.

This is also another feature of the cooler that makes it stand out from the rest. These tie-down slots are molded into the frame of the cooler. This makes it a great choice, and a terrific feature when you need a cooler to stand still and stable in your truck or boat.
Because the tie-down slots are designed in a way that they are in both sides of the cooler, this makes them very effective, and once strapped down firmly to a deck or floor, the cooler will stay well anchored and immovable.


The new model has a rapid V-drain system which is two drains but features a larger drain hole in one end to assist in quicker removal of ice melt. The threaded drain spout featured on either end of the cooler makes the job of releasing excess ice melt very easily.

The threaded drain hole and bung plug allow for the bung to be easily screwed in and out as the need arises, and the thread also makes a strong and watertight seal so there is no chance of leaking water into your tent.

Traction Lid.

The RTIC Cooler has many valuable features, and another is the Traction lid, a non-slip surface that has many uses. Because it is quite strong the cooler can be used as a casting platform while fishing, always a good thing for a bit more height. A bench, a working surface for food preparation or filleting the prize.

Maybe you forgot your favorite camp chair, well free secure while using your cooler as a seat, a cutting surface, even as well as a tabletop. the features of this cooler are many and a wide variety of uses makes this item a very attractive piece of equipment in your arsenal.Beer bottles in ice

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect from This Cooler?

The RTIC 45 cooler holds 45 quarts as the model number suggests, which is a real benefit, as a number of the major brands have a model number which doesn’t correspond to the actual inside holding capacity.

In this instance, you get the size stated which means the area inside your cooler is truly what it says. This is the most popular model and will hold enough food and drink for two people for several days.

Roto-molded construction is simple enough but the resulting product is far more superior than the old style plastic or form coolers that sometimes didn’t make it through the first day. The construction techniques used in the making of these super coolers results in a high-quality heavy-duty ice chest that will be difficult to destroy.

We have a list of roto-Molded coolers in our article titled Best Coolers for Camping check them out here.

Because they are made so strong, and from a product that is high impact resistant and virtually indestructible under normal circumstances, there is no reason why this cooler should ever need to be replaced.

The higher purchase cost will be offset by not only the saving in buying ice every day but the fact that this item should last you decades and not just a few days.

Other Benefits

There are many more benefits that come from owning this cooler, Firstly, its one of the best, others provide you with lots of little ways to make your leisure time and your outdoor activities more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are a couple more.

  • Non-slip Feet. Keeps the cooler stable and secure on the deck of your boat, or moving the car.


  • Freezer style Lid Gasket. Works beautifully to lock in the cold air and keep out the hot.


  • Molded Tie-Down Slots. Allows for the cooler to be secured fast for traveling, much safer.  


  • No Fail Hinges. The lid can be opened and the hinge will hold it open with full-length interlocking support. 


  • Integrated locking Feature. Padlock the cooler to keep the contents safe, and the bears out.


  1. The model number is actually the size of the capacity of the cooler (many are not)
  2. Lockable corners make it bear-proof
  3. Non-slip feet, strong and stable
  4. Durable Latches Keep the cooler closed
  5. Virtually indestructible construction will last for decades
  6. Tie-down slots mean it won’t go anywhere without you


  1. I could not find any real negatives 
  2. I found only a very small number of really bad reviews
  3. Check the warranty, it may be only 30 days which is poor but will allow you time to check the cooler.

Our Overall Opinion.

The ability of this cooler to keep ice for several days is unquestionable, the research that is readily available will verify this. A number of major factors will determine the ultimate time of ice retention, however, as with all coolers if you follow some simple practices like pre-chilling, keeping the cooler in a cool shaded spot, and restricting its use as much as possible you will have ice for several days.

There is no reason why the RTIC Cooler 45 will not perform as good as any other on the market. The features and benefits of this cooler make it a real alternative to the big names, It’s bear-proof, has non slip feet, durable latches, and tie-down slots to keep it stable. you can also purchase a dry basket and cutting board. 332 Amazon customer Reviews = 4.3 stars from 5, this is an excellent rating.

So one of the most important issues is whether this cooler is as good in construction and design as the more expensive models and is it worth paying in some cases 100’s of dollars more for something else. That would seem to me to be a waste of money as this product has well and truly proved itself to be as good as the others in many ways.

The many reviews that rave about its features, the real-life ice tests performed by people, and our own use of this product, leads us to the conclusion that your money will be well spent buying the RTIC 45 QT Cooler, and you will be happy that you were able to also buy your partner a gift with the money you saved. This is an excellent product, And I give it a 9 out of 10

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Still unsure? Need Comparisons? Check out my article on the Best Coolers For Camping

If you have any more questions about the RTIC Cooler 45, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Thanks, Shane.




4 thoughts on “RTIC Cooler 45 – Best Camping Cooler Reviews”

  1. Loved your post. I go camping regularly and since I live in a very nice climate we are out almost everyday from spring untill November. I usually carried unbranded cooler for our own needs and I have not really paid attention on that part. We have not used any type of cooler that is this good.

    Do you really recommend buying this cooler?



    • Hi Strahinja, if you want ice for just one day, any old cooler will do the job, but if you are out camping or fishing for multiple days, up to a week, these type of coolers really come into their own. This RTIC 45 really is as good a product as we claim, and i would have no hesitation in recommending this as a long term reliable cooler for camping and keeping ice for several days.

      Thanks Shane

  2. Shane,
    Anyone looking for a new cooler would be amazed at this one your review actually makes me go out an buy one. I have used coolers in the past that before half the day was over all the ice melted and the food was not as cold as it should have been. This cooler has wonderful features that would keep this from happening. If I hear of anyone looking to purchase a new cooler I am going to recommend them to your review to check this one out.
    Susan 🙂

    • Hi Susan, yes the RTIC Cooler 45QT is a very good cooler and i hope you do buy one, you will get many years of good service. As for ice retention they leave the old style plastic coolers for dead. I really appreciate your recommendation to others .

      I look forward to hearing about your experience with your new cooler. Thanks for the comment.



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