Quest GTX Salomon Hiking Boots For Women

From hiking up in the Andes to exploring the depths of the grand canyon, if your a lady on the lookout for an excellent hiking boot these Quest GTX W Salomon hiking boots for women may be the solution you seek.

It comes down to a number of factors, but one thing for sure is that finding a boot that can offer everything you would ask for in a boot can be very daunting.

A lot of outdoor explorers end up with boots that just don’t make the cut. So save yourself from frustration to potential injury and wasting money on boots that are not what you need.

If you’re looking for a strong durable and comfortable boot that will help make your journey memorable for the right reasons these Salomon Quest women’s boots could be the winner for you.

Let’s take a closer look at it and help you make the right decision.


The Key Features

Cushioned comfort

Comfort for your feet is by far the one most important aspect you have to be keen on when choosing any boot, nothing can be more frustrating than a boot that bogs you down through the entire trek.

And this becomes even more important for hikers, campers, and backpackers, as you will have to navigate different types of terrain out there.

With that in mind, Salomon built this boot with more than enough cushioning to offer just the right padding for your feet to ensure you can keep going for longer.

After all, blisters and aching feet are the last things you want after a long and fulfilling hike. So, these are comfortable hiking boots overall and will allow you to stay on the trail longer.

New 4D chassis

Walking the trails on an unbeaten path can sound like an awesome prospect, with all the scenic adventure and wonderful excitement. But once you hit the road, you might find out it’s not all that fun.

The flow of each step won’t be as easy as it should be if you have the wrong boot, but, that’s where the new, advanced chassis design in this boot comes to the rescue, its a remarkable help with stability on loose surfaces.

Built with the needs of every day walk in mind, the chassis is designed to deliver a reliable forefoot flexion, giving you a smoother ride. This makes your boot so comfortable you won’t notice the uneven ground you’ll be walking on.

Solid rubber sole

Speaking of walking on uneven ground, it’s important to mention that this comes with its own set of challenges. From potential injury to your foot to the risk of slippery terrain, things could go wrong in a moment’s notice in the outdoors.

One feature you can count on when it comes to taking on the unpredictable outdoors terrain is the sole on your boot, and the rubber sole on this one is built with your convenience and safety at heart.

Besides being very robust and lasting, the rubber sole also has aggressive lugs designed to take on just about any terrain, and with a good grip to assist you in maintaining a good balance is another reason you can safely hike the backcountry.

Sufficient support

The support that you can get out of your boot could also mean a world of difference, especially when you have to be on the trail for hours on end. And it makes sense to get a boot with sufficient support if you have problems such as arthritis.

The ankle-high design of this boot takes care of that, allowing you to tackle even some of the most rugged terrains by keeping your foot well supported. Also, it has a considerably long shaft, measuring about 6 inches from the arch.

Torsional support is quite rigid but the sure-footed assurance that comes with this boot is great, particularly under heavy load.

Convenient lacing design

Sometimes getting a boot whose fit is just about right can be a tad difficult. Some boots will run small, others are a bit large. However, we both know that a boot that runs large feels better than one that’s way too tight and bites relentlessly on some parts of your feet.

And it’s all thanks to the lacing system, which you can use to adjust the fit when needed to get it right. What’s more, it has a “transition ‘clip’” between this boot’s ankle and the foot, which comes in very handy when adjusting the tightness in any given area.

Even better, it doesn’t have any moving parts, all you have to do is tug the boot’s lace into place and leave it there, or tug it again when pulling it out.

Protective tongue

Keeping stones, twigs, and pebbles from getting inside your boot is also very crucial if you are to avoid those uncomfortable moments along the way when you have to stop to remove them.

This is where the ankle-high design of this boot comes into the play again, helping keep most of the dirt out of your boot. Also, the tongue is just as tall, which makes it great for keeping most of the nuisance particles

Better yet, the tongue is attached to the shoe for the better part of the way up, which means it doesn’t shift around, thus it doesn’t leave any spaces uncovered or needs to be adjusted often.

Water-resistant construction

Arriving at the campsite with your feet feeling happy is the one thing every outdoors person wants. But that can be hard to come by if you don’t have a boot that is built to keep your feet protected all around.

And one such protection is from wet weather. That’s where you’ll need an incredibly water-resistant boot like this one, which is designed to keep your feet dry and warm, especially when you have to walk in the rain, snow, or mud.

If you want your feet to stay warm, they have to be dry, and Salomon has designed these boots with the Gore-Tex Membrane lining so they can stay dry even when faced with the soggy ground or having to trek through the snow.

Salomon hiking boots for women- woman sitting down on a hill with a backpack

What Are The Main Benefits Of This Product

Comfort, and more importantly the breaking in period, matter a lot when it comes to initially using your boots for the first couple of times on long hikes.

This boot proves to be one of the most comfortable, with virtually no break-in necessary in most instances, it feels great right out of the box, so this is a great benefit.

These boots also run a bit wider at the front width area, which is great for women with wide feet and provides that snug fit without the squeeze.

Then the lacing system comes in, allowing you to loosen the front area for more space without compromising the midfoot area, thus helping you keep the heel down.

It has a rubber toe cap that would offer a sufficient amount of protection for your toes, which you might really need if you are taking a path with jagged rocks and all kinds of sharp stuff that might stand in your way.

To make choosing the right size for you even easier, the shoe comes with both the US and the UK sizes labeled at the back of the tongue, so you can always find the right fit for your size.

Speaking of fit, it’s important that you get a shoe that fits just perfectly. Too loose, and it could cause injury in the flick of a finger; too snug, and it will cause swelling and bruising.

Thankfully, this boot runs true to size, unless you intend on using it with thick socks, then you can go a half size up.

Breathability makes this boot the go-to option for outdoor activities. Despite the great waterproof performance, it is still very breathable.

The upper on this boot is made of 100 percent synthetic, which offers a great combination of lightweight and high performance, allowing you to keep going for longer without trading off the quality.

You’ll also have a wide range of colors to choose from, ranging from Stormy weather to Lead, as well as Bird of Paradise, whichever of these suits your style and/or preference, Salomon leave the choice all to you.

With a Gore-Tex design, this boot proves to be one of the best water-resistant options you can get your hands on out there, especially if you expect to be facing slushy, snow, or rain conditions on your trek.

There’s also a 2-year limited warranty that this boot comes with, which can be great to ensure you can enjoy a worry-free purchase.

If you’ve had some bad experiences before, you need a boot that won’t let you down. The manufacturer goes the extra mile to ensure you don’t have to buy with any doubts.


  • It is a lightweight boot that allows you to walk for hours
  • Good fitting out of the box, no discomfort
  • The rubber sole has a robust lug design with enough traction for just about any terrain
  • Comfortable chassis with great forefoot flexion
  • The ankle-high design offers remarkable support
  • This boot comes with a lacing system that is highly adjustable


  • At 2.5 pounds these are not the lightest boots. 

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Finding good camping, hiking, or backpacking boot doesn’t have to be a long, outdrawn, and daunting endeavor. If you’ve had it with boots that just don’t make the cut, we believe this Salomon boot will put paid to the disappointment.

It is strong and stable, comfortable, robust, and above all, lasting. I would highly recommend this boot to anyone on the hunt for a high-performance heavy-duty women’s hiking boot that really delivers the value for money.

For an amazing range of quality hiking boots for the ladies check out my Best Hiking Boots for Women post written by Maggy, for a good comparison that will help with your purchasing decision.

If you have any more questions about the Salomon hiking boots for women, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.



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