Sierra Designs Meteor Tent Review – Superlightweight Backpacking Special

The Sierra Designs Meteor Tent is a fully freestanding camping tent that comes in 2, 3, and 4 person sleeping capacities. With a 2-door and 2-vestibule design and a spacious interior, it’s perfect for backpacking.

It’s designed to be as light as possible, while focusing on large space, comfort, and durability as well. Whether for serious campers or occasional outdoor adventurers, it’s a solid contender among those out there in the market.

While you have a lot of options in choosing your camping tent, you may want to check out this uniquely designed product and learn more about its amazing features to have a clearer picture of what it’s like to own and use one.

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Sierra Designs Meteor 2 Person Tent

Key Features

2 Door, 2 Vestibule Design

Having a tent with 2 doors is very convenient especially if you are camping with other people. It makes going in and out super easy. If you’re camping with a companion, you can get in or go out on either side of the tent, making the interior so much accessible.

Aside from having 2 doors, this tent has a 2 vestibule design. The vestibules are also large at 9 sq. ft, which is perfect for the backpack, boots, and other gear. With these vestibules, you can have a more organized tent.

These doors and vestibules make your life at the camp so much easier. They’re big enough and they can be rolled back if you need to.

Fast and Easy 2 Pole Setup

This tent uses a 2 pole setup connected by a hub. This makes setting the tent up fast and easy. Just pick a nice spot and lay your inner tent. Pitch the 4 corners of the groundsheet with pegs. Then assemble and fix the poles from the hub and attach the ends to the grommets by following the color-coding.

Simply attach the tent clips to the poles afterward then finally install the ridge pole across the top of the hub. Just like that and your tent has been erected.

The rainfly or flysheet can now be installed by aligning and attaching the corners with the color-coded corner straps. Attach the underside of the rainfly to the ridge pole using the plastic grommets then use the velcro tabs to finish attaching the rainfly to the poles. 

Finally, stake out the rainfly and use the adjusters to achieve a taut pitch. This should take you less than 10 minutes and you get a fully freestanding tent that you can easily move if needed.

High-Quality and Durable 

This tent is well-built and made with materials that can handle occasional light wind and rains. It’s a nice 3-season tent ideal for backpacking and car camping.

It uses DAC aluminum poles with an offset hub which create a strong structure perfect for your outdoor shelter. The rainfly has full coverage and made with 68D Poly Taffeta material for strong protection from the elements.

Like the rainfly, the floor or groundsheet is made with the same 68D Poly Tafetta that is thick enough to protect you from roots, rocks underneath your tent.

Large Interior Space

Unlike standard dome tents, this tent has a spacious floor area and headroom. You can sit and sleep inside the tent with more freedom with your movements.

The offset positioning of the hub makes the wall on a side of the tent near-vertical which creates a lot of headroom. The poles are also pre-bent to maximize the tent’s interior space. The ridge pole further increases the space inside. 

This large interior space, combined with the dual door and vestibule design makes this tent very suitable for camping with friends and family. It’s one of the best livable tents you can use for your trips outdoors.

Compact and Lightweight

If you need to go lightweight, you should consider bringing this tent. It packs really compact and holds a weight that’s comparable to other tents in the market.

This camping tent is designed to be big, roomy, and comfortable but as lightweight as possible. The 4-person tent comes in at 2.7 kg which is very respectable with the number of people that can fit in. The 2 and 3 person meanwhile, weighs about 2 kg and 2.5 kg respectively.

If placed in the included stuff sack, the packing size is significantly reduced and it can fit easily inside a backpack. This makes it easy to carry if you go trekking or hiking to a camp.

Good Ventilation and Stargazer View

What good is a roomy tent without good ventilation? Fortunately, this tent didn’t miss out on providing good airflow to users. 

Without the rainfly, the tent exposes a large area of No-See-Um mesh that allows the breeze to pass through. If you’re camping in perfectly fine weather, you roll back the vestibule to let air flow into the tent. At night, it’s perfect for stargazing while enjoying your time outdoors.

There are also small openings beneath the vestibule that gives more airflow to the tent. To further improve the ventilation, there’s a vent at the top of the tent that pops up with a velcro tab. You can open and use it to achieve a more desirable ventilation inside your tent.

Burrito-Style Stuff Sack

It comes with an included burrito-style stuff sack for secure storage and transport that also makes unpacking and loading it quick and easy. If you will use it, simply undo the 2 compression straps then loosen the drawstring to access the tent components. You then can start pitching it.

If you’re leaving the camp and packing in a hurry, the stuff sack helps you pack quickly and so you’re ready to go in no time.  

Extra Features

This tent also comes with a lot of great extra features for your wonderful camping experience. The complete accessories are already included and the tent has additional details that’s very helpful for the user. 

Inside the tent, you’ll find 4 small mesh pockets that you can use to keep small stuff off the floor and out of the way. They are handy storage space for those small items.

The color-coded corner clips and straps tell you the proper orientation of your tent poles and rainfly to avoid confusion during setup.

There are hanging loops inside the tent for your lantern and other gear. Apart from that, the tent has integrated guylines for your tent’s stability, as well as the pegs that go with them. 

Sierra Designs Meteor 2 person backpacking Tent

what are the Benefits of this product

A lightweight but sturdy, freestanding tent can be easily moved if you need to change your camp location or layout for any reason.

A tent that you can easily unpack, assemble, dismantle, and then store in a burrito-style stuff sack is most suitable if you get things done quickly or if you’re in a hurry.

You can easily pack a lightweight and compact tent in your backpack and it’s very convenient to carry if you need to walk to the camp. 

A 2-door, 2-vestibule camping tent provide you easy entrance and exit and a lot of room to store your camping gear for organization and ease of moving around.

The durable materials used in this tent make it a long-lasting camping gear that can serve you well if you frequently go camping.

Get your camp set up in no time by using this camping tent that comes with fast and easy 2-pole structure and color-coded clips and straps as helpful guide for proper orientation.

You’re sure to get good ventilation for a more comfortable stay in your tent because of the large mesh component of this tent and the vent at the top of it.

Enjoy stargazing at night with clear sky view as you roll back your rainfly towards the center and look through the mesh cover of the tent.

Move freely inside your tent with a large interior space and headroom, thanks to its offset hub design, ridge pole, and near-vertical walls that it has.

Experience great convenience with your tent from the many additional features that it has and the included complete accessories you can get with your purchase.

Quick Specs

  1. Brand: Sierra Designs
  2. Floor Dimensions: 84” x 51” (2 Person), 84″ x 70″ (3 Person), 91.5″ x 86″ (4 Person)
  3. Floor Area: 29.8 sq ft (2 Person), 40.8 sq ft (3 Person), 55 sq ft (4 Person)
  4. Interior Height: 40.5″ (2 Person), 42″ (3 Person), 46″ (4 Person)
  5. Packed Weight: 4lbs 8oz (2 Person), 5lbs 6oz (3 Person), 6lbs 1oz (4 Person)
  6. Doors: 2
  7. Vestibule Area: 9 sq ft * 2
  8. Materials: Floor-68D Poly Taffeta, Fly-68D Poly Taffeta, Mesh-5D Nylon No-See-Um, Poles-DAC PressFit Aluminum
  9. Type: Freestanding 2 Pole Hub
  10. Color: White with Blue and Yellow Accents


  • Dual Door and Vestibule Design
  • Fast and Easy Setup
  • Roomy
  • Well-built
  • Rolled Back Fly for Stargazing and Ventilation


  • Lack of other color options

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it suitable for tall people?

Answer: Yes. A person as tall as 6 ft, 2 inches can sleep inside the tent.

Question: Can I use it without the rainfly?

Answer: Yes but for fine weather only. The rainfly can be easily rolled back if needed. It’s best to always use it to keep your tent secured and get the protection and additional storage space it provides.

Question: Does it include a tent footprint?

Answer: No. The tent already has an integrated groundsheet but you can also purchase the Meteor 2 footprint which is being sold separately.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • Check the completeness of parts after use before you put them back in the stuff sack.
  • To preserve the tent’s groundsheet in good condition, set it up in a location where the groundsheet is safe from sharp or pointed objects.


Your camping tent greatly affects your outdoor experience; including your enjoyment, comfort, and safety and so it’s important that you carefully evaluate your choices if you’re buying one.

In choosing a Sierra Designs Meteor Tent, you get a very accessible tent with a large storage space, large floor area and headroom, good ventilation, and durable construction.

Adding more awesome features like ease of setup, lightweight and compact design, burrito-style stuff sack for quick unpacking and storage, and the stargazing capability simply makes it the ideal camping tent for you and your friends.  

If you have any more questions about the Sierra Designs Meteor Tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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