Ultralight Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad Review -Hiking Air Mattress

As much as the outdoors can be fun when the sun goes down, you will need to rest in comfort, which is where such gear as this Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad comes into play.

There are virtually endless such sleeping pads out there, but don’t let the wide variety fool you, finding the right one could still prove to be a difficult challenge.

It takes a versatile and quality constructed insulated pad with remarkable performance to get the value and comfort you require.

So let’s take a sneak peek at some of the ins and outs of this sleeping pad to discover what it has to offer, and more importantly, find out why it could be all you’ve been searching for.


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Sleepingo Sleeping Pad

The Key Features

Enough thickness for ultimate support

If you want to stay vibrant through your time out camping, then a sufficient and comfortable night’s sleep is crucial.

The Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad is built with that necessity in mind, which is why it comes equipped with up to 2 inches of thick sleep support.

This excellent surface ensures you can have all the comfort you need to fall asleep in a matter of minutes. Forget about those cheap flimsy sleeping pads place one of these underneath your backpacking sleeping bag and start sleeping in comfort.

It’s built to last

The outdoors can be rough, no matter whether you are heading to the sandy beaches, the savannah, maybe the Grand Canyon, or high up in the mountains.

As such, it takes a well-built sleeping pad to give you lasting service and being built with that necessity in mind this product provides real comfort no matter where you stop.

The Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad is equipped with a heavy-duty ripstop nylon fabric that is super strong and tear-resistant. You can bet that you will still be using this sleeping pad a good number of years down the line.

Waterproof cover

Sleeping could become almost impossible if you are camping in an area with moist conditions. And the same could hold true in case of heavy rains where your sleeping pad could get wet.

In such a case, sleeping could become almost impossible, thankfully, the tough camping grade fabric that this pad comes with also boasts a 20-denier thickness that also turns out to be waterproof. So you’ll never have to sleep on a wet sleeping pad.

Sufficient size

The size of any insulated sleeping pad is also as important as any other feature you should have your eyes set on. And as such, you need to find a sleeping pad that offers enough space for you to sleep without having to struggle or keep your feet sticking out.

Thankfully, this one has enough space to enable you to stretch and relax. Measuring 75 inches by 23 inches when inflated, this pad offers all the space you need for comfortable sleep.

Enjoy a snug comfortable sleep

That’s where the innovative design of this sleeping pad comes into play. Made with interconnected air cells, which are designed to adjust to your resting needs which can be more convenient than carrying bulky camping mattresses.

The other remarkable thing about this inflatable sleeping pad is its R-value of up to 2.1, which is sure to offer you enough insulation to help keep you warm through even on a cold night.

a man and child sitting in a hammock

To sleep sound and relax enough, wake up invigorated, and ready to take on the next day’s adventure, you need a sleeping pad that is snug enough to make your sleeping as cozy as possible.

Whether you’re on the ground or up swinging in a good quality Hammock. 

Packs down small enough

Transporting your sleeping bag can be a difficult task if it’s not compact enough when packed.

A large sleeping bag can be uncomfortable to tote along considering that you have several other stuff. It also takes up a lot of space in your pack where this is very compact indeed.

Fortunately enough, despite the spacious design of this sleeping bag, it packs very small when folded up. Measuring 8 inches by 3.5 inches when packed, this bag packs small enough to tote along to just about any outdoor activity.

Great for back or side sleepers

We all sleep in different positions depending on what one prefers. Thus, finding a sleeping pad that allows you to enjoy your favorite sleeping position could mean all the difference. Place a good sleeping pad under your favorite sleeping bag will enhance the comfort

The good news is, with the smooth cells that this sleeping pad packs in ensures it doesn’t bottom out under your weight no matter the side you sleep on. As such, you can sleep on your back or side in ultimate comfort.

Built for high performance

One thing that makes any sleeping pad outstanding is the amount of weight that it can support. And while different pads might not get the job done, this one will blow you away with its incredible capability to support up to 350 lbs. 

Not forgetting, you can always add a breath or two to add a little more firmness if required. If performance is something you value in your camp stuff then the Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad is one of the better sleeping pads for camping out.


When you buy a product always check to see what the warranty covers and more importantly what it doesn’t cover.

The warranty on this product is extremely good and includes a Lifetime replacement warranty which is awesome, but it also comes with a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product making this a no-risk purchase.


The price of this ultralight sleeping pad is affordable and I believe it offers very good value. For such a quality product and an awesome warranty, it is quite well priced so check out the current price here now on ==>Amazon<== 


Compare this product and the information with the Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad, just one of many to choose from but further research will also assist you with your final decision.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

As a lightweight sleeping pad, this product weighs only 14.5 oz, which means you can carry it around without it necessarily having to weigh you down you’ll hardly notice any weight difference.

The versatility of this sleeping pad is the other remarkable thing that makes it truly outstanding, as you can use it for camping, hiking, also backpacking sleeping pads and many other adventures.

A sleek storage pouch is the other great feature that this sleeping pad comes with is, which is not only super easy to handle in transit but makes storage of the pad a breeze.

Built for outdoor use, this sleeping pad comes with tough construction that is not only waterproof but is also abrasion-resistant, allowing you to use it in difficult spots.

The flexible nylon material also makes it a great option as it enables you to sleep in ultimate comfort even if you toss and turn a lot. 

Air retention is the other thing that makes this sleeping bag a true stand out is that it’s capable of staying inflated through the night, so you can sleep comfortably.

Thanks to the rip-resistant design of this sleeping pad, it truly offers the value for your money when it comes to durability, as it is sure to serve you for years.

The lightweight design also makes it a perfect option for people who are frequently on the move, or those seeking to tackle the most difficult outdoor adventures.

It’s super easy to inflate this sleeping bag with only about 10 to 15 breaths to fill it up. And the deflation is every bit as easy, taking only two seconds.

An inbuilt air valve on this pad not only makes inflating the sleeping pad easy, but it also keeps the air from leaking out throughout the night.

As a 3-season sleeping pad, it offers enough insulation to keep you warm on your camping trips even at cold temperatures. 


  1. It’s built to withstand the rough outdoors
  2. Water-Resistant design for use in moist conditions
  3. Lightweight design makes portability a breeze
  4. Ideal for ultralight backpacking
  5. Easy to inflate and deflate
  6. Flexible sleeping pad with plenty of room
  7. Great for both back and side sleepers


  1. It was very hard to come up with a real negative issue with this camp sleep pad


For any outdoor lover who is on the hunt for a sleeping pad for camping maybe hiking and backpacking, you can easily carry this camp pad along to just about any outdoor activity.

It is a lightweight, high performance, compact, and durable ultralight sleeping pad that you can count on for many seasons of comfortable sleep. It is easy for me to rate the Sleepingo Pad as a strong buy. 

The Sleepingo sleeping pad is hugely popular with around 3500 customer ratings. 85% of them are a 5-star rating with a 4.7-star overall positive rating.

If you have any more questions about the Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

You may also like to read my in-depth review of the very good Wellax sleeping pad. With all this information you will be well-armed to make the right decision about your purchase.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.



9 thoughts on “Ultralight Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad Review -Hiking Air Mattress”

  1. Got the double sleeping bag for “car” camping. It’s the perfect size and worked out perfectly. Am impressed with the quality of the bag and intend to use it for many trips, making memories!

    • Hi Gayle, I am so glad it is perfect for you, I know you will enjoy it for many happy outings. All the best, and please give us all an update sometime in the near future. Thank you Shane.

  2. Bought this item for my son , who has just joined his first trail life group and so glad I did he loves camping with his group and this has made his sleeping much more enjoyable! Hands down great product!

    • Hi Brandy, that’s great news, I’m glad your son has got such a good product, he will certainly be very comfortable with the Sleepingo Sleeping Pad. Thank you for your comments, It’s always great to hear from people who purchase the products to let us know what they are like.
      Thank you and have a great day, Shane.

  3. Just got back from camping in the north georgia mountains. Tent camping with two different sleeping pads. First night with the name brand
    2nd night with the sleepingo. Thank goodness I brought the sleepingo.
    I’m a side sleeper and the name brand
    Pad Just wasn’t working. Love this sleeping pad! Thanks Sleepingo!
    Tony the motor cycle camper!


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