Slumberjack 2 Person Tent

While the wild can be a beautiful and quiet place to go and unwind, the elements pose a serious risk to outdoor lovers, and thus it is wise to arm yourself with a reliable shelter such as this Slumberjack 2 Person Tent.

A good tent offers more than just protection from the unforgiving outdoor conditions, it should also be comfortable enough both at night and during the day.

This, of course, depends on the features that the tent packs, as well as how well it’s built. That makes finding the ideal tent for your adventures quite a task.  

However, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for less; with the right scouting, and knowing what to go for, you should find a good tent, for the right price.

So, does this one have what it takes to keep you safe in the wild? That’s what this post is all about, keep reading to find out what’s in it for you.

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Slumberjack All season 2P Tent

The Key Features

Sufficient venting

Venting is among the most important aspects to look out for in a tent. If you are unlucky enough to get one with insufficient ventilation, you could end up with a tent that is unbearable in hot weather. Too much ventilation, on the other hand, could mean putting up with frigid conditions when winter bites hard.

This turns out to be the one thing I loved the most about this tent, as it sports a very convenient high-low venting system that allows you to stay feeling fresh inside. Besides, this helps ensure ideal condensation management so you won’t have to worry about your tent getting wet inside.

Large windows

However solid your tent might be, it doesn’t have to feel like a bunker inside. You also need to have that awesome view of the area around the campsite, and most importantly, be able to regulate the temperatures inside.

The tunable windows on this one help with the temperature management and allow you to enjoy a great view of the area surrounding your campsite. Moreover, with such handy windows, getting light inside your tent during the day shouldn’t be a challenge.

Built for the outdoor

A few tents out there are built to take on just about everything the outdoors has to throw at them. As such, finding a tent for extreme weather conditions can become a challenge. In the worst cases, you might have to get different tents for different seasons, costing you more money.

This Slumberjack tent puts paid to the hassle with its 4-season construction that makes it a solid tent that you can count on through virtually any season.

From raging storms to searing seasons, this tent is designed to keep you housed against all odds. And with the rain fly and the waterproof construction of this tent, you can bet it’ll keep you dry out there.

Easy in and out access

Having a well-built is one thing, but just how easy it is to get in and out can be a whole different story. That’s why it’s so important to check and ensure that your tent makes it easy for you to access it, as well as bring gear in and out with ease.

Not to worry though, this tent’s 3-door design got you covered as far as easy access in and out of your tent goes. The doors are not only wide enough, but they also give you the convenience you need especially if you are using a tent with your family or a few friends.

Enough space

The issue of real estate is the other factor you can’t afford to get wrong when choosing the ideal tent for your outdoor adventures.

This will depend on your needs or the number of people you plan on bringing onboard. However, you shouldn’t compromise the space inside for anything else. You need sufficient space for your gear and your own space when inside the tent.

As such, this 2-person tent is designed with a spacious area, measuring 93 inches by 40 inches by 44 inches, it has sufficient room for your gear and living space. This makes it a bit hefty at 9.8 pounds, but it’s worth it.

Enough vestibules

Space is one of the things you might never get enough of when in the outdoors, especially if you tend to bring along a considerable amount of gear. Vestibules come in handy to increase storage space for your items. And in most cases, the more space you can get the better.

And this tent doesn’t have a shortage of vestibules for your storage needs. With its 3-vestibule design, it offers lots of storage space for your gear inside the tent. Now you can bring more items on board without having to worry about where to put them.

Solid architecture

The frame is what makes all the difference when it comes to what a tent can, or can’t do. A tent with a flimsy frame construction might not be able to put up any fight in the face of mother nature’s fury. And while the material counts, it usually all boils down to the structure of the build.

It’s thus no wonder that to make this tent capable of taking on up to 4 seasons, Slumberjack equipped it with a 5-pole structure that makes it as tough as it is solid. Thus, you can expect it to withstand the roughest weather conditions.

Looking out from inside an orange tent

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

With the high-low ventilation of this tent allowing you to adjust it from the inside, you can easily regulate the temperature inside your tent without having to leave it.

The frame is made of lightweight 7001 serious aluminum poles, and the 5 pole architecture makes it solid and stable but without being too difficult to make carrying your tent a struggle.

Its interior space is sufficient to allow you to fit a full-size air mattress (or even two twin air mattresses) inside without having to worry about it taking up all the space.

As a waterproof tent, you can use it in wet weather without having to worry much about the possibility of waking up to soaked gear.

The rain fly that this tent comes with also adds to its performance, especially in the rainy season, when you need every millimeter of extra cover to keep you bone dry.

With top and side hooks for attaching the tent to the poles, the set up becomes a bit easier, and you can count on the fact that they should offer solid stability.

And the color further makes it a great choice for use in the woods, it blends in pretty well with the natural color of the wild.

3 Door easy access means you can configure the tent in many ways, and the 3 vestible design provides a spacious extra area for storing equipment

It’s also pretty easy to set up despite being such a robust tent, you could have it pitched up without necessarily using the instructions.

The takedown is also as easy as the setup is, and you could repack it back in the carry sack just as easily. Oh, and by the way, it comes with the carry bag too.

As a two-person tent, you can bet it has sufficient space for the two of you. But if you like to enjoy the outdoors all to yourself, then this tent will have more than enough space for you and your gear.

Quick Specs

  1. Weight: 9.8 pounds
  2. Size: 93”x60”x44”
  3. Capacity: 2 people
  4. Seasons: 4-season tent
  5. Waterproof: yes
  6. Doors: 3
  7. Vestibules: 3
  8. Windows: yes
  9. Ventilation: high-low vents system
  10. Rainfly: included
  11. Carry bag: included


  • It’s a robust 2-person tent with plenty of room
  • Waterproof design helps keep you dry
  • Enough ventilation helps keep the tent breathable
  • Easy setup and takedown, as well as stuffing it in the carry bag
  • Strong 5-pole structure architecture for stability and durability


  • At 9.8 pounds, it’s not the lightest

Questions and Answers

Question: Does this tent come with the setup instructions?

Answer: Thankfully, besides the setup and take-down on this one being a no-brainer, the tent comes with the setup instructions included, which further makes life easier for you, especially for beginners.

Question: Can this tent stand a tropical storm?

Answer: With the solid construction and the tough materials, this tent has stood up to the test and proved to be able to withstand tropical storms without the poles giving in or the rain fly failing. So yes, it should be able to handle tropical storms, especially a small one, quite well.

Here’s a Tip Or Two

To avoid last-minute surprises, it’s wise to order your tent with a few days to spare so you can give it a test run at home. This will allow you to be able to familiarize yourself with the setup, as well as let it air out in case of any order.

For enhanced durability of your tent, make sure to set it up in an area without any pebbles or rocks that might compromise the floor. If necessary, picking up a tarp to put underneath could be a good idea. It’ll be worth spending a bit more to ensure your tent can keep you dry in wet weather.


A good tent could mean a whole lot of difference once you finally hit the road. Not only will it guarantee a roof over your head, but it also offers that extra bit of comfort.

And of course, it keeps you safe from the elements, which can be hard on your health in extreme situations.That’s why shopping around for the right tent to take on your outdoor adventure is so crucial.

With the right construction and great features, this Sumberjack 4-season 2-person tent proves to be a great pick that you can count on for your time in the outdoors. The best part is that it’s well priced, making it affordable even for those in search of a good tent on a  tight budget.

If you have any more questions about the Slumberjack 2 Person Tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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