Streamlight Stylus Pro Penlight Review – Versatile Lightweight and Very Bright

Contrived using cutting-edge technology, this Streamlight Stylus Pro Penlight Review shows one of the most sought-after lightweight penlights in the market.

This review I have done is on the rechargeable version. There is a battery-operated version that uses 2 x AAA batteries and also works very well.  They are identical in every way, except how they are powered.

What makes this penlight quite unique, is its unrivaled size and weight. Just like any other penlight, the Streamlight Stylus Pro Penlight is extremely small in size and light in weight.

These features make it an ideal item to stash inside your backpack or bag, alongside with your best camping accessories.

Moreover, its small size and weight, allow the flashlight to easily fit into the user’s pocket including fanny packs, medical kits, carry bags, and flight suits without being too bulky.

I will discuss how well it works, how durable it is, and its features and benefits. By the end of this review, you will have a good idea if this penlight is right for you.


To fully understand why the Stylus Pro Penlight is one of the best penlights in the market, here are some of the key features which make it stand out from the other penlights. 

C4 LED Technology Engineered, the Streamlight Stylus Pro offers up to 50,000 hours of high-quality flux LED without ever burning out. Plus the LED technology is much better and brighter when compared to older similar style flashlights.

Not requiring a regular battery change makes this flashlight economical and a benefit for the environment. Always remember to use rechargeable batteries instead of non-rechargeable batteries.

Packed with several outstanding features such as a tactile switch, aircraft-grade aluminum casing, superior brightness, and many others, the Stylus Pro LED is definitely a must-have device for people who love hiking and camping.​

The Features.


  • ​Weighing 1.9 ounces, and 6.15 inches in length, the Stylus Pro is indeed a must-have tool that requires minimal space and is virtually unnoticeable.
  • Space and weight are two of the major determining factors that campers and hikers always have in their minds when preparing and purchasing gear off their list of things to take camping, so this feature is outstanding.

High Performance

  • ​The device’s manufacturing company, Streamlight is widely known for its high performance and high-quality devices, which are normally sold at pocket-friendly rates, and the Streamlight Stylus Pro is not an exception.
  • High-performance equipment is essential in many outdoor activities where you need reliability.


  • ​This product is a high-quality penlight, which can be used by anyone for a wide range of purposes especially when camping or hiking.
  • This recently released model is an advanced version of its predecessor, also adding to the versatility, this penlight comes with its own holster.

Advanced Design

  • ​The Stylus Pro offers users a slim, thin and more sophisticated and advanced design, it has been constructed using quality components and design techniques which help give you a flashlight that will last for a very long time.
  • The unbreakable lens and the proven background has been enhanced again by new features that make this a very smart and nice-looking penlight.


  • ​Unrivaled brightness is one of the Streamlight’s best features, and its brightness is one of many features that attract a large following to this light.
  • Especially when one considers its overall size, and considering it is a penlight.
  • The flashlight does not have a huge body, therefore the amount of light that the penlight offers is much brighter with respect to its size. This device can put out up to 90 lumens for approximately 3.5 hours.


  • ​The Streamlight Pro is extremely durable and can survive an accidental drop or mishap, without necessarily suffering any sort of significant damage.
  • Moreover, the lens of the penlight has been designed using poly-carbonate, which is widely considered to be unbreakable.
  • The highly sophisticated lens also sports a non-scratch resistant coating, which prevents it from many types of scratches. And the hard aluminum outer body will last a lifetime.

Ease of Use

  • ​Using the Streamlight Pro Penlight is quite easy. To switch the device on and off, you are required to make use of the tail cap switch.
  • When powering the device momentarily, you will need to slightly press the switch and hold for a couple of seconds.
  • Some models of the Streamlight Pro uses two AAA batteries.
  • However, we highly recommend using the rechargeable new model which can be charged up to 300 times, this will reduce the cost of purchasing new batteries which can add to the overall cost.

Quality Build

  • ​The good solid construction of the outer body of this high quality LED PenLight has been designed and achieved using lightweight anodized aluminum.
  • This meets the Type II Standards when it comes to abrasion and corrosion resistance. The aircraft-grade aluminum casing allows the device to be engineered to a high-quality finish.

Rugged Looks

  • ​Moreover, anodized aluminum gives the device a rugged look. Apart from giving the device its rugged look, the solid aluminum construction allows the device to withstand accidental drops and hits to the floor or ground without too much trouble.
  • It also has a very durable pocket clip. on the other hand, is very durable as well and can also last for a very long time as well.

What Are The Benefits Of This Flashlight?

The stylus pro weighs a mere 1.9 ounces making it one of the lightest penlights in the market.

That means you will not notice the penlight being on your person after a little while, it will not be obtrusive or heavy in any way.

But it will sit snugly in your pocket and be there next time you need a light on your subject if you are looking to add a small but very bright light to your camping checklist essentials and less weight is a requirement, then this penlight will be a real benefit.

This device is also extremely tough, tough enough to withstand an accidental drop on the ground or other mishaps.

Made from good quality hardy aluminum materials therefore, users should expect the Stylus Pro Penlight to last for a long period of time and should remain a usable part of your camping equipment for many years.

Because the Stylus Pro uses LED technology, there is no need for bulbs to replace the LED, as these last many 10s of thousands of hours, LED is also very bright and this penlight delivers an outstanding 90 lumens of White LED.​

Certainly bright enough for inside a tent or room. So you will have sufficient light to see clearly, meaning safe and secure.

Another feature of LED is it won’t get hot for you to touch so can be used safely. Due to the small and slender size of this device, it becomes particularly ideal for size-limited applications.

Weighing at around 1.9 oz, the Stylus Pro LED penlight has been designed using water-resistant materials, so that means the Stylus LED Penlight can function extremely well in wet conditions.

During emergency situations when you need light but not the bulk, or if you are finding your way around the house during a power outage, then the convenience of this penlight cannot be underestimated.

Carry it in your handbag for personal security when walking to your car at night.


1. Very durable, due to its outer aluminum casing

2. Has a great 90 lumens of output

3. Light in weight

4. Has a great grip

5. Very versatile and looks good.

6. Comes with a key ring for easy storage


1. The on/off switch sometimes can be a bit sticky.



If a Penlight is a way forward for you, and it is now your choice of small compact light, it will be extremely difficult for you to spend your hard-earned money on something else other than the Streamlight Stylus Pro Penlight.

This penlight has proven itself quite well, it has a great following and a highly rated 4.6 from 5 on Amazon. It may become one of the favorite tools that every camper or hiker must-have.

While one can expect high brightness levels from such a device, it is still very compact, durable, tough, and long-lasting.

Overall, the Streamlight Stylus Pro is a brilliantly designed penlight, which has a strong beam and can be used for long periods. 

Where compactness and simplicity are desired for a number of lighting tasks, the Stylus Penlight will prove itself to be a reliable lighting companion. I personally prefer the rechargeable version, as a small flashlight, this one cannot be beaten.

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If you have any more questions about the Streamlight Stylus Pro Penlight, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Thanks, Shane.

4 thoughts on “Streamlight Stylus Pro Penlight Review – Versatile Lightweight and Very Bright”

  1. Great Review dear
    I like it because it looks very portable and easy to carry around without someone knowing. But how long does the battery last. The issues I had with my previous rechargeable touch was that at first it was working properly and it normally last very long but after two months or so the battery started draining easily. Hope this guy won’t be like that.
    Thanks once again for the review.

    • Hi Matron Okoye.

      Your quite right, this is a very lightweight, portable and nice looking penlight. It sits nicely in the pocket and i think it would be ideal within the nursing profession, but please correct me if i’m wrong. The advertised run-time of the light is 3.3 continuous hours. Assuming you are only using it for a couple of minutes each use, the battery should hold enough charge for one whole shift. I hope this helps in your choice. Thank you for your comment.


  2. Great article. I used to carry other brands but as soon as you drop them, they get damaged and/or ruined. It seems as if this little flashlight take a bit of punishment. My wife and I are RV’ers and like to hike state parks. We carry a backpack and try and keep only stuff we would need on the trail so it stays light. This seems perfect. We also workamp. I do maintenance and there are many times I am called out to fix something that’s in dark small spaces. This seems perfect for that too. Thanks for the info!!!

    • Hi Dennis, Streamlight, have a real good product in their stylus pro. I think its a great small, compact, and bright light, and doing maintenance on electrical equipment is made easier with this light i like it a lot. Let me know if you end up purchasing one for yourself, you wont be disapointed.

      Thanks Shane


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