Super Bright Led Flashlight Reviews – GRDE Zoom LED Headlamp

The super bright led flashlight reviews cover a very worthy headlamp for general hiking, camping, and just being outdoors after dark, this is the GRDE Zoomable 3 Modes Super Bright LED Headlamp with Rechargeable Batteries.

This Article Was Last Updated On Janurary 2, 2021

The name pretty much says it all, but this lamp is many things besides being zoomable and super bright. We all know that traversing difficult terrain in the dark can be a risky business, but sometimes this can be just inevitable especially in the outdoors.

That’s why you need a headlamp that can keep the trail well illuminated for you. And what better way to go than with an option that has it all? 

 Super Bright LED Headlamp

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GRDE Super Bright Led Flashlight

The Key Features

3 Modes of brightness

Let’s start with what matters the most, the performance. This comes in as one of the most essential things to look into when shopping for any headlamp. But things don’t get better than when you get an unbeatable performance, and you are in control of everything.

That’s what this headlamp gives you, thanks to the three different lights that you can choose from depending on your needs. These include a low, medium, and a strobe, and while you can choose between the low and medium brightness options depending on your needs, the strobe comes in handy when you’re in an emergency. You can use it to summon for rescue.

Adjust it up to 90 degrees

While the performance of your lamp can be outstanding, the ease of use is also worth considering. The adjustability of a headlamp goes a long way to make it both easy and fun to use.

And that’s why this one is built to offer you just that, thanks to the easily adjustable lens, which you can set up to 90 degrees to orient the light as needed.

And while still at it, it’s worth noting that this headlamp also sports a zoomable function so you can zoom the light to focus it on an object or to clearly see the path ahead of you.

Ideal for almost anyone in the family

All said and done, the last thing you want is to get a headlamp that only you can use. It’s always a great idea to have a headlamp that virtually anyone in the family can use without compromising the comfort or efficiency of the lamp itself. The kids can have their own headlamp for playing games inside the family tent.

That’s what this one is all about, thanks to an elastic headband that it comes with, which makes it great for different head sizes. Besides, it’s very lightweight, you can easily forget that it’s there, a factor that makes it easier even for the kids to use it without any problems at all.

Never run out of juice

Your headlamp running out of charge at the most inappropriate moment can be every outdoors person’s worst nightmare. So you need to be keen when shopping for these lamps to ensure you get one you can count on while you are miles away from civilization.

The rechargeable design in this unit goes the distance to offer you the much-needed peace of mind. Not forgetting, this is also very easy, as you can charge your headlamp using a wall, car or USB cable charger.

It’s all a matter of choice, you never have to worry about the batteries getting used up while alone in the wild just charge it in the car and you are all set.

High brightness

Once all the hype is over, it comes to the moment of truth once you start using your lamp out there, in the middle of nowhere. The worst you can hope for is a headlamp with low lumens that can’t light up any significant distance ahead of you.

Well, that’s one thing this lamp is yet to fail at, thanks to its outstanding high number of lumens. With up to 1800 lumens, you can count on this lamp to let you clearly see anything out there in detail. And, of course, you can bet on getting sufficient brightness with the LED design that this lamp features.


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What Are The Top Benefits

Lifespan is one of the most important considerations to make before putting your money on the line for any headlamp.

Thankfully, this one will be around for a pretty long time since it has an impressive lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, enough to last for several seasons.

Multi-function is the other additional but still exciting factor you would want to have on your headlamp, and this one never disappoints at that either.

With its ideal design, it comes in as a 3-in-1 lamp so you can use it as a headlamp, a desk lamp, or a waist lamp. The choice is all yours!

The package comes with everything you need, including a wall and charger, a USB cable, 2 rechargeable batteries, the headlamp itself as well as a user book to get you started.

Waterproof design is the other thing that truly makes this lamp the perfect choice for outdoor use.

With a waterproof level standard of IP50, you can use this lamp in different conditions, so the seasons no longer have to determine when you can go camping.

The battery life is also nothing short of impressive, as this lamp holds up pretty well despite the settings that you are using.

At max brightness, you can use your headlamp for up to 4 hours, up to 5 hours on medium, and anywhere from 6 hours to 7 hours in low mode.

At only 12.8 ounces, it’s definitely a remarkable lightweight headlamp that you can expect to use on your head with much ease despite the outstanding performance that it delivers.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • One thing to keep in mind is that using your headlamp when its charging is a bad idea, don’t try that.
  • Also, when using it for the first time, start by removing the plastic wrap on the batteries to enable it to recharge.
  • When loading the batteries in their case, check to confirm you’ve got the negative and positive terminals right.


  1. The high waterproof performance of this headlamp makes it great for use in wet conditions.
  2. Up to three types of chargers make charging your unit at home or on the go super easy.
  3. Its robust battery case keeps the batteries secure to ensure uninterrupted performance.
  4. The high lumens and long lifespan are hands down some of the most promising features in this unit.
  5. You can’t go wrong with the ease of use, thanks to the easy adjustability and the 3 modes of use that you can choose from depending on your needs.


  1. Very hard to find a fault that would stop anybody from buying this highly rated headlamp.


My Overall Opinion

If you are heading off the beaten path you will need a way of lighting up the trail ahead of you, and although finding the perfect lamp for your needs might prove to be a bit harder than it should be, we hope that this review has shed enough light on what to expect with this headlamp.

At this price point, you will find it hard to get a better rechargeable headlamp, it’s robust, ideal for different weather conditions, and most importantly, packs in the punch to take on even the darkest starless nights.

Having the right headlamp when walking the trails out in the wild at night is not only great for helping you go safely, it also helps prevent injuries or worse.

Now you can step out there with confidence and venture further out after sunset.

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