Tangkula 1 Person Tent Cot Review

Combining the excellent convenience of a comfortable cot and a durable camping tent, the Tangkula 1 Person Tent Cot is a 2-in-1 camping gear that can be a more practical option for your outdoor sleeping arrangements.

This camping tent cot is something you should seriously consider. It’s made with heavy-duty oxford fiber and a sturdy aluminum frame that offers a fully enclosed shelter for sleep and privacy, along with other great features that make your outdoor life so much easier.

Check out the rest of the article to learn more about this tent cot and how it may benefit you. I am convinced it will as this gear is extremely good.

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Tangkula Folding Waterproof 1 Person Tent Cot

some Key Features

Easy To Assemble

The folding design makes it ready for use quickly without the need to undergo any complicated assembly processes. Setting this tent cot up just takes seconds. It’s so simple and easy. This brings a lot of convenience to your camping trips.

To put it up, just pull it out from the carrying bag then unfold and extend the 4 legs that support its weight. Check also if the poles at the top of the tent are fixed properly. Finally, set and fix the rainfly over the tent.

 That’s it and you can now enjoy your nice cozy shelter outdoors. This ease of setup feature makes this tent suitable especially for beginner campers. 

Large D Shape Screening Doors with Zippers

This tent cot has D Shape screening doors with double-sided zippers for closure. These zippered doors provide good privacy in your stay inside the tent cot. They also allow you to have easy access inside and out of your tent cot if you need to.

These doors are also wide and high so you’ll have no problem using them. Every side of the tent has a door which is very convenient and enables you to easily reach inside no matter where you’re coming from. The doors and zippers are durable and perfect for outdoor use.  

Heavy Duty 420D PU Coated Oxford and 600D Waterproof Oxford Tent and Rainfly

Just like the widely used tents, it also comes with a rainfly for better protection from the elements. This tent cot is made with heavy-duty 420D PU-coated oxford fiber and 600D waterproof oxford fiber. The thick and waterproof material ensures that you’re safe from cold or rainy weather if you experience them in your camping.

The cot component is made comfortable, unlike those made with stretched canvas. It has padding that provides you with a soft and cozy feeling for great relaxation and sleep. You’re also provided with a set of pockets over the head for small stuff like your phone and glasses.

With the superb comfort and protection that this tent cot gives, it’s a perfect choice for your outdoor getaway. This tent cot even has an optional porch that can be set up with the rainfly on.

Space Saving and Easy to Carry

If you’re thinking about storage space, keeping this tent cot will not be an issue. Its folding design makes it very compact so it packs thin. You can easily stick it in your trunk and easily bring it on your camping trips. 

It doesn’t take a huge space for storage so you can maximize your gear and stuff. It comes with a carrying bag too so you can conveniently bring it to camp. But since it’s a tent cot, it has a considerable weight, thus more suitable to carry with a vehicle.

If you want to physically carry it to a campsite that’s quite far, you may find it uncomfortable to carry so it’s best to check your camping location first.  

12 Inches Above the Ground 

This tent cot elevates 12 inches from the ground which is great for numerous reasons. It’s a nice feature to have that the regular tents miss out on and makes a 2-in-1 tent cot advantageous on some occasions.

Sleep is more comfortable if you’re not directly lying on the ground. The separation keeps you away from the cold ground and allows airflow above and below your body.

Being elevated from the ground keeps you safe from creepy crawlies and animals. You can sleep without being bothered by them. You can also easily rise up from sleep since you are raised from the ground. By this, you can move quickly and get started with your day at the camp.

Sturdy Aluminum Frame

To effectively support your weight, this tent cot uses a strong aluminum frame. The tent cot has 4 legs support that easily folds and unfolds for set up and storage. It can accommodate people weighing less than 300 lbs.

The frame does not only support the cot but also the tent component. It reinforces the tent poles at the top for a more sturdy structure. With this aluminum frame, the tent cot can withstand harsh weather including occasional strong winds, heavy rains, and snow.

Durable MicroMesh

This tent cot also features durable micromesh fabric underneath each wall door. The mesh material serves as the secondary door once you open the main oxford fabric doors. These doors can be rolled back for easy entry and ventilation.

The mesh doors have two main uses. First, it provides better airflow inside the tent cot. The ventilation makes your stay inside more comfortable and relaxing. Secondly, the mesh fabric keeps the bugs and insects away if you want to keep the oxford fabric doors open. These mesh doors are very useful in your outdoor shelter.

2-in-1 Camping Cot 

You’re getting a tent and a camping cot, combined into one when you have this camping gear. This means fewer things to carry on your camping trips. It’s a great product to consider if you want to keep your gear to a minimum.  

If you frequently go camping and you want the comfort of a cot, this tent cot can be a solid 2-in-1 for you. It provides you with dependable shelter and a relaxing bed for sleep and relaxation. This product is easily one of the best Tent Cots for Camping

Tangkula 1-Person Tent Cot

Some nice Benefits

  • This tent cot is so easy to set up and use, thanks to its folding design that eliminates the need to follow confusing and tricky assembly processes.
  • Large D shape zippered doors provide easy entry and exit from the tent cot and having them at all sides provides quick access inside.
  • The thick and durable oxford fabric used in the tent cot provides strong protection from the elements and assurance that it will not easily get damaged and can be used for a long time.
  • This tent cot is big but packs down well into a convenient size so it saves you storage space for those other essential camping gear.
  • With a carrying bag included, this tent cot is also easy to carry even though it’s on the heavy side and more suitable to be carried using a vehicle.
  • Having a good separation from the ground, this tent cot keeps you away from insects and crawlies below, isolates you from the coldness of the ground, and helps you sleep better.
  • The sturdy aluminum frame provides a strong and stable support when you use the tent cot and keeps you safe when you suddenly experience inclement weather in the camp.
  • The tent cot has durable micromesh that protects you from bugs and insects and allows good airflow inside to keep you feel comfortable. 
  • Using a 2-in-1 tent cot helps you bring fewer camping gear to the camp and simplifies your camping gear preparation for your outdoor trips.
  • Camp with great comfort with the help of the soft padding of the cot and the spacious interior of the tent that provides more room for your movements. 
  • Keep your small personal items secured in the set of pockets inside the tent cot for easy access.

Quick Specs

Product Brand:Tangkula
Dimensions Open:81.5 x 32 x 43 inches
Dimensions Packed:33 x 33 x 7 inches
Tent Material:Heavy Duty 420D PU Coated Oxford
Frame Material:Aluminum Alloy Tube
Front Door Dimensions:42.5 x 17.7 inches,
Side Door Dimensions:19 x 22 inches
Product Weight:29 pounds
Carrying Capacity:275 pounds


  • Easy setup
  • Spacious 1-person tent cot
  • Large doors
  • Durable materials
  • 12 inches above the ground


  • Not suitable for backpacking
  • No other color option except green

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it suitable for tall people?

Answer: Yes it can accommodate people as tall as about 6 ft 5 inches.

Question: How do I set the rainfly on the tent cot?

Answer: Align the rainfly with the shape of the tent cot then put it on top. Then tie the rainfly strings to the legs of the tent cot to fix it.

Question: How do I put up the little canopy or porch of the rainfly?

Answer: Attach the poles in the designated slots of the rainfly then fix the poles firmly to the tent cot’s frame to fully extend the canopy.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • Check first if all the legs are fully extended and the cross poles on top are properly fixed before using the tent cot.
  • Pick a flat solid spot where you will put up your tent cot to keep it stable and sturdy. 



For campers who love the convenience of bringing a camping cot with a tent already built in to it, the Tangkula Folding 1-Person Tent Cot is a nice multi-purpose camping gear you can purchase with confidence.

With a folding design that speeds up your setup process and its durable construction, this 2-in-1 tent cot is a camping gear that you will love to use. This tent cot also provides easy access and good ventilation and protection from bugs and insects.  

If you want a simple, yet sturdy tent with a comfortable camping cot, you should get this one. If you have any more questions on the Tangkula 1 Person Tent Cot please leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you.

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