Tangkula 2 Person Outdoor Camping Tent Cot review

Good bedding is a vital component of your camping, but if you want to get a combination of comfort and protection from the weather then check out this Tangkula 2 Person Outdoor Camping Tent Cot.

This review will shed some light on this product and will help you figure out whether this tent cot has the right features to become a part of your camping equipment.

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Tangkula 2 Person Tent Cot

The Key Features

Tough material takes on the outdoors

The material comes across as a big deal when choosing outdoor gear, considering the constant exposure to the elements that your item is going to be facing out there. So it needs to be built of top-quality material that can ensure lasting performance and serve you for a long.

Made with a tough 190T polyester fabric, this tent cot offers an outstanding performance that you can count on for many camping seasons, thus saving you money eventually. Better yet, the frame of the tent and cot is made of a similarly strong and lasting material that offers a great deal of performance over months.

Strong built

A stand-alone family tent needs to be strong to take the full force of wind and rain, the same when using a tent cot, you need to have a stable construction that won’t be blown away when you’re not using it. This comes down to the frame material, and how well constructed the frame itself is.

Thanks to the steel pole materials of this tent, you have a solid frame that is sure to take on nature’s worst. Combined with the stout build of the tent and cot, the Tangkula offers a robust performance that holds up nicely even in considerably high gusts of wind.

Everything you need for the night

While getting a tent cot is awesome, you will still need more gear for a comfortable night’s sleep. you will need to get such items as a double sleeping bag as well as a mattress if you’re in for some serious camping, and these mean more money.

However, with Tangkula, the need for sleeping bags is not necessary since they have included everything you need in the purchase. This tent cot comes with a full set of bedding, including 2 sleeping bags, as well as a single air mattress, and two inflatable pillows; your sleep system is catered to.

Sufficient height off the ground

Height is also something to be mindful of when deciding the ideal tent cot for your camping trip, and this becomes even more important if you have back hip, or knee problems. you need a cot that you can sit on without having to strain a lot.

At up to 18 inches off the ground, the cot in this combo is high enough to allow virtually anybody to hop on and get off without having to struggle. It’s not too low to the ground, so you can even sit on it comfortably if need be, which is a great advantage.

Easy set up and take down

Any camping gear makes life hard if the setup is a hustle, therefore having an item that you can set up with ease goes a long way to making your time in the outdoors more fun. Another easy setup tent cot I found is the Kamp Rite Oversized Tent Cot

That’s why this tent cot comes with detailed assembly instructions that help make setting it up easy even for complete novices who haven’t used this kind of camping gear before. In a matter of a few minutes, you should have your tent cot set up or taken down.

Water-resistant capabilities

No camper likes the idea of them or their gear getting wet even when camping in the rainy season. But this can be difficult to avoid if you don’t have the right tent for the job. you need to wake up with your clothing and other gear bone dry to start the day on the right foot.

You will have the impressive waterproof fabric of this tent cot to thank for its outstanding performance, which ensures you never have to wake up in a pool of water. Besides, the raised design of the cot tent means you never have to worry about water making its way into your sleep system, as is the case with a tent set up on the ground.

Very breathable inside

Since the space inside tent cots is small, there’s always a serious risk of sleeping claustrophobic once inside, which could make it less comfortable. So having means of keeping fresh air getting inside the tent is always very vital.

Thankfully, that will be nothing to worry about with this tent cot, thanks to its four windows on each side, which offer all the ventilation you need to make the conditions inside very comfortable. With such sufficient ventilation, you won’t have to put up with unbearable conditions during hot nights, or condensation in cold weather.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

Zipper closure type offers easy operation of your tent cot door, allowing for easy and fast entry and exit, but the best part is that they are just as strong and lasting as the tent.

It’s spacious enough inside to accommodate two people comfortably, which can be a great plus if you are camping as a couple, you won’t need to bring along separate tent cots.

Also included in the purchase is a freewheeled carry bag that makes the portability of your tent cot super easy, allowing you to carry it to just about any destination.

Besides having an air mattress and a pillow included, covers for these two accessories are also included, so you can keep your mattress and pillow clean without having to pay more.

With off the ground design, you can sleep comfortably without any discomfort from any rocks or lumps on the ground, or insects gate crashing inside your space.

Since it comes with tent stakes and strings, you can anchor your tent to the ground so it won’t be blown away in case a strong gust of wind hits.

Both the tent and cot are foldable, you can pack the whole thing in a small compact package that is easy to transport and takes up less space when stored.

It also comes with an included foot pump for the air mattress, so you get outstanding performance with fast inflation, without spending any extra penny.

Thanks to the pillows that are included in the package, you can expect to enjoy a great sleep experience and not have to wake up with those nasty stings and needles on your neck.

An inbuilt mesh on the windows allows you to enjoy that fresh flow of air without any bugs getting inside your tent cot and compromising your comfort.

Quick Specs

  1. Weight: 50.5 pounds
  2. Weight capacity: 405 pounds
  3. Fabric material: 190T Polyester
  4. Pole material: steel/aluminum
  5. Closure Type:  Zippers
  6. Number of windows: 4
  7. Doors: 1
  8. Height: 17 inches
  9. Product dimensions: 76” X 71” X 57”
  10. Accessories: 2 sleeping bags, 1 air mattress, 2 pillows, foot pump


  • A heavy-duty cot can take on a great deal of weight
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Sufficient ventilation with mesh windows
  • Convenient zipper closure for easy opening and closing
  • Up to 18 inches off the ground for ultimate comfort
  • Comes with everything you need for comfortable night sleep


  • At around 50 pounds this is only for car camping
  • The foot pump is not easy to operate, it takes some muscle

Questions And Answers

Question: What is the color of this tent cot?

Answer: It’s a nice green color, which makes it ideal for use in the woods as it blends in naturally with the background. If you love a tent that matches the color of nature when camping, then this would be a perfect choice for a trip to the woods.

Question: How much weight can the cot support?

Answer: The cot is quite heavy-duty, with the ability to support a whopping 405 pounds, which should be more than enough for a combined weight of two average adults. And if you want to get it for teens, then it should be more than you can ask for.

Here Is A Tip Or Two

  • Make sure to take a close look at the dimensions before buying if you are a tall person.
  • Weighing up to 50.5 pounds, this is heavy equipment, so if you are looking for an item for hiking or backpacking, then this is not designed for that.
  • For those who have their eyes set on a car or base camping adventure, the heavy-duty performance of this item makes it worth getting your hands on despite the bulky design.


Sleeping off the ground takes the fun of your camping adventure to new heights. And what better way to enjoy a comfortable night sleeping without any bugs, cold, or bulging rocks to content with than with this Tangkula 2-Person Outdoor Camping Tent Cot.

It’s very sturdy, durable, and above all, comfortable, which makes it the ideal go-to choice for any serious camper who wants to take their camping comfort a notch higher.

Getting a flimsy cot or a cheap tent is not an option, since you do not want to end up exposed or having to take chances with failing gear. I like this item and would highly recommend it if you are looking for a complete sleeping option despite the weight. 

If you have any more questions about the Tangkula 2 Person Outdoor Camping Tent Cot, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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