Terralite Portable Camp Chair Review – The Seat With The Fat Feet

This is the Terralite Portable Camp Chair available from Amazon, with a large following and some really good reviews. The Terralite is a strong, stable, and simple camp chair that is compact, lightweight, and comfortable.

This Article Was Last Updated On February 26, 2021

It is a strong and stable, easy to set-up camp chair, that is compact, lightweight, and comfortable, with a carrying capacity of 350 pounds weighing in at just 2 pounds. 

Check out our review here so you can get a better idea of the unique features and benefits of owning this super convenient super strong and super lightweight camping chair.

The Terralite Portable Camp Chair is a quality build and the use of high-grade materials make it a durable and easy to set-up chair with amazing terragrip feet that prevent excess sinking into soft soil or sand.


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The Key Features


Made with premium quality materials and embedded with state-of-the-art features, the Terralite Portable Camp Chair. can easily claim first place on your camping bucket list. 
Available in 4 attractive colors, this trendy and lightweight portable chair is the best travel kit for travel enthusiasts of all types.
This versatile equipment comes with a long-shelved 600D Oxford Nylon Mesh, double reinforced sides, heavy-duty pole sockets, and rust-resistant Aircraft Grade 7075 aluminum alloy. What’s more, it’s two separate sets of interchangeable exclusive Terragrips feet.
These feet come in standard and oversized, ease out the set-up, and keep you steady through the rain-soaked, muddy grounds or camping near the beach. Moreover, its breezy high-quality mesh back helps you stay cool even through a scorching, sunny day camping.

Super Compact:

Approximately 14 inches from the ground and 28 inches from the base, this lightweight kit is the best go-to solution to pack, load, and carry on your next trip.
Its strategically compact size and cool backpacking features can keep you on top of your outdoor adventure and wild camping. 
From long drives to bicycle trips, trekking to soccer fields, campfire chill outs to the kid’s parties, this light, and comfortable chair is really one good thing that comes in a small package like no other.
This 1.9pounds outfitter can easily fold down into your backpack for easy storage and hands-free transport. Travelling has never been easier with a compact chair like this.

Easy Set-up:

One of the biggest plus factors of the Terralite Portable Camp Chair. is that it takes no time to be installed, and sets up in just a matter of a few seconds. Boggy riverbeds, dense grass fields or sandy beaches, you can put this next-Gen gear literally anywhere with zero effort.
What’s more, this travel stalwart comes with a set of innovative feet that make that extra mile of comfort. They can be interchanged to get the best grip on lands with even the most wear and tear.
You could also keep your lightweight chair floating through sand or mud with its easy leg set-up.

Sink Protection:

The biggest and probably the best feature of this camping maestro is its sink resistance capacity. It’s mainly those exclusive Terragrip stands that keep your chair stable without sleeping or sinking in sandy, mushy or even wet terrain.
Not only that, this kit makes the ideal seat for those who enjoy going to the beaches or marshy lands as the feet don’t stick.
Moreover, its standard and the 4in additional supports are what make the real difference as they let you easily manage weight on your seating positions. While the larger ones offer the best support on the soft soil, the rest don’t let the chair sink in the damp.

Heavy Duty:

It won’t be an exaggeration to say in this Terralite Portable Camp Chair review, that this is some of the strongest camping gear available in the market now.
In fact, this low-weight piece can support up to 350 pounds of weight. Look at its stitches, seams, stress points, and pole sockets, and all are double reinforced with impeccable attention to its high-performance promises.
Moreover, this fine-tuned seat offers the most cutting-edge solution with its state-of-the-art pedestals. In fact, they are all held together in a great combination with what’s known as shock-cord, found in tents. This feature makes this chair optimized under all circumstances.


If longevity makes the best shopping decision for a camping chair, this one from Terralite can easily be placed near the top of your list.
From its heavy-duty rustproof structure to its Nylon Mesh, everything is strategically placed and combined to keep this chair going through the most hostile terrain over the years.
Having a weight and size less than a normal chair, it can withstand all the wear and tear of a camping adventure. In fact, this seating gear is the best pick for the price and it comes with a long-shelved life. You can even remove the seat material easily and wash it in your machine.


Did you say portable? The Terralite Portable Camping and backpacking Chair, could not be a better option then. This lightweight gear is only 17″ x 4.7″ x 4.7″ when folded and packed for carrying on-board.

Store it at home or carry it to your favorite hiking destinations, beaches or campgrounds, it promises absolutely no hauling or struggling. In fact, it’s the portability that makes unloading this chair from your car and carrying it to the spot absolutely no hassle.

With its built-in Velcro straps, this no-bulk chair attaches to the backpacks very easily for hands-free transport.
Guess what, campers can even place the mesh storage bag under the chair and use it as holder pouches. This is a really good chair and easily makes it into our list of Best Camping Chairs.
Terralite chair with terragrip feet

What Are The Benefits Of This Product?


You can fully rely on the superior quality of this chair. Its double reinforced seams, stitching, and stress points make it fit for all outing occasions.
Take it anywhere from a vacation to a picnic, sunset point, playground or beach, this outdoor kit will hold you right in place with the maximum level of comfort, no problems.


Extremely lightweight and compact, this travel gear occupies minimum space in your vehicle. You can store, carry and set it up almost anywhere, even inside the family tent. You can tie it on your backpack for hands-free transport on foot.

Easy Setup:

This lightweight camping kit absolutely puts you in no trouble for setting up. Its innovative feet can further optimize on-site support and comfort. Just a minute or two and you will be relaxing with your favorite drink.

Sink Protection:

Say goodbye to your days of hauling as this outdoor gear keeps all leg sinking troubles at the bay. It’s mainly the custom-tailored grip tread style that promises the ultimate traction and flawless stability no matter where you are.
Easily interchangeable, these exclusive terragrip feet give you maximum safety and security. 

Heavy Duty:

This lightweight and portable gear will keep you at an extra advantage with its optimized performance. With a huge load capacity and sturdy structural frame, this chair is just the right pick for any outdoor trip. Up to 350 pounds allows most of us superior comfort.


This is a much better option available in the market if you are looking for a durable camp chair for extended use. Store it or carry it in the Terralite’s smart mesh bag, and it will stay with you for years to come. Well built with quality materials will mean your money is well spent.


Finally, with its smart portable folding feature, this outdoor seating gear makes a great choice for thrill-seekers. Pack this lightweight piece to your storage bag or attach it to the backpack and you can travel hands-free. At a very light 2 pounds in weight, it will not be any burden to transport.


  1. Available in four trendy colors
  2. High-capacity kit with a reinforced structure
  3. Velcro strap allows a tight pack
  4. Comes with Terragrip feet support
  5. Supports up to 350 pounds
  6. Removable and washable seat Fabric
  7. Aircraft-grade and rustproof aluminum frame
  8. Extremely lightweight and portable
  9. One person set-up
  10. Easy storage with a multipurpose mesh bag.


  1. Maybe a little more expensive than some products of its kind
  2. The chair comes with no built-in cup holders
  3. Placing the chair fabric might need a little extra effort.


There are many things to like about the Terralite Portable Camp Chair, it works well, looks good, is very functional, affordable in the range, and as a lightweight option for ease of carrying it can’t be beaten.
It is stronger than it looks and is comfortable under the most extreme circumstances. We think a good chair is a piece of essential equipment for outdoor excursions whether into the wilds or down at the beach.
This little beauty is suitable to anyone who enjoys the outdoors in a way that requires sitting still from time to time, it is a no-nonsense piece of equipment, that will put the satisfied feeling into your adventure.
It gets a 9 out of 10 from me and if you purchase this chair from Amazon today you will be glad you did tomorrow. At around $55.00 we believe it is very good value.
If you have any more questions about the Terralite Portable Camp Chair, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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4 thoughts on “Terralite Portable Camp Chair Review – The Seat With The Fat Feet”

  1. Definitely more expensive than other chairs, but if you’re new to camping then take my advice and just go straight for this chair.

    Like me, other campers will tell you that they’ve wasted far more money on cheap chairs with the idea that you only use it every so often.

    Let me tell you that once you’ve sat in a chair that’s continually sinking on a sideways slant, you quickly get bored with pulling it straight and get uncomfortable real quick.

    Great review of this product and very honest.

  2. That chair looks awesomely comfortable and easily transported. I wish I had something like this when I went up north this summer! We definitely need to invest in some camping chairs–we really only have one, and it’s a nice one (had a shade attachment), but it’s also bulky and heavy. Some likeweight comfy ones would be perfect for us! 

    • Hi Holly it is comfortable and super lightweight and the one i like most if i have to carry it however if you are car camping and you have plenty of space a large bulky chair can be very comfortable so its good to have a choice for every occasion.

      I appreciate your comment and please share with us if you purchase this chair. Thanks Shane.


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