Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Cot – Comfort Under The Stars

This is the Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Cot, it is built for top-notch performance, it is comfortable, large enough, and most of all, durable. So what makes this cot a possible buy for anyone planning an outdoor trip?

This Article Was Last Updated On February 10, 2021

When all the day’s outdoor adventures are over and you will need a place to lay your head for the night, nothing says comfort like an ideal camping cot.

Do not let this fool you though; unfortunately, not every cot out there is built to give you the ultimate comfort. doing your research and treading with caution to ensure you get a cot that offers you value for your money is important. 

Read on to find out what this cot is all about and why it could be just the perfect pick for your next camping trip.


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TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot

The Key Features

It is just the right size

In the world of camping cots, size truly matters, and this one holds true to that. It is long and wide, giving you sufficient room for spreading and relaxing. Besides, the large size makes it great for different people who prefer diverse sleeping positions.

Pivot arm for easy setup

If you want to get the easiest setup any cot can offer, then try this one. Its pivot comes with an inbuilt lever that you can use to put in the end bar with awesome ease. The struggle to get you cot’s fourth corner in place is over.

Fold-able and Portable

Besides, with its fold-able design, setting up your cot or taking it down once your camping days are over becomes a snap. But there is something even more essential, thanks to the fold-able design, portability is every bit as easy and efficient too.

Sturdy Material

This cot is also made to last you very long. Made with reinforced steel S-legs capable of supporting up to 600 lbs, it is not only durable but also very stable when in use.

And stability is not the only thing you will come to love about this cot; it is also high enough from the ground. Standing at 19 inches off the ground, it is just the right height for sleeping well above rocks and other uneven surfaces.


Comfort is always crucial if you want to get enough rest, and this cot will take you there. Well, first, it is wide and long enough for comfort. Besides, its oxford high-denier top is tight and fits well on the cot, offering an impressive sleeping surface.

Innovative Design

This cot has something even more exciting up its sleeve in terms of offering top-of-line support. With its rubber bushing, it offers a standard shock absorption performance while offering reliable support.

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Product?

Lightweight design at only 26 pounds makes this cot very efficient when it comes to portability. Bring it on board without any concerns over any significant additional weight.

A storage bag is also great when it comes to transporting and storing your cot. Once you are done using your cot, you can fold it with ease, tuck it inside the bag, and head off.

The aluminum frame in this bed makes it both lightweight and tough. It is very light, giving you an easy time with the portability. But when it comes to getting the job done, it is very sturdy, offering outstanding performance.

The steel-patented legs are very strong, holding even some of the heavy guys, which makes this cot ideal for virtually anyone out there.

Its easy-attach connecting pins are also pretty much helpful in terms of the setup. These go the distance to making the setup and takedown of your bed a breeze.

Size is the other thing about this cot that you don’t want to miss. Measuring 84 inches by 40 inches, it offers sufficient space even for two. And is more than enough space if you will be sleeping on it alone. Another cot with good size is the Teton Sports camp cot

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • If you intend to use this cot inside your tent have a good quality ground sheet underneath to protect your tent’s floor from being torn by the legs.
  • You can use it as a pair, but for adults, using it alone will give you more comfort and space.


  • This XXL cot is quite large, offering sufficient space even for two.
  • Heavy-duty rubber bushing for shock absorption and stability. 
  • Packs small and comes with an included carry bag for easy, convenient portability.
  • You can use it with XXL padding.
  • Setup is so easy one person can do it.
  • It includes a large number of accessories.


  • The end bars can be a little difficult to lock in place initially but after a couple of set-ups it becomes easy.
  • It would be great with a zippered or fully enclosed weather-resistant carry bag.
  • It can be a little too bulky to carry for some users.



A camping cot is one of the must-haves you will need out in the wild. It not only offers a comfortable night’s sleep but also adds to the fun with the size.

What better way to have a sound night sleep where you will not wake up to aches all over from sleeping on an uneven surface. That’s just part of what this cot can offer.

You will also find it very helpful if you don’t have a seat, you can relax on it, as it is high enough off the ground.

Perhaps what makes it a great option is that it packs in small and doesn’t weigh much. So you can add it to your list without the worry over space or weight holding you back.

But that’s not all yet; the rigid steel frame and fold-able design also make it a must-buy for anyone planning an outdoor adventure.

Factor in the durability and you have a cot you can count on to last several vacations down the line. Sleeping on your camp trip can’t get any better.

If you have any more questions about the Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Cot, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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10 thoughts on “Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Cot – Comfort Under The Stars”

  1. Sure enjoyed reading this article.  When I was young my husband and I often went camping. He was a rock hound. I would have liked having that Teton sports cot. Your article covered every aspect of this particular cot – its size, it comfort, ease of set up and take down-light weight- sturdy. Everything a camper would want to take into consideration when buying such an important piece of equipment. You sold me!

    • Hi Barbara, i am glad you liked my post and i appreciate your comments. 

      Thank you and have a nice day, Shane.

  2. Hi Shane, I am impressed with the size of this cot.    I am accustomed to sleeping on cots that just barely give you enough room to lay on your side.    I am shocked at how much weight it can support.   600 lbs…. wow.   I hope I never weigh that much. lol    I suppose if I was gone and a bear decided to take a nap on the cot, it might be able to support the weight.   Granted, if a bear got in the tent, it would probably destroy everything else before taking a nap.    

    O.K.  In all seriousness, I appreciate you mentioning the drawbacks also.  Yet, the size and the ability for one person to be able to set it up are HUGE advantages.   Thanks for the review.   

    • Hi Sondra, yep the bears will find the ultimate comfort on this cot, but it might not taste real good. Love your comment, much appreciated, all the best.

      Thanks Shane. 

  3. Hi Shane 

    This cot sounds like something ideal for em so I enjoyed reading your review. I just had a couple of questions I was hoping you might be able to answer? 

    You say to “get the ultimate comfort out of this cot, consider using a little padding” Would you say an air mattress might  work or is one better off with an alternative?  

    I was also wondering about the actual sleep area size of the cot. I know you say it offers sufficient space, even for two people but what about the length? I am quite tall so usually need a bit of extra length to feel comfortable.



    • Hi Mark, Personally it is too hard to sleep the night on an air mattress makes a lot of difference or maybe just a good quality sleeping bag, I have slept on both and both are fine. Check out our Best Ar Mattress article there are some that would be perfect for your needs. 

      The length of the cot is 84 inches so unless your over 7 feet tall you’ll be fine.

      Thanks for your comment, Shane.

  4. Hi Shane, 

    I’m currently cruising up and down the east coast of Australia and having a ball. Although I have a bed in my bus I often have visitors to which they always say they’d love to stay the night in this wherever gorgeous spot I’m at, So there are times when I need another bed, also just for the thrill of sleeping under the stars. This bed look great, I’ll do a little bit more research and come back to you.

    Thanks mate


    • Hi Paul, i wish you safe travels, you are very lucky to be travelling along a most spectacular coastline, i have used this bed and i would recommend it highly. It is nice and firm just how my back likes it. 

      Please let me know your thoughts if you purchase it, thanks Shane.

  5. Thanks a lot. It looks like a great product – sturdy, light, comfortable.  I can use it.

    I don’t do much camping, in fact, none. My situation here in the Philippines is that I end up with a lot of relatives coming around for holidays and other special occasions, needing a place to sleep.  Filipinos are usually okay sleeping on the floor, but I am never happy with that. Two or three of these cots would do the trick for me.  Thanks for the introduction.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Joe, i like your comments, this would be an idea bedding arrangement in your situation they take up very little room and are ready when you need them. 

      Thanks Shane.


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