The Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX Review

The Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX Review will guide you on all the details that this hiking boot could provide. Here you will discover if this is the best partner to wear for your hiking or mountaineering endeavors.

Prepare your feet as we get to know one of Salomon’s best hiking boots. And decide if this is The Perfect Hiking Boot to Help You Conquer A New Distance!

Hiking is one of the best physical activities that you can do, especially if you want to connect with nature. Whether it is your first time or whether you have been hiking for years now, you must wear the best hiking boot to help you on your journey.

I prefer those hiking boots that are not just durable and can stand all extreme and difficult trails, but those that could provide great comfort and support to my feet especially over long distances.

Salomon is one of the best sportswear brands in the market that offers a wide range of hiking boots and shoes so let’s take a look at the Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX.

The Key Features


The durability of a hiking boot is very important as this will support your feet against abrasion and bruising from bumpy wilderness terrain. If the hiking boot is not durable enough then it won’t last long and might cause you harm while walking on tough trails. 

One of the reasons why hikers chose this one is because of the amazing construction that makes it last for many seasons. Despite its rugged appearance and texture, Quest 4D 3 has been constructed with durability in mind.

The Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX is supported with a sturdy rand that covers up around the toe that goes a long way to protect the wearer even though there are some instances of scrapes and bumps from striking rocks and tree branches. 

This will keep the boot holding strong even when you are walking in boulders and other complicated wilderness terrains. This feature is what makes Quest 4D 3 stand out when it comes to durability.


One of the problems when it comes to wearing hiking boots is that some brands cause you more pain than comfort. At first, it feels comfy and soft but in the long run, it only causes you aches and pain making your hike unenjoyable and uncomfortable.

The Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX solid lacing and high collar keep your ankle and foot secure and restful. The great padding around the ankle and boot’s tongue make it comfortable to wear.

Though this boot is not advisable to be taken for a straight long trek as it will loosen up sometimes, this could be your best buddy on rocky trails even if you are carrying heavy loads, because it does a great job separating your feet from the solid surface of the earth.

The boot also is relatively light for its size so this also does the job at making your feet comfortable in hikes. The forefoot and outsole’s rubber of Quest 4D 3 is more flexible and stable than its predecessor, the Quest 4D 2. This is a great improvement as this will give you more comfort in every step you make.

Don’t forget to rest your feet for a while and don’t walk for straight hours especially in long hikes. Even though you are wearing a very comfortable hiking boot, your feet still need rest as well as your whole body to keep you moving forward and get to where you are headed.

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The weight has to be part of your list too when it comes to choosing the perfect hiking boot. It is important as this will make your hiking lighter and more comfortable.

Just as I stated above, Quest 4D 3 is relatively light for its size so this also does the job at making your feet comfortable in hikes. It is the same or a bit lighter than Quest 4D 2 despite weighing at 2 pounds 13.8 ounces.

The Quest 4D 3 might not be the most lighter hiking boot out there but this would do the job in keeping your feet at ease. The tall ankle height of Quest 4D 3 and its burly protection will give you the support you need especially on those demanding trails.

Traction and Fit

The Salomon has made amazing changes for the outsole of Quest 4D 3 as it has better spacing to keep the boot from covering up in mud (and you know how mud makes the boot heavier, right?).

The boot now has a softer Contra-Grip rubber that gives great grip through different surfaces and conditions. The reason it has great traction is the tread pattern, its lugs provide good traction and shed mud easily.

The Quest 4D 3 fits true to its size and has enough room to keep your toes from jamming on the continuing long descents on treks. The boot also gives sufficient space even if you wear thick and large hiking socks.

Stability and Breathability

The best thing about the Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX is its stability. The solid support that it gives makes a great difference, even though the Quest 4D 3 collar sits higher over the ankle. The semi-stiff form does an amazing task keeping your feet in place without experiencing any pressure.

The breathability of Quest 4D 3 is also another thing! The Gore-Tex liner of the boot is breathable and waterproof, though waterproof hiking boots are not the best partner on hot days, the Quest 4D 3 does not have any issue when it comes to breathability.


Wearing a waterproof hiking boot is necessary especially when you are hiking in the winter season. The Gore-Tex membrane of Quest 4D 3 will keep your feet completely dry, just don’t let the water go inside over the top of the boot or your feet will be wet!

The Gore-Tex membrane creates a waterproofing that is extremely important for multi-day hiking. The membrane could also provide a nice increase in the warmth that will keep you comfortable while hiking down in the winter season.


I feel confident in this boot when it comes to protecting my toe and ankle while walking on extreme terrains. The Quest 4D 3 has a tall ankle height, sufficient amount of padding, and well-built heel and toe rubber that makes it perfect for protecting our feet throughout the day.

You will get no painful impacts despite having the rubber toe cap and the sides trimmed down a little. This hiking boot offers great security for both technical and off-trail use such as scrambling over and climbing rocks.

Price and Compare

The Quest 4D 3 price is quite expensive but I believe it does the job right and worth the cost. It has the best foot support to help you in your hiking endeavors. You can check out the latest price here on ==>Amazon<==  and compare it from other similar hiking boots to help you with your purchasing decision.

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What Are The Benefits Of This Product

  • The materials used for this product make it durable for many years as the textile and leather upper create the appearance, breathability, and experience of a hiking boot for summer.
  • While the Gore-Tex membrane produces waterproofing, which is very important for those who love to hike to damp or cold places.
  • The secure grip of Salomon Quest 4D 3 has now a fully enhanced outsole and a new design for the lugs for that better grip and protection on all surfaces.
  • Thanks to its sole which is comparatively thin and flexible for this kind of hiking boot, you could experience the terrain underfoot while expecting more cushioning.
  • Quest 4D 3 design is a combination of classic and modern styles. It has a pretty nice combination of hiking boots design and the latest techy trail running touches. It has a fitted and athletic appearance despite being high-top.
  • It offers plenty of security and protection compared to other previous versions of Salomon Quest 4D for all technical and off-trail use.
  • Relatively light for its size making this hiking boot comfortable for long hikes, then throw them into your favorite backpack for lightweight transport.
  • Gore-Tex liner is waterproof and breathable which keeps your feet dry and comfortable at all times.
  • It fits true to its size and has enough room to keep your toes from jamming on the continuing long descents on treks.


  1. The support and comfort that it gives are excellent! When you carry a load of things while walking over rough terrain, wearing this boot will give you comfort and support that you need for your feet.
  2. The traction is fantastic for this one because of its tread that grips well on anything. You don’t have to worry about walking on muddy terrain as it easily loosens the mud and dirt under your boots.
  3. The performance of Quest 4D 3 is another feature we like about it. It fits perfectly and the locks provide security to your feet, especially on long descents or climbs.
  4. It also holds up in extreme and rough terrains giving it good durability.


  1. It feels warmer in hot conditions because of the Gore-Tex membrane.
  2. Though Quest 4D 3 is light and flexible to wear for some people, it could be a little heavy for others.


My Overall Opinion

If you are looking for excellent quality hiking boots, then you will never go wrong in choosing the Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX. This is the perfect hiking boot for those who want durable and comfortable footwear especially hiking in rough terrains.

The stability and other features of this hiking boot such as the Gore-Tex membrane and Contra-Grip technology can truly outshine other well-known hiking boots.

There are things to consider also especially its size and look, but overall this is an excellent hiking boot with great support that will keep your feet and ankle from any harm on a very challenging hike.

The high-quality design and construction of Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX will truly get you to your destination with ease and confidence.

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