Therm a Rest Neoair Xtherm Sleeping Pad Review

Say hello to the newly improved Therm a Rest Neoair Xtherm sleeping pad! This pad is popularly known for its lightweight, packable, and excellent warmth design. 

Neoair Xtherm’s performance has become even better and exceptional among others with the updated WingLock™ Valve system and its higher R-value. From having an R-value of 5.2, it now has an R-value of 6.9. 

These changes are far beyond the performance of its previous design. The new valve makes inflation and deflation easier and the higher R-value will get you through any extreme conditions. 

If you want to know more about it, let’s take a look at its features, construction, and find out what makes it so unique. 

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Therm a Rest Neoair Xtherm sleeping pad


Key Features


The first reason why you want to have a Therm a Rest Neoair sleeping bag is you want to stay warm. When faced with extreme weather conditions the insulating ability of this pad will help you through a hypothermic situation.  

We know, that being sufficiently warm especially in cold weather is totally a huge contributor towards feeling really comfortable. A high R-value assists greatly in staying warm. 

Featuring multiple layers of ThermaCapture™ technology, which is a large reflective material that traps radiant heat and reflects it back to the body.

This reflective aluminum coating is effective in providing anyone a warm toasty feeling while sleeping. The Neoair Xtherm has done a really good job in that particular area. 

There is also the Triangular Core Matrix™ construction responsible for minimizing convective heat loss. These features help retain the heat and good insulation all throughout the pad.  


Comparing this pad to another lightweight yet uncomfortable sleeping pad, Neoair Xtherm feels like a luxury item. This pad is available in two shapes, the mummy cut which is the regular one, and the rectangular cut. 

We like the fact that this pad has horizontal baffles. With this design, the pad is very stable and has an even sleeping surface unlike the ones with vertical baffles. 

Whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper you’ll surely get a comfortable and relaxing night’s rest on this pad. At the expense of just a few ounces of weight, you will get a lot more insulation and 2.5 inches of pad thickness. 

Ease of Inflation/ Deflation

The Neoair Xtherm is not self-inflating, so you have to inflate it manually. You can use your mouth or the provided easy-to-use pump sack to inflate it. 

With the upgraded valve system that we’ve mentioned earlier, all you have to do is flip it from inflating to deflating mode. With the WingLock™ Valve system, you don’t have to worry about air escaping while inflating the pad.

With a new valve system also comes in a new style of pump sack that has higher airflow and much easier to use. We think that this all-new valve system is excellent and does speed up the inflation and deflation pleasantly. 

Size, Weight, and Packability

The lightweight materials make the pad ultracompact that it is just like the size of one-liter bottled water. It only consumes a small space in your pack than other sleeping pads with the same R-value.  

You must pay attention to details when buying this sleeping pad. It has multiple sizes you can choose from, namely the regular and the large size. 

The regular size is 72 x 20 inches, 15oz in weight, and has a packed dimension of 9 x 4 inches. On the other hand, the large size is 77 x 25 inches, 1 lb.4 oz in weight, and has a packed dimension of 11 x 4.5 inches. 

Frankly, this pad can be included in your ultralight kit. It is a high-performance pad that you can use year-round. 


The materials are lightweight yet very durable. It is structured with 30D rip HT nylon on top and a thicker 70D nylon fabric on the bottom so it can handle a little bit more abuse. 

Although we are confident about its durability it is still best to bring along something that will protect your pad underneath especially on extended trips.

Knowing there is an included patch kit and a proven track record of durability our team wouldn’t hesitate to bring this sleeping pad deep into the backcountry.  

Therm a Rest Neoair Xtherm Pad-contents

Benefits of the Product

High claimed R-Value of 7.2 makes Neoair Xtherm your ideal four-season sleeping pad. It will not fail to keep you warm and comfortable during winter. 

The improved WingLock™ Valve is reliable and intuitive. It maximizes airflow for ease of inflation and quick deflation. 

Structured with lightweight yet durable materials from top to bottom. The reinforced bottom of the pad highly prevents tear and wear. 

With small stuff sack that can contain the sleeping pad, pump sack, and repair kit makes for an easy carry and storage solution. 

It has an included pump sack which is convenient to use and saves a lot of time and energy. Using a pump sack is suggested especially in winter so you don’t have to blow the pad by mouth, also it would only take about 10-12 pumps to fully inflate the pad. 

Unmatched warmth to weight ratio, this pad features patent-pending ThermaCapture™ technology and Triangular Core Matrix™ construction making it the warmest sleeping pad offered by therm-a-rest. 

Exceptional comfort providing you with 2.5 cushioning and baffled internal structure which is really advantageous for side sleepers. It won’t make your hip bones dig into the dirt. 

Excellent performance in all types of season, with a Neoair Xtherm you will experience nothing but comfort, it has the perfect shape, size, and color you’re looking for in a sleeping pad. 

The price is a bit expensive for a sleeping pad but with all the technology involved in creating this pad and the high R-value, we say that you will truly get what you paid for.  

Holds a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, Therm-a-rest will do everything they can to repair or warranty your item as quickly as possible. Contact them to know more info about the warranty and they will gladly assist you. 


  • Lightweight and compact
  • With included repair/ patch kit
  • Durable even under extreme conditions
  • Super warm and comfortable
  • No-slip fabric


  • The most common complaint about this pad is the noise, the crinkling sound it makes as you move can be frustrating but it seems to get quieter over time though.
  • The new pump sack tends to pop off the valve when too much pressure is applied.

Questions and Answers

Q: What’s the difference between the Therm a Rest Neoair Xtherm and Neoair XLite? 

A: Well, the obvious difference between Therm a Rest Neoair Xtherm vs Xlite is their R-value. The Xtherm holds a claimed R-value of 7.2 while the XLite only has an R-value of 4.2. 

If you’re planning to go winter camping, we suggest you get the Xtherm for it will provide a higher level of insulation from the ground and efficient support in extremely cold conditions. 

Q: How do you inflate and deflate the Neoair Xtherm with its upgraded WingLock™ Valve? 

A: To inflate, simply unroll the sleeping pad and twist the valve counter-clockwise. It is best to use the pump sack, don’t worry about air escaping for the one-way valve will prevent it from escaping. 

To deflate, open the wings so the one-way valve will be open. Then open the valve cap by again twisting counter-clockwise to allow air to escape. 

For an easier grasp on this, you can always watch the provided video tutorial from Therm a rest. 

Tips You Can Take Away

  1. For a much faster deflation flip the valve beforehand so rolling in or folding the pad needs less effort.
  2. For longer trips, it is wise to bring something to protect your sleeping pad underneath.
  3. We highly suggest you use the pump sack instead of blowing by mouth to prevent the build-up of moisture inside which can lead to molds.
  4. Although this is a winter pad, you may also want to consider this in the summer when you camp in a place where temperatures can drop drastically at night.


The Therm a Rest Neoair Xtherm sleeping pad was made with winter backpacking in mind. It is a go-to option for those four-season backpackers and campers who are into ultralight packing. 

With its incredible warmth to weight ratio and several innovative designs and features, there’s no doubt that this sleeping pad has also become one of our favorites. Most of the technology intact in this sleeping pad is found in the middle or in the inside where you will mostly feel the insulation. 

The Therm a Rest Neoair Xtherm sleeping pad is an outdoor gear that you can rely on and take out anywhere. It seamlessly performs well in extreme weather conditions that you can definitely use it year-round. 

Neoair Xtherm is one of the warmest sleeping pads we’ve tested and it never fails us in colder conditions. With a high R-Value, you don’t need to buy an extra sleeping pad for the winter. 

With ultralightweight, compact, superior warmth, decent comfort, and stability features, this can be the perfect sleeping pad for anyone who needs a four-season high-performer.

Suffice to say we truly love this pad and we highly recommend it to family and friends who are planning to camp in areas below freezing point. 

The Therm a Rest Neoair Xtherm is great for nearly any application and we are sure you’ll experience the most out of your camping trip with this pad.

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If you have any more questions about the Therm a Rest Neoair Xtherm sleeping pad, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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