thermarest trail pro self inflating sleeping pad

Looking for a self-inflating camping mattress that can give you superior warmth and comfort? Check out the ThermaRest Trail Pro Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad.

It’s a camping pad that uses a self-inflating technique to become a soft and comfortable sleeping surface. Open-celled foam that soaks up air just like how the sponge absorbs liquid. 

It’s small and compact when packed and it’s easy to use and store. It comes in a semi-rectangular shape with a 2-inches thick fully inflated soft and comfortable foam. The foam has a diagonal cut which increases the warmth while staying lightweight.

Read on to learn more about this camping mattress and its features and benefits.

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ThermaRest Trail Pro Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

The Key Features

Diagonal Cut Foam 

The foam used in this camping mattress is not bulky and heavy yet still provides good thermal efficiency. This prevents the mattress from losing too much heat. The diagonal cut design assists in keeping the warmth in.

This feature makes this sleeping pad perfect for cold sleepers and camping in cold environments. With this mattress, you can have a warm and comfortable sleep.

Self-Inflating with Durable Valve

This sleeping pad has a self-inflating design. The valve is high quality and durable. Before you use it, allow it to inflate automatically by opening the valve for about 15 minutes.

The pad sucks in air and expands by itself because the core is made up of open-cell foam. This is an extremely easy way to inflate because you don’t need to manually huff and puff to blow it up. It does most of the work for you.

After that, you may check the firmness of the pad and either increase or decrease it as you like.

High Thermal Resistance (R Value)

The sleeping pad has an R-value (thermal resistance) of 4.8 which means that it has great resistance to the flow of heat. This feature makes it a 4 season sleeping pad. You can use it camping at any time of the year including camping during cold weather.

In cold environments, the mattress can give you warmth so you stay comfortable. This is an extremely helpful feature because unlike other sleeping pads with lower R values, this doesn’t limit your time of use.

Easy To Use and Pack Away

Another great feature of this camping pad is the ease of use and packing away. Once your camp is ready, just roll it out, open the valve, and wait until it gets fully inflated. Minimal effort needed.  

To pack it away, start by opening the valve then from the foot end, fold the mattress several times until you reach the head. Kneel on the mattress to force most of the air out.

Close the valve then unfold the mattress. Roll the mattress again starting at the foot end and as you get close to the head, open the valve again to let the remaining air out.

Keep rolling it and once rolled up, close the valve and keep your mattress inside the stuff sack and you’re done.

Lightweight and Small Pack Size

This camping mattress is also lightweight and packs in a small size. It gives you portability and so it’s perfect for your outdoor adventures.

It’s also very compact and easy to carry. It doesn’t require a large storage space so you can bring other essential gear on your camping. 

It comes with an included stuff sack and it’s super convenient for transport. It also keeps your sleeping pad secure while not in use. Bringing it on your campings should never be a hassle.

Wide Baffle For Greater Comfort 

This sleeping pad has a wide baffle around the edges that was designed for added comfort. This is another great feature you would love in this sleeping pad. It gives you the feeling that you’re being cradled into the middle of the pad.

It makes your sleep even more comfortable. It’s one feature you don’t see a lot with the existing sleeping pads in the market. This makes the product a better choice over the similar ones available today.

Pressure Mapping Technology

This self-inflating form also provides targeted support and softness by using a pressure mapping technology. It reinforces weight support along with the areas of your body that experiences greater pressure like the shoulders, hips, and knees. 

It brings comfort to those specific contact areas of the pad and the body and helps reduce your sleeping issues.

Adding pressure mapping technology to the design of this sleeping pad makes it even better.It’s another feature you would love in this mattress.


This sleeping pad has a wide variety of uses. It’s extremely versatile for indoor or outdoor use. You can use it when camping and other outdoor activities. It can provide you comfortable sleep and relaxation inside your tent.

You can use it for backpacking and travel, carry it anywhere so you can have a mattress for better sleep wherever you find yourself. Or use it during emergencies where you need to give someone a nice, cozy sleeping pad to rest into.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product?

A durable and high-quality sleeping pad is always a worthwhile purchase especially for serious campers and people who love going outdoors.

You can feel superior comfort from the softness and targeted support of a 2-inch thick foam that uses pressure mapping technology.

A highly portable mattress is perfect for outdoor use because of its lightweight design and the included stuff sack for easy carry.

The enhanced warmth and comfort that comes from diagonally cut foam gives you better sleep while the pad’s weight is kept minimal.

The convenient way of inflating your sleeping pad minimizes your effort because the foam was made with open cell material making it self-inflating.

The sleeping pad is suitable for use even in cold environments because it has high thermal resistance (R-Value) that maintains the warmth of the body.

Using the mattress and packing it away is easy so there’s no need to go through complicated assembly or disassembly instructions and you can get ready to sleep quickly.

The added comfort provided by the wide baffle around the pad’s edges further improve the level of comfort you can experience using this sleeping pad.

You can save some space because the sleeping pad is very small and compact when packed and stored in its carry bag.

You can use the sleeping pad in so many ways such as for camping, hiking trips, backpacking, travel, and other outdoor activities where you’ll need a comfortable mattress for your sleep. 

Quick Specs

  1. Brand: Therm-a-Rest
  2. Item Dimensions: 20 x 66 x 2 inches
  3. Item Weight: 1 lb 10 oz
  4. Packed Dimensions: 11 x 6.6 inches
  5. Shape: Semi-rectangular with baffle around the edge
  6. Foam: Diagonal-cut / Open cell
  7. Type: Self-inflating
  8. R Value: 4.8


  • Durable
  • Self-inflating 
  • Highly compressible and lightweight
  • Versatile for backpacking, camping, and travel
  • High R-value that’s great for 4-season use


  • 1.  The shape allows limited leg and foot movement

Questions and Answers

Question: What’s the maximum height of a woman that can fit in on this?

Answer: A 6 foot women could use this pad easily, it’s just her feet would be off the edge.

Question: How long does it take to fully inflate?

Answer: Opening the valve for about 15 minutes should be enough to inflate it. After that, you may check if you feel comfortable with the firmness.

Adjust it by manually blowing air through the valve or releasing air by opening the valve. Retighten the valve after adjustment.

Question: Is it comfortable to sleep on considering it’s only 2-inch thick?

Answer: Yes. The foam is diagonally cut for warmth and comfort and it employs targeted support and softness for areas that receive the most pressure particularly the shoulders, hips, and knees .

Here’s A Tip Or Two

Inflating the camping mattress may take some time so you should let it self-inflate ahead of time before you sleep. Keep the pad away from sharp, pointed objects that can damage it. 


A comfortable camping mattress helps you have better sleep and relaxation. If your mattress lacks the warmth and comfort you need, your quality of sleep will be negatively affected.

The Therm-a-Rest Trail Pro Self-Inflating Camping Mattress is a durable and high-quality sleeping pad that can give you the best experience while you rest and sleep.

It’s the camping mattress to choose from if you want a warm and cozy pad that you can easily bring with you outdoors, this is one for your next camping trip!

If you have any more questions about the ThermaRest Trail Pro Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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