Thermik Cooler – Game-Changing Review

Keeping ice for more than one day requires a Thermik Cooler, in particular, the High-Performance 75QT Cooler, this may be all you need to keep those drinks cold, food fresh, and to keep ice for your drink. Depending on your destination, the sun can be unrelenting and unforgiving. It puts up quite a competition in its category and has everything to show for it.

Don’t be caught up in the confusion on what cooler to go for. Start by finding out if the one you have your eyes on has what it takes. So keep reading to find out if this cooler is up to the task. It can’t be stressed enough that this unit comes with a fair share of features that you will find very reliable. Before you dive in headfirst, here are some of the most critical features and benefits that you should check out.

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Quality Construction.

Can’t beat the one-piece construction. With this sturdy construction, this cooler proves to be robust enough for outdoor use. In most cases, traveling with a flimsy cooler can be both inconvenient and frustrating if things go wrong.  But this one not only ensures an unparalleled performance but also lasts for ages.

If you care about getting the value for every penny, then this could be your best bet. Durability and excellent Ice retention capabilities for several days is enhanced by the thick wall roto-molded process that brings this cooler into a league of its own. 

Easy-to-use latches.

A ring lever latch is about all you need. Let’s face it; if you are fond of outdoor adventure, you have pretty had it with banging your knuckles when closing your cooler. But unlike the normal “T” latches, a ring lever-latch design gives you an easy time opening and closing this cooler. Better yet, the soft, yet persistent latches are placed conveniently, so you don’t have to struggle to find them.

Thick, Heavy-Duty Insulation. 

And now, onto the insulation. Well, you will find a whole lot of things to love about this cooler, but very few beat the thrill of keeping your food and drinks fresh and cold. With thick urethane insulation, it goes the distance to keep the stuff inside cold all day long. And while most coolers have a problem with the ice melting under extreme conditions, this one is built for the tough outdoors. Ice can last well up to over 5 days, with the cool air in, and the hot air kept out.

Vacuum Release.

You’ll also have something to thank the freezer-grade seal and vacuum release mechanism for.  Well, getting frustrated with a stuck cooler lid has seen many almost throw their units away in frustration. Well, it’s pretty certain that that’s the last thing you are willing to put up with. You don’t have to since the seal is super easy to break and open the lid. Besides, a vacuum release button helps equalize the pressure on your cooler with only the push of a button.

Robust lid Hinges.

What about the Thermik High-Performance Cooler hinges? Oh yeah, those ones too have something for you. First off, they are built for the long haul, with a robust construction that makes them super durable. Simply put, the hinges are virtually indestructible, giving you a lasting service despite taking on quite a beating. Besides, they enable the lid to swing as far as 90-degrees, giving you enough room to reach inside and get out the goodies.

Cutting Board / Metal Basket.

A cutting board separator is also something you are not likely to pass on. Of course, the arrangement of stuff in your cooler is something worth considering too. That’s where the dry keeper basket in this one comes into play. If you have several things that you would rather store separately, this one is for you. This can be a much welcome plus too, as everything is on hand whenever you need it the most.

Detachable Drink Holder.

What’s more, a drink holder offers additional convenience when it comes to keeping your drinks handy. This detachable feature sits on the outside of the unit. So it is not only easily accessible but also sits well out of the way. In essence, you can simply go on and open up your cooler whenever you want without having to move your drink.

Once on the inside, this cooler is spacious enough to fit virtually all you need to last you over two days. It can take on 6 water bottles, several steaks, and fruits as well as veggies.  And still, there’s room for snacks and food too.

Locking Tab / Bottle Openers.

Stainless steel locking tabs used as bottle openers might sound a bit far-fetched. But these are not your typical bottle openers; they also double as locking tabs. With a 1.5-inch shank length padlock, you can easily keep your catch out of reach of bears or other animals. Then here comes the best part.

The tabs also coming in as bottle openers. So you never have to worry about forgetting the bottle opener again.  Above all, thanks to the stainless steel material, you can be pretty sure that these are going to last long.

Remote drain cap.

The Thermik Cooler 75 isn’t done yet, at least not until you meet the drain cap. Its rugged double stage drain design is much like a normal garden hose. It comes in very handy for remote draining, but there’s more. With a stainless leash, you don’t have to worry about overboard drain – which can be quite messy by the way.

Rubber legs and tie-down holes.

And there’s still something more about it that you should know, the hardtop and rubber feet. Yes, these make it ideal if you ever have to sit on it, like on a boat. It also has tie-down features that you will come to love as well if it comes down to that. However, the whole unit is stable enough for use, so you can be confident that on your next outdoor adventure it won’t move and jump around when tied down.

Price and Compare

The price of this product is very reasonable and I believe it offers good value compared with other similar coolers on the market, check out the current price here now on ==>Amazon<== for a good comparison that will help with your purchasing decision.


Single-piece, top-of-line construction allows you to expect a long life from the cooler, so purchasing another in the short term will not be required thus, saving you money.

Easy-to-use latches ensure you not only have an easy time opening and closing your cooler but also saves you crucial time, especially if you are in a haste, all without banging your fingers on the unit.

Thick, heavy-duty insulation offers the much-needed convenience and performance in keeping your supplies cool even under some of the most extreme (mostly environmental) conditions. Keep the cool air in, and the hot one out.

The vacuum release function helps ease the struggle with opening your cooler, which can be a problem with most units as the lid becomes stuck with a build-up of vacuum, which make it difficult when opening it and risking hurting yourself in the process, just a simple press of the button will equalize the pressure within and you will have no trouble opening it.

Robust lid hinges prove essential too, as any fault here could render the entire unit useless. Despite taking on some heavy lifting, these hinges hold up, so you don’t have to go back to the market sooner while the cooler is still performing at its best.

The cutting board metal basket is what you need to properly organize stuff in the unit, as you don’t have to pile everything on top of the other, which not only gets messy but can fill it up pretty easily.

A detachable drink holder can be quite convenient if you don’t have any table handy, you can use it to keep your drink within reach, and without compromising your access into the unit.

Locking tab bottle openers are the masters of versatility here, they help keep your supplies secure on the inside, while still proving very useful if you have a few drinks to open along the way, so there’s virtually no need to bring onboard a standalone opener.

Remote drain cap with a leash? Yes, sometimes you need to drain the unit, but not anywhere. This function helps you take charge of where and when to drain your unit, convenience doesn’t get better.

Rubber legs and tie-down holes, stability is of the essence, either when moving or using your cooler. And these are both crucial in ensuring that the unit doesn’t topple over all the time, which can be disastrous if you have just put in anything that can spill.


  1. Built to last, thanks to a one-piece construction and robust materials.
  2. Spacious enough to accommodate supplies for several days.
  3. The ice doesn’t melt, even after a whole day exposed to the sun.
  4. Ideal handles help with the easy handling of the unit.


  1. At 32 lbs, it can be pretty heavy for a lengthy hike.
  2. Considering its size and weight, once full, it would be great with wheels for easy portability.

My Overall Opinion

As you prepare for your next trip, this Thermik Cooler Review proves one of the things you can’t afford to leave behind. Whether you are planning to camp among mountainous national parks, get down on sandy beaches or take on a challenge in the woods, the Thermik 75 will go anywhere with you. This one will make for a great addition to the fun. It’s bigger, better, and definitely cooler than a lot of coolers in its tier. 

With a wide range of features and outstanding construction and a unique design, it goes the distance to keep your food and drink cold and preserved.  There will always be a reason to take it on any trail and venture out into a new horizon. Thankfully, this cooler will always give you a reason to be confident no matter what lies ahead. If you require some further information check out our best coolers for camping. 

I really like this Cooler, it is an all-around quality product that will do what it is intended to do, and that is to retain ice to keep food and drink cold over an extended period with a very high level of satisfaction and certainty. That is why I have given it a rating of 9 from 10 and I also give it a very high recommendation to buy if you are looking to purchase a larger size cooler, you will not be disappointed.

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If you have any more questions about the Thermik High, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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  1. The best thing about this cooler is probably that it keeps things cold for days. Besides being useful on trips, it would be a handy thing to have around if the refrigerator or freezer broke. It’s too heavy for a hiking trip, but it would be excellent on a long road trip.

    • Hi cpascal, Appreciate your commenting on my site, the Thermik is particularly good to have on a long road trip they keep ice for several days which is extremely convenient.

      Thank you Shane.

  2. Hello Shane,

    Your review is both excellent and extensive.

    You covered pretty much everything about the cooler.

    The cooler looks excellent and I took a look at the customer reviews on amazon and it appears as if there are many happy customers, which is excellent.

    I am based in Thailand and The Philippines and sad to say the shipping was twice the cost of the cooler. I am guessing it is because it is heavy.

    I would have to see if there are local suppliers but it sounds like it does what anyone would want.

    Great job.


    • Hi Tim, you are based in a lovely part of the world, thanks for your comments. Shipping costs can sometimes be very high. All the best. Shane.


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