The Important Things to take Camping – don’t get caught out

You’ve purchased a great tent and packed a couple of sleeping bags, the campsite is reserved and paid for. So, here are some things to take camping for it to be more enjoyable and safe.

This Article Was Last Updated On February 28, 2021

You’re awake early in anticipation of something new and exciting, you are ready for that first camping trip of the season. Dont forget a good stove and of course, you can’t forget the cooler to keep and chill the delicious food and drink. but wait there’s more.

Camping out can be a wonderful experience or it can be a pain in the neck, depending on any number of things. The weather is one thing that can cause all sorts of problems but it’s also one thing we can’t control. Nearly everything else is, within reason, within our control.

The location, booking, and camping costs, packing the correct bedding, and personal clothing are all things we need to have with us on our camping trip to be comfortable and contented. I will highlight some products and reviews for you to take a look at as we go.

The equipment we take camping is extremely important, and should always be cleaned and well maintained after each use, and stored off the ground in a dry place when not being used.

Checked and tested before being packed for the next camping trip, the things to take camping change for everyone but in the main, they consist of a number of staple items that we all need and we will list a few here into a checklist of sorts. As I go through this list start putting your own list together.


This is our number one piece of equipment when spending nights outdoors, shelter, it is the first priority of survival in the wilds. Tents come in a massive choice of style size and construction, but today there is a fairly standard range of tents that are very suitable for all-season camping in most parts of the country.

I have done an unbiased review of a  Coleman 4-person tent and also a 6-person instant cabin tent These shelters are basic, comfortable, weatherproof, and fully enclosed. They are easy to transport and simple to erect, take your time to check them out on the highlighted text above.

a row of tents

Sleeping Bag and Pad

Take into consideration the warmth a well-built sleeping bag will provide, sufficient room, and of course, comfort and you have a reliable solution to keep you warm and comfortable for your night’s camping or hiking outdoors. Choose a good quality Sleeping pad to pair up under your favorite sleeping bag to take your outdoor adventure to a completely new level.


Check out these super coolers, I have written this buyer’s guide to show an excellent product that is super strong and will give you a lifetime of excellent performance and provide maximum cold/ice retention that allows us to stay out longer. Along with the use of rubber gasket sealed lids to increase insulation performance, ice retention has been known to be up to 10 days.

Lanterns or Lighting

You most likely remembered to pack a flashlight for those evening walks to the washrooms or for working around the campsite after dark. Check out our review on the Anker Tactical Flashlight, this is a really good product.

But what about a great lantern for inside the tent. If you wanted to play cards or board games, it doesn’t really work with a flashlight in your hand but a good Led Light lantern will make all the difference. They come in all different shapes and sizes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to sit around the fire of an evening roasting marshmallows, but when you need a light that is portable, personal and something you can have on your body hands-free, what you really need is a good quality headlamp.

So check out our in-depth review of the Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp. This is a very good headlamp but just one of many. They come in lots of different styles, are easy to wear, cheap to buy, and work really well as a personal light.

We forgot to pack a lantern on a camping trip once and by 7:30 p.m. when things got dark it limited our activities to things around the campfire. Good lighting illuminates the campsite, but that is not all that it does, it also provides safety as well as being able to find your way.

The last thing you need is to fall over and hurt yourself, its amazing the difference good lighting makes to a trip into the outdoors.

water bottle

Water Container.

If you have a trailer you most likely will have water carrying and storage capability. However, If tent camping you will need to go somewhere to pick up water and taking ten trips to the tap with a pot is no fun.

The plastic 5-gallon water container is inexpensive and is easy to find online or at any outdoor store and are very convenient. A good quality water bottle is always a great investment. Fill it with clean water before you leave home, and this will give you and a friend a supply of drinking water for around 4 days.

lifestraw filter

A Water Purifying System.

It’s important before taking a drink in the outdoors that you are confident that it is clean drinkable water that won’t make you sick or worse. You need to stay hydrated, especially while hiking or doing other strenuous activities. However, if you drink water straight from the creek/river/lake, there is a real possibility that you could become sick from bacteria in the water.

No one wants to get sick, especially in the outdoors on a camping trip. If you’re going to be sticking near a campsite that provides water that you trust is clean, then you can skip this, but otherwise, it’s good to make yourself familiar with a couple of different types of water purification available.

Two very simple water treatment options are a Personal Water Filter, or a packet of aqua tabs in your kit. These items are indispensable if your outdoors and you’re not always sure of clean drinking water being available.

Both options are very compact and light, and take up next to no space. Check out our latest research and opinions on the unbelievable Personal Water Filter Review.


Some people, do pack shelter tents, but for a lot of us, we need some cover over the picnic table in case of rain. Firstly, believe it will rain at some point during your camping lifetime.

When it does hopefully you have a campsite already set up with some trees to tie up your tarp, so you do not get too wet while making your morning coffee. A simple tarp can provide a number of different uses and should not be left in the shed at home when you’re packing the things to take camping.

air compressor

Air Pump.

Another item that should not be left at home when I tent camp is a good hand or foot-operated air pump. I have a great air pump for my air mattress which people are forever borrowing.

There are some great air mattresses available these days that are thicker, have suede covers or a whole bunch of features.

Then people buy a cheap pump which takes forever to blow up the mattress nice and hard.

So grab that air-pump and make sure it is of reasonable quality, you don’t want it blowing a seal before you inflate the mattress for the evening not very comfortable sleeping on a flat mattress. if your vehicle is close by a small 12-volt air pump is even more convenient. These are cheap and widely available.

pot on a fire

Kettle Or Pots.


Did you remember to pack a great camp stove? Great. But did you pack a kettle and pots that you take with you when camping? You need the kettle for your morning coffee or tea.

Remember pots are going to get black on the outside and maybe banged up a bit with the packing and use in the camp, so you need a set just for the campsite, don’t spend money on new for the camping, when you can use your old pots from home and replace those with new.

first aid kit

First Aid Kit.

No matter how many precautions you take or how careful you are, accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. Someone can fall and hurt themselves with cuts and abrasions, maybe a thorn in the foot or get bitten by an insect.

Worse still someone could get bitten by a snake. So, carry a first aid kit with you with some basic medicines, an antiseptic cream, band-aids and most importantly, a pressure immobilization bandage or two as snakes are present throughout the whole country.


Perhaps the most useful tool you can bring on a camping trip is a reliable pocketknife. You can use it to fashion an impromptu tent pole with wood, should one of your break; open up packaging; cut through rope or cable; and a variety of other uses. Do not leave home without a dependable pocket knife.

Folding knives are excellent for camping as the blade retracts into the handle and it can be stored with ease. One of the multi-tool pocket knives can also be an extremely good addition to your pile of things to take camping.

Foldable Camp Chair.

To be able to just relax, put your feet up after exploring the area you’re in the very act of sitting after being on your feet for a time is most pleasant and a good quality camp chair like these will have you feeling right at home.

They are light and compact and there would be no reason why you would be without a comfy camp chair to sit and enjoy your coffee.

Other Common Equipment.

There is always something we leave out or forget to bring, but there is a number of small items that we should not leave without. Firestarters, matches or cigarette lighter and maybe a flint.

A good cutting knife or even Machete, this specific equipment enables you to cut woods, start up a fire, slice piece of rope as well as other instances where their use could make your whole outdoor adventure much easier and comfortable.

And how could we forget the insect repellent, now that is important, that should be one of the first essential items we carry and quite conveniently placed in a small bag or backpack, with the other small common items.

It is always a part of your equipment and can drastically change the level of enjoyment of your trip.

These items are only a few of the things you need camping, throw in a warm and comfortable sleeping bag, plus it could be quite a few more things for your trip.

This could turn out to be the minimum of all the equipment which you might bring. If you have a vehicle and trailer your list would change dramatically, but these few items may be quite useful during your adventure.

You can select handy or simply useful things to take along with you. You will find a lot of equipment which you may put together performs similar functions., and a lot of gear you may not even use.

These few camp essentials, some of which are easy to forget along with your tent and sleeping gear can make for a great time in the outdoors. Leave us a comment with your must-have item.

The things to take camping, and you’re beginning to wonder what else it is your going to need on this trip. Speaking from experience, there are a few things that are easy to forget to pack, and sometimes even the small stuff can make your life much more comfortable.

If you have any more questions about the things to take camping, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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  1. However, buying just based on the reputation of a brand without visually inspecting it is a monster no no. No matter how good is, it can still deteriorate with rough use and lack of care.

    Keep being awesome!

    • Hi Mary, your right it doesn’t matter what it is, anything will deteriorate with rough use and a lack of care even Human Beings, so take care and don’t forget to look after yourself.
      Thanks for your great comment.

  2. Hey Shane, I really enjoyed reading your post on things to take camping. Before I say anything about your post I must say I love your site. Really cool. 🙂 I own a VW California and I love camping. I love the idea with the lantern because with camping it all about the mood for me. I do have one question what would be your nr.1 recommendation on campsites?

    • Hi Aaron, thanks for your positive comment. Yes, camping sure takes some beating particularly in some of the spectacular places we have. And with a California, with the clam type opening roof ? wow. that’s Magic right there.

      My No 1 favourite is The Calliope River in Queensland. I have a post on my website about this camp. Really a lovely spot. Do you have a favourite ? and which is it please.


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