Timber Ridge 2 Person Cot Tent Review

Planning a camping trip can be quite hectic, but one thing you can’t afford to miss is ensuring the best sleeping comfort, and a Timber Ridge 2-Person Cot Tent can be your best bet at that.

Let’s face it, sleeping in the outdoors doesn’t mean trading off your comfort and the need for a relaxing night’s sleep. But it takes a good cot tent to offer you the best performance possible, and still serve you for many seasons down the line. The material, construction, and of course, ease of use and transportation are just some of the aspects you don’t want to miss when making that final choice.

So, does this cot tent offer you the best experience possible without making your life in the outdoors a struggle? That’s what this review is here to explain, so read on.

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Timber Ridge 2 Person Quick Setup Full Fly Cot Tent

The Key Features

Built for heavy-duty performance

Performance is the first important bit that any avid camper would never overlook when shopping for the ideal cot tent for an outdoor trip. Most importantly, if you are a bit on the plus side, then you need a shelter that can offer you the support you need.

The frame of this cot tent does just that, thanks to its solid construction. And of course, the heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame gives it the strength needed to support an impressive 600 pounds. This stout construction makes this cot tent ideal for virtually anyone, from petite individuals to heavy users.

Well ventilated

Ventilation comes across as another awesome feature you should never miss in your cot tent. Without the right ventilation, you cannot only feel quite uncomfortable inside there, but you might have the heat or condensation to deal with as the weather changes.

Thus, it pays to have a well-ventilated tent that has such great features as the vents on doors and windows, which ensure a constant flow of fresh air, keeping the interior of your cot tent as comfortable as it can get. And the best part is, you won’t have condensation to worry about when camping in frigid weather.

Plenty of sleeping space

Whether you want a cot tent for a solo camping voyage or you are taking your partner along for the trip, space is always vital if you are to enjoy a good night’s sleep. And for a  2-person cot tent like this one, space is plentiful and large enough to add you favourite double sleeping bag for those chilly nights.

To take care of that and ensure you can sleep in utmost comfort, Timber Ridge has equipped this cot tent with sufficient space for the two of you. Since this cot tent offers a sufficient 81.6 inches by 50.4 inches sleeping surface, you have enough room for two adults to sleep comfortably.

 Full coverage fly

Protection from the elements is among the things that a tent shouldn’t fail at, especially when it comes to cot tents. And the fly plays a key part in ensuring you don’t wake to wet gear or soaking if you are camping in the rainy season.

Thanks to its full-coverage fly, this tent goes that extra distance when it comes to keeping you protected from rough weather. But the one thing that makes it even more exciting is the easily removable design that allows you to take it off when camping in warm weather.

Double door design

Being able to get inside your tent with ease is the other advantage that sets most cot tents apart from the rest. And while a single large door can make this very achievable, a cot tent for two is best if it has two doors for convenience.

With the double door construction of this cot tent, getting in and out becomes super easy, but the best part by far is the convenience you get since each has a door on its side. This means you can hop in or out of your cot tent without having to wake up or disturb the other person.

Internal pockets

Keeping your gear inside the tent helps allow you to sleep with peace of mind knowing they are safe from the elements and curious animals. But this means space becomes even more essential, which could be a challenge if you don’t have enough real estate inside your tent.

To make organizing your gear inside the tent easy and achieve a considerable level of organization for your items, this cot tent is equipped with two attached pockets that offer additional storage space. This offers a convenient room for small items, keeping them within reach.

Easy to set up

The setup is another pivotal consideration to make when it’s time to go for the right cot tent for your camping adventure. No one likes the idea of spending the entire evening setting up their cot tent instead of having time to take in the scenery of the outdoors and the evening sky.

 This cot tent offers super easy setup, usually taking only a matter of minutes to set up even when you have to set it up along with the rain fly. And the takedown is just as easy and fast, and you can be on your way in a matter of minutes.

Timber Ridge 2-Person Cot Tent specifications

What Are the Benefits of This Product

Zipper closure design offers an easy operation while allowing you to completely close your little abode and keep the cold and bugs out.

The vents in the windows and doors also have mesh to ensure a flow of fresh air and help keep insects out for uninterrupted comfort inside your tent.

 With a maximum height of 12.2 inches, you get enough clearance off the ground to sleep in comfort high above rocks and the cold ground, and no insects to deal with.

The fiberglass frame also features bent ferrules that offer more room inside the cot tent, making it spacious enough for two.

It’s ideal for use in autumn, summer, or spring, allowing you to enjoy more time in the wild without having to buy any additional cot tent.

It has gear lofts hanging underneath the cot, which add to the various storage spaces you get with this cot tent, which further makes organizing your gear even easier.

The handy rain fly is waterproof enough to keep you along with your gear dry, making it safe to use during the rainy season.

Besides the generous space of the cot, the tent is also considerably large at 8.16 inches by 5.04 inches, which is just as large as the cot itself, thus offering you sufficient room inside.

And it gets even better; with a height of up to 47 inches from the cot up, you can comfortably sit on the cot without any disturbance from the tent.

Considering the spacious design, the cot and tent fold down to a manageable size at only 44.1 inches by 12.1 inches by 12.1 inches, and an included carry bag also proves very helpful.

Quick Specs

Fabric material:Polyester
Frame material:Steel
Pole material:Fiberglass
Weight:44.09 pounds
Tent dimensions:81.6” X 50.4” X 47”
Cot dimensions:81.6” X 50.4”
Weight capacity:600 pounds
Occupancy:2 persons
Closure Type:Zippers
Number of doors:2
Number of windows:2
Additional storage:Pockets and Gear Loft


  • A strong frame can support an incredible 600 pounds
  • Windows and doors with vents for ideal airflow
  • Convenient double door design for two
  • Spacious sleeping space and tent height
  • Gear lofts and pockets for additional storage space


  • At 44.09 pounds, a heavy cot tent might not be perfect for any adventure

Questions And Answers

Question: Can the tent and cot be separated?

Answer: No, you can’t detach the tent from the cot, as the two are permanently attached. However, the rain fly is removable if or when needed, which allows you to attach it in bad weather or remove it in warm conditions.

Question: Can I clean my cot tent if needed?

 Answer: Luckily, yes you can clean it with ease. However, take note that the care instructions for the item say that you can only dry-clean it. So make sure to stick by that if you decide to clean it to maintain its durability.

Here Is A Tip Or Two

If you consider bringing in an air mattress into your camping cot tent, then make sure to check the size before buying. It would be advisable to get one that is 81.6 inches by 50.4 inches or slightly smaller for it to fit effortlessly inside.

Although this cot tent is quite tough, it’s best to use it for autumn, spring, and summer seasons to avoid exposing the fiberglass poles to the extreme weight of snow in the winter season. This will help your tent poles last longer, which means a longer-lasting service for you.


The Timber Ridge 2-Person Cot Tent should be a worthy addition to your camping gear when heading outdoors. The outstanding performance with its super-strong frame makes it capable of supporting an incredible weight, so you and you partner can both share this enclosure without any concerns.

Besides, the sufficient ventilation, enough storage spaces as well as easy setup and takedown are a plus that would be too good to pass on. This one is the considerably large size once packed, and of course, the hefty design and suitable only for RV or car camping.

Please ask us any questions about the Timber Ridge 2-Person Cot Tent in the comments section below and we will get back to you.

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  1. i need a video to help us set this tent up and why is there a big lump down the middle? i cant get the frame to flatten out?

    • Hi Christine, I cannot find a vid on this product however we set it up with ease and I also noticed a slight upward curve in the bed. However, when a 300 pound team member layed upon the bed it seems to flatten nicely. Sorry I cant help you futher, If these present real problems for you I would strongly reporting it to the supplier and demanding a warranty solution. Thank you Shane.


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