Timber Ridge Camping Chair Review

Camping can be lots of fun, and being comfortable is important, so this review, Timber Ridge Camping Chair – Take It Higher than Before will definitely help enhance the enjoyment you get from your trip.

This Article Was Last Updated On April 21, 2021

This good quality folding camp chair could be your best bet if you want to transform your outdoor experience. This chair got your back, literally.

Whether it’s on a camping trip to your favorite campsite, fishing by the lake, relaxing on the lawn, or any other outdoor event you need a chair that can ensure you get nothing short of real comfort. 

Read on to find out why you need to check it out for your next outdoor trip. I will go through a list of features and benefits and explain my thoughts on my research and what I found to be good and bad points, although,

I must say from the outset this chair has very little downside from what I saw.

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Timber Ridge Heavy Duty Folding Camping Chair

The Key Features

Adjustable duck legs

One of the first features to look for in this type of chairs is the legs. Timber Ridge is a chair that comes with adjustable duck legs, these are designed to extend all the way from 15.5 inches up to 21.5 inches.

This gives you unbeatable stability leveling features so you can use your chair even on sloppy or uneven ground without any concerns at all.

These are on the front legs, the back leg is a crossbar design which prevents sinking into soft ground or sand.

They are not only the ones that support the weight of the chair and your weight as well, but they should also offer a bit of convenience where possible.

At the end of the legs are the extra-large “hoofs” this help maintain a good balance in the chair and also further enhances the stability of the chair. the last thing you want to happen is that the legs collapse on you

Spacious seat

The space on the seat also counts a lot when it comes to ensuring comfort and the best sitting experience. Choosing a chair that you have to squeeze in can be a bad idea right off the bat.

And if others in the family or your friends might need to use it, then you should make sure to get nothing but the best.   

Built for people of different sizes, this chair can work wonders for just about anyone in the family. With a seat width of up to 22 inches and a depth of 19 inches, it’s sure to work great for most people.

For a chair with a bigger seat check out my review on the large Alps King Kong Chair

Supports up to 300lbs

And when it comes to weight, you need to keep an eye out for a chair that’s built for heavy-duty use. This one’s heavy-duty steel tube construction never disappoints.

Capable of supporting up to 300lbs, it’s built for heavy-duty performance and will satisfy the needs of most people. Reliable and strong these features help make the decision easier when the time comes to purchase.

Strong fabric  

Having a camping chair with a sturdy frame but covered with a flimsy fabric would be all but a waste of money. Thus, you should scout around for a chair that’s well built all round, and this one is no exception.

Thankfully, Timber Ridge comes with a robust 600D polyester material that further makes this chair very strong as well as adding to its durability. So if you want to save money in the long haul, then this chair has all the features.

Reclining back for the best comfort

If you want to enjoy the ultimate comfort, you can’t afford to overlook several features in camping chairs, most of which make a world of difference.

Well, this chair comes with a fair share of such features that you truly need to check out.

Next,  there’s the reclining padded back, which is not only ideal for comfort but also great for back support, so you’ll never have to worry about back pain as a result of using this chair.

These different reclining positions will make the comfort level skyrocket.

Ideal height off the ground

The chair height is convenient and comfortable too, as it stands at 25 inches, which is more than enough ground clearance. This makes it ideal for people with joint problems, as you can sit in the chair or get up with ease.

Besides, it proves to be a great pick for tall people and the aging ones, who might find a chair that’s too low to the ground a bit difficult to get into or out of which could prove to be very uncomfortable.

What are the benefits of this Chair

With fully padded design and high side cushion, this chair is built to ensure you get nothing short of ultimate comfort.

Simple plastic armrests are quite comfortable for the forearms and positioned well  with good length to rest your arms completely on the armrest

Its recline mechanism is also very good, as it operates very smoothly, giving you different sitting angles that you can enjoy but without compromising the chair’s stability or your comfort.

Reclining is great and for an extra special seating experience, this chairs reclining feature provides a number of different lounging positions at your special spot, what a great benefit.

The front Feet are also undeniably awesome. Not only do they come with extra-large “hoofs” for a firm grip on the ground, but they also increase the stability.  

The Chair legs angle and length can be changed to suit the slope or angle of the ground you are on, this is a great design benefit and is extremely convenient

You can bring it aboard on just about any outdoor adventure, from fishing to camping, in the backyard as well as the park and many other activities.

Then there’s the folding design, which ensures you can never go wrong with the storage as well as transportation of your chair.

This great design ensures the chair doesn’t take up significant space in the vehicle when carrying it, or at home during transportation.

Here’s A Tip

  • Check the screws occasionally, as they may come loose over time, so you need to tighten them if this happens, and storing your chair in a sheltered place to avoid the elements wearing it out faster than necessary is always a good move. 


  1. With a steel frame and strong fabric, this chair is not only ideal for heavy-duty use but will also last you for many seasons.
  2. All it takes is unfolding and folding it during and after use, so it’s a snap to set up.
  3. This is the epitome of comfort, thanks to its ideal design as well as additional padding.
  4. You can always adjust the front legs to achieve the height that you want.


  1. At just under 18 pounds, it might turn out to be heavy if you are walking over a long distance.



Despite being quite heavy, the performance and durability that this chair offers are definitely worth it. It’s strong, easy to use, super comfortable, and most of all, built for almost any outdoor activity you can think of. Why not go on and check it out, and you will be the envy of the campsite.

If you have any more questions about the Timber Ridge Camping Chair, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Thanks, Shane.

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