Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger – Ultimate comfort

Here’s the nice and comfortable Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger, a nice-looking, cozy lounger that fully reclines and has a durable padded mesh fabric seat that can take your outdoor relaxation to the next level.

This Article Was Last Updated On December 24, 2020

Zero gravity loungers are becoming more and more popular both for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with a foam headrest that doubles as lower back support.

Read on to know more about this popular zero gravity lounger so you can decide if its amazing features and benefits hold the secret that works best for you.

Timber Ridge Balsam Deluxe Zero Gravity Lounger

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Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger

Key Features

Easy Folding and Unfolding

Perhaps the most awesome feature of this lounger is that it can be set up and store very quickly and with very minimal effort. It folds and unfolds in seconds. 

If you will use it, simply unfold it and it’s ready to use. It’s that quick and easy that anyone can do it. If it’s time to keep it, just fold it back together and you’re done.

This super convenient feature is perfect for anyone who simply wants to relax and avoids the hassle of using chairs and loungers that takes time to set up and use.

Sturdy Steel Frame

All camping chairs and loungers must be sturdy enough to prevent the user from accidentally falling off. 

This lounger is constructed with an alloy steel frame for strong base and support. It can handle a person with up to 350 lbs of weight so most people will have no problem using it. 

The steel frame ensures that the weight of the user is properly supported as they hold the attached strings of the padded seat firmly and strongly. 

Down at the parts of the frame that come in direct contact with the ground, there are six small non-slip supports that prevents the lounger from moving during use.

Durable Duramesh Fabric

The padded seat uses the patented Duramesh fabric that provides breathable comfort and relaxation. It doesn’t trap the heat from your body so it stays cool as you relax. 

It’s a strong and durable material that ensures the longevity of the seat. As your body touches the fabric seat, you can feel the great comfort it provides. 

The soft, comfortable padded mesh makes you stay longer in this lounger. It’s perfect for camping trips because you can experience the great comfort while you relax and explore the outdoors. 

The fabric is also easy to wipe and clean.

Adjustable Foam Headrest and Lower Back Support

It also comes with an adjustable foam that you can position as a headrest or lumbar support. All you have to do is to slide it in its track and position it either on your head or lower back and you can feel the extra relief and comfort. 

The soft foam provides better support on your head and relieves tensions on your lower back. This adjustable feature of the headrest or lower back support makes it very convenient to use based on your preference. 

It helps a lot especially for people who experiences pains and tensions around those areas.

Ergonomic Plastic Armrests

This chair comes with armrests that are ergonomically designed for even greater comfort. Lay your arms on them and they can help relieve their tiredness by relaxing and stretching them freely. 

The armrests support the weight of your arms giving them enough rest and relaxation. The armrests also help with your balance as you prepare to sit and pull yourself up to stand. 

They provide you with strong grip that makes you establish your position easier. These armrests further increase your level of relaxation as they let your arms take some rest and take the pressure off your hands before they go active again.

Zero Gravity Design 

It also features a true zero gravity design, unlike some other existing loungers. Zero gravity chairs like the Timber Ridge Balsam Delux are known to have a lot of health benefits for users. Another one I have done a review on is the Ever Advanced Oversized Zero Gravity Lounger.

Take a look at this one also for comparison, these chairs improve your posture, improves blood circulation and reduces muscle tension. The feeling of weightlessness they provide gives ultimate relaxation for people who frequently experiences tiredness or fatigue. 

Imagine how much relaxation you can get if you try to use it outdoors or during your campings. It can reenergize you and make you feel better as you go on. 

You can achieve the best relaxation with this zero gravity lounger.

Fully Reclines With Easy Locking Levers

While other chairs recline only a little, this lounger reclines from upright to fully laid back position for maximum relaxation. 

This makes it perfect for quick naps or stargazing. The cheaper or similarly priced zero gravity chairs typically don’t have this fully reclining feature so it’s great that the Timbre Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger has it. 

It employs easy locking levers located below the armrests that you can use to stabilize your reclining position. 

Push the locking levers forward to fix your reclining position and pull it back to unlock it. It’s very convenient and can be done in seconds.

Side Cup Holder

Including a very useful side cup holder accessory on the zero gravity lounger is just amazing. If you love to enjoy the outdoors while having a drink in your hand, this side cup holder comes in handy. 

With the cup holder, you can take you drink with you while resting comfortably on the chair. 

You have a dedicated holder that frees your hand and enables you to do other important things like checking on your phone, reading a book or writing on your journal. 

It’s indeed a simple but essential add-on to this awesome lounger. It makes your life a little easier as you relax.

two blus chairs on a beach

What Are The Benefits Of This Product?

The quick set up and storage of this zero gravity lounger makes it a time-saver since you have a lot of other things to focus on during your camp setup.

The ease of using it provides great convenience in your relaxation because you simply unfold it to use it and fold it up when you’re done.

You can rely on the strength and stability of this lounger because it uses an alloy steel frame as the base and support so you don’t have to worry that you will fall.

The breathable comfort and support provided by the patented Duramesh fabric helps you relax cozily in your zero gravity chair while enjoying the outdoors.

The added comfort from the adjustable foam headrest and lower back support increases your level of relaxation even higher because it makes you feel better.

The nice grip and support that are given by the ergonomic plastic armrests help you keep your balance as you change positions and prepare to sit up and lay back.

The great feeling of relaxation you can experience with this true zero gravity lounger is far better than other zero gravity chairs that don’t really extend the recline to the zero-gravity point.

The easy and secure locking of your reclining position made possible by the easy locking levers stabilizes your position for your optimal comfort.

The convenience of having a handy side cup holder that you can use when you like to hang out with a drink as you comfortably rest on the chair is a great additional feature.

The great fit for most people brought about by its oversized design makes it suitable for people within average height.

Quick Specs

  • Brand: Timber Ridge
  • Item Dimensions: 21.26 x 46.46 x 21.65 inches
  • Item Weight: 20.37 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 350 pounds
  • Fabric Material: Mesh
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Color: Grey


  1. Super easy to use and store
  2. Reclines fully for superior relaxation
  3. Inclusion of adjustable headrest/lumbar support foam
  4. Handy side cup holder 


1.  A little heavy for some people

Questions and Answers

Question: What’s the maximum height of a person that can fit in on this lounger?

Answer: About 6 ft 2 inches tall.

Question: Is it comfortable enough because the padded seat seems thin?

Answer: Yes it is because it uses Duramesh fabric that’s very soft and breathable.

Question: Is the adjustable headrest/lumbar support removable?

Answer: Yes. It can be removed.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • When you are reclining the lounger, don’t forget to lock it by the easy locking levers.
  • Make sure the side cup holder is also fixed on its place before putting your drink on it. 
  • Before sitting on the lounger, pick the right spot that’s level and solid.


Zero gravity chairs make an ideal companion for outdoor relaxation. They make you experience a feeling of weightlessness for optimal relaxation and tension release. This is extremely important to make you feel better as you enjoy the outdoor environment.

Camping is, even more relaxing and rejuvenating when you get the superior level of comfort these loungers provide. The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger can provide a great level of comfort and relaxation on your camping. 

It lets you experience the true zero gravity feeling when your body is suspended in a neutral posture where your feet are elevated in alignment with your heart. It’s sturdy, durable, and comfortable so you can rely on it to give your body the kind of relaxation it deserves.

If you have any more questions about the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.     

You may also like to read my in-depth review of the very good Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs Review for a good comparison that will assist you and help with your purchasing decision.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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