Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair – Cool Colourful Convenience

If you have been searching for an outdoor chair then the Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair could be what you have been looking for. To ensure you get nothing short of the best, you need a chair that has it all.

This Tommy Bahama offers a perfect option if you like traveling light to the beach, or camping out in the woods.

Whenever your outside and you need a seat, simply pack this chair, grab your umbrella, and off you go. And once you hit the beach or campsite, it still has a whole lot more exciting aspects to make the most out of.

Keep reading to find out why this chair is one of the top-of-line options for every avid beach and camping enthusiast.

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The Key Features

Strong materials

To ensure it doesn’t give in to wear from the salty conditions, this chair comes with just the right materials for durability. Made of 600D polyester, it is robust enough to take on quite some beating for several beach seasons.

But that’s not all, still, the frame is features a rustproof aluminum, which is strong enough to offer unprecedented durability despite the somewhat unforgiving beach environment.

Folds up for easy portability

Despite being ideal for heavy-duty use and high performance, this chair is surprisingly super easy to carry. All you have to do is fold it up and throw it on your back.

Besides, it comes with backpack straps that prove to be very handy too. Just carry it like a backpack, and your hands are free so you can easily carry other camping essentials.

Very strong, yet very lightweight

The fact that this chair is strong enough to support up to 220 lbs can seem farfetched. The good news is that it is a great option if you are a bit on the heavy side.

Better yet, despite the heavy lifting, it is lightweight enough; even the kids can carry it with ease. Carrying it alongside other camping items is always a breeze.

Better yet, it doesn’t keep opening and bruising your back as you carry it.

Adjustable for use in different positions

Its ability to recline is the other aspect about this chair that blows the competition away. With this function, you can set your chair in up to five positions, whichever offers the most comfort at any time.

You can even lay it flat and enjoy a blissful afternoon nap, what beats that? It is also suitable to use inside your tent.

Comes with a beverage pouch

If you want to bring a few bottles of water and drinks to the beach for use later in the day, then this chair is for you. And thanks to the insulated cooler, it keeps your drinks cool, so you can enjoy a cold sip when you need it the most.

Besides, you can as well pack up a few snacks and toss them in the spacious storage pouch; you’ll need them.

An adjustable headrest

For ultimate comfort, keeping your neck supported is always crucial. After all, dealing with neck pain after a day on the beach is the last thing you want.

Not to worry, this chair comes with a precisely positioned neck rest, which also flips to the back. So you can simply flip it over in case you don’t need it there.

The Helpful Benefits

With its durable 600D polyester and rustproof aluminum materials, you can save money in the long haul. You won’t have to hit the market sooner than you would wish to.

This chair is built to last, so you have no reason to bother about another purchase soon unless you are getting a second one of course.

Its cell phone and cup holder are spacious enough to fit a few extra items.

This makes it easier for you as you have all your items handy and within close reach whenever you need them.

With a roomy cooler area, you can bring a few bottles down to the beach, which ensures you don’t run out of drinks before the day wears off.

The backpack straps offer a much-needed convenience when carrying your chair.

It also features a handle that you can use if you want to carry your chair like a suitcase. This offers a versatility that is hard to pass on.

Also, these straps are padded, which makes carrying the chair even more comfortable as the fabric doesn’t cut into your shoulders.

Its side pockets are roomy enough to fit a good number of your items. You can keep anything you want close by like phones, sunglasses, and other items.

With the spacious back pocket, you can forget about your beach bag, as you can fit the towel you need in there. This gives you even more convenience, never too much storage room.

Here’s A Good Tip

  • It can be a bit tricky to figure out, but to make it easy, watch the video of how to close this chair. 



  1. Strong and durable, thanks to the right material and construction techniques.
  2. It is easy to set up and fold once you get the hang of it.
  3. Spacious pockets to fit several personal items.
  4. It is comfortable to carry as well as to sit in.


  1. It is quite low to the ground, so getting into it and getting up may be a bit difficult for some.


This chair is one of the things you don’t want to leave at home when setting out camping near the beach. It is compact, comfortable, durable, and lightweight for easy portability. And with all the things it can hold, it does more than a mere chair.

With the comfort and luxury that it offers, you can buy this chair confident that it is worth every single penny. I believe you will get a great product when you buy Tommy Bahama.

You just sit in it, comfortable with everything you need at an arm’s length so why not go ahead and give it a try. You’ll be glad you did!

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If you have any more questions about the Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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4 thoughts on “Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair – Cool Colourful Convenience”

  1. This  Tommy Bahama beach chair seems to be a good bargain.Not only a chair, but  a carry pouch for drinks, snacks,even your towel ! So you don’t need a beach bag, a great Idea ! Good for cookouts,family and friends and such occasions.

    The carry straps are a wonderful innovation ,so you don’t have it bumping your back,  and you  have your hands free for carrying other items you may need.

    the adjustable head rest is an important feature, which you need after a hard days work, so you can relax.

    But is this a complication  which we need ?Perhaps we should think this over and discuss this?

    I wonder if there are many of the competition which have such  features ?

    It seems a cool chair with many attractive ideas, convenient to carry, light weight,From the picture colourful as well .

    With its 5 position adjustability ,also ideal not only for the beach, but also for use in the tent,where space is at a premium, for camping trips ,versatile,a good idea.

    The strong materials 6000 Polyester ,rustproof Aluminium, seem wonderful,but have they  been tested? , by what standards ?

    I would say that all things considered , I would  recommend this item as a part of our beach equipment.

    • Hi Robert, you are quite right, there are lots of good features built into this chair, To,,y Bahama has a lot of equipment and they build it well lots of reviews and some good ones too. 

      Love your comments thanks Shane.

  2. we live near a beach so this chair will come in so handy this summer, I will for sure we getting us one of these. I love that it helps us pack light, because walking to the beach on a hot day with everything in bags can be a nightmare and you dread the walk back home later. I cannot wait to use this chair this summer now thank you.

    • Hui Jayde, Don’t forget to buy it through my link and please share your thoughts with us when you use it 

      Cheers Shane,


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