Travel Chair Slacker – Compact Lightweight Convenience

The Travel Chair Slacker Compact Lightweight Convenience Compact, Folding Tripod Camping Stool will give you value for money as well as and convenience with a robust construction that puts it a notch above the competition.

This Article Was Last Updated On March 21, 2021

There’s usually no guarantee of an ideal place to sit on. So you should consider bringing a little, yet efficient chair that can cater to your on-the-go lifestyle.

Small lightweight and easy to carry with you to any hiking or camping adventure, this chair has a whole lot to offer. It is an epitome of comfort on the go, so stick around in this Slacker Chair review, you will find out what this chair has in store for you.


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Super Compact TravelChair Slacker Chair

The Key Features.

Solid Construction

The construction is definitely the first thing you will come to love about this chair. Built for heavy-duty use, it comes with a steel frame that’s ready to take on up to 275 pounds.  And the frame is not the only robust material in this chair; it also comes with an outstanding nailhead 600D ripstop polyester fabric. This proves to be as tough as it is comfortable.


Another thing about this chair that is sure to blow you away is the portability. First off, it is ultra-light, at only 2.2lbs. Then it also boasts an ideal folding design that is as compact as a rolled-up newspaper. You can simply toss it in the trunk of your car, or lug it along with your backpack without a struggle.  

Besides, an integrated strap closure makes carrying it around as easy as it is fun. What’s more, the strap is adjustable, making it ideal for everyone. Whether your hiking or camping out in your tent taking this chair is simple.

Compact in Size

This chair is compact in size, ideal for versatility and storage. You can use it in just about any area or for any activity. Want to have a rest after a long hike or sit and lazy around as your dog runs around in the backyard? Then the small size makes it an ideal pick for you. And the same goes for storage too. You can simply hang it off the wall and forget about it until the next outing.

Stable Legs

Its legs also feature the right design for stability. Designed in a tripod style, they are great for distributing the weight evenly. Hence, it makes this chair capable of supporting considerable weight despite being very small, compact, and portable.

Heavy Tubing Frame

And there’s something more exciting about the frame too. It also features extra-heavy tubing that reduces the flexing of the chair. Moreover, it comes with a rust-resistant powder coating that proves crucial for durability.

Tear Resistant Fabric

With a double coating on the PU-backed fabric, you also don’t have to worry about the top of the chair fading or degrading easily even when exposed to the sun. Better yet, it is also super resistant to tearing, stretching as well as abrasion resistance. And most of all, the fabric is ideal for distributing the weight evenly, making sitting on this chair even more comfortable.

Tight, Heavy-Duty Connectors

Something even more exciting about this chair is its connectors. Thanks to its top-quality nylon connectors and robust rivets, it not only delivers heavy-duty performance but also lasts long enough to give you the value for your money.   Most importantly, both help bind the different parts of the chair tightly, saving you the nightmare of dealing with an ever-squeaking chair.

Stable Duck-Billed Feet

While still on the feet, you will also like the duck-bill design, which gives it the much-needed sturdiness and stability to take on any terrain. Made of nylon, these feet are also a contributing factor to the lightweight design of this chair. Above all, they prove essential for use in difficult surfaces like camping near the beach or soft surfaces, as they don’t sink easily.  

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Product?

Solid construction with sturdy materials ensures high performance and durability. So you don’t have to worry about going back to the market sooner than you would like to buy a replacement.

The lightweight design is also something you can’t afford to pass on. It makes the chair perfect for carrying along even when you have heavy luggage, as it doesn’t weigh you down. It doesn’t weigh enough to be considered as an additional weight to your stuff.

An integrated strap enclosure makes for an unbeatable addition that takes the chair’s portability to a whole new level. If convenience is one of your major considerations, then this Travel Chair Slacker Chair has something for you.

Its compact size makes for more versatile use. But this feature also proves crucial when it comes to ease of storage. This chair is compact enough to save you the hassle, just hang it on the wall and forget it until next time you want to go outdoors and need a seat.  

The tripod leg design brings something else to this chair that’s truly worth a hard look. These are not only perfect for easy folding but also ensure an unprecedented distribution of your weight, adding to its stability.

Heavy tubing on the frame reduces flexing and further makes the chair more robust. But that’s not all, on the joints are rivets, which ensure your chair doesn’t wobble or let out that frustrating squeak every time you sit on it.

Double coating and PU addition on the fabric ensures this chair has what it takes to withstand the harsh environment out there. It doesn’t fade easily or degrade from exposure to the sun but is also resistant to stretching and tearing.

The duck-billed feet are what you need for a chair that you can use on virtually a surface. Whether you need for a day at the beach or taking a breather in the woods, this chair has got you covered. The feet are just right for use on even some of the loosest surfaces like sand.

Here Is A Tip Or Two

  • Position the chair well to prevent falling over, the footprint is quite small.
  • Setting it close to a wall or tree could make up for the lack of a backrest.


  1. It packs small, so portability should never be a concern.
  2. This Travel Chair Slacker Chair is a heavy lifter, taking on up to 275lbs.
  3. It’s versatile enough for use on hunting, fishing, hiking, or any other outdoor adventure.
  4. Ideal feet for convenient use on sand and other soft surfaces.
  5. Sturdy frame for robust performance and durability.
  6. You don’t have to break the bank to purchase one.


  1. It may be quite low for some users, especially if you have joint pain issues like arthritic knees.



Overall, this chair is definitely worth going for. It’s durable, sturdy, comfortable, and convenient enough for anyone seeking a chair they can use on the go.

Factor in the price and you are in for a real deal without necessarily spending a lot of money. If you are an outdoors person, then this chair is sure to add a comfortable touch and fun to your outdoor adventures.  

If there’s one thing that truly makes this chair outstanding, it has to be its array of features. These go the distance to make it one of the best picks on the market.

And all features come with advantages that add to the efficiency, value, and durability of the chair as a whole, a very good piece of equipment that we highly recommend if your shopping for a small versatile camping/hiking stool.

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If you have any more questions about the Travel Chair Slacker, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Thanks, Shane.

10 thoughts on “Travel Chair Slacker – Compact Lightweight Convenience”

  1. Hello Shane,

    I like the travel chair that you promote and that I can use in my fishing trips. 

    From what I observe in your review the paint makes it very resistant to corrosion, ideal for use on the beach very close to the sea. 

    The price also makes it very attractive to make the purchase. I will consult my fishing partners to buy at least 3 travel chairs.

    Thank you very much and Regards!


    • Hi Claudio, nice to have your comment, yes sturdy and lightweight makes it ideal for fishing near the sea, don’t forget to purchase your chairs via my link. I hope you enjoy them and please let me know what you think of your new chair.

      Cheers Shane.

  2. Hello Shane. I hope you are having a great time? Thank you for sharing this information about Travel Chair Slacker. Travelling needs light weight and non-bulky stuffs. The compact lightweight convenience is a big plus for this product. I love the features and the specifications of this chair + it is so so affordable.

  3. I have actually used one of these chairs for camping, I need to add that I am the upper of the weight scale for this chair and have severe arthritis.

    I chose this version because I liked it’s style, lightness and strength and even though I groaned when I sat on it there was sufficient support for my large framed body.

    But as you say, it sits low and when the time came for me to get out, I struggled really badly.

    To be fair, I also got one for my camping son and he loves it, because it is so light, easy to put up and he can throw it in the back of the car and it will be there next time.

    It is a great idea just not for those who are large framed or with arthritis (or both).

    I love the concept and my son loves its practicality.

    • Hi Steve, always good to get comments from other owners of the products we review, i appreciate your sharing.This is a great little chair that is light and sturdy and serves the purpose well, its definitely not for all of us but it does have a practical solution for someone needing to rest on the trail.

      Thanks Again, Shane.

  4. Nice looking travel chair.  I’ve been looking for a lightweight one to back onto my motorcycle for riding and camping trips.  When you a packing a bike, you need something small and light, because you don’t have much space. 

    Thanks for including that video, seeing the chair in use helps me decide that this chair will fit my needs for sure.

    I was wondering about only having 3 legs, I’m glad you say it is secure. Great tip about putting it up against a tree, I’ll be sure so try that trick.

    • Hi James, this would be great on a motorcycle space definately is a premium, ( I also ride ) you could also lean against the bike. 

      Thanks for the comment, keep the shiny side up. Shane.

  5. Hey Shane! This is really a well written product review. I liked the way you explained about the Travel Chair. Does it come with any warranty? Do let me know as I’m interested in having a look at it. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice day ahead!!!

    • Hi There, i am glad you liked my post, i checked with and they provide a 1 year warranty from date of purchase under normal use. also some good reviews. 

      Thanks for your comment, Shane.


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