VINGLI Professional Fishing Chair review – This one is a great catch

A comfortable and sturdy chair helps make your outdoor experience much more enjoyable. One great product If you’re into relaxation and comfort is the Vingli Professional Fishing Chair which is perfect for your outdoor activities.

It’s an oversized camping and fishing chair that is capable of being reclined up to 180°, has adjustable legs and paws, strong steel armrests, and can support up to 350 lbs of weight.

It also has a very comfortable seat and reclining backrest made with padded and mesh fabric and a durable steel frame body. It’s always worth investing in good quality gear that you can rely on when using it outdoors.

Check out the information below from our research and by the end of this review, you will know everything about this camping chair to decide if it’s a gear you would have on your next outdoor adventure.

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VINGLI Adjustable Reclining Mesh Padded Fishing Chair  

Key Features

High-Quality Corrosion Resistant Steel Frame

This camping chair is designed to be strong and durable. The frame of the chair is made with high-quality, corrosion-resistant steel to provide you with many years of use.

If used by full-sized adults, this chair will not wilt even after long hours of use. The steel frame provides great support for the body so you can enjoy the outdoors for as long as you want.

The steel frame not only makes it sturdy but also makes it safe for heavy people to use with confidence. Forming an extremely strong structure, it will serve as a great companion in your fishing or camping activities.

600D Waterproof Oxford Fabric

When it comes to the material used for the seat and backrest, its 600D Oxford Waterproof Fabric can provide you the comfort and softness you want when sitting in one spot. 

It’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally spill a beer or coffee on it. Another good thing is that this fabric is easy to clean so you can simply wash it with warm soapy water to get it ready for your next outdoor getaway.

It’s also an elastic and durable polyester so it won’t get easily damaged. This fabric material contributes to the overall superior design and quality of this camping chair which enables you to use it over a long period of time.

Adjustable Legs and Paws 

For greater comfort and convenience, this camping chair features adjustable legs and front paws that swivel for stability. It’s a very useful feature to have because you can’t always expect a flat and solid ground when you’re outdoors.

By simply pressing the height adjuster, you can extend the length of the legs so you can use it on uneven ground or even on a staircase. This makes it perfect for almost any outdoor ground surfaces.

The swivelling front paws keeps your chair in place when you put it in a surface that’s not very solid. It prevents your chair from sinking in surfaces like sand or soft soil.

Padded and Mesh

To further increase the level of comfort, padded and mesh seat and backrest are also built in the camping chair. They add up to giving you a great experience..

The mesh material on the seat and back is also durable and doesn’t sag. It’s a breathable fabric that’s good for airflow when it’s hot. It also dries up fast if in case it gets wet.

The mesh padding makes the camping chair soft and relaxing and it helps a lot for you to enjoy your time outdoors. It conforms to your body and provides you with a high-quality seat.

Foldable and Portable

A foldable camping chair like this one can be set up quickly so you can use it in no time. Also being foldable, it’s so easy to use.

This camping chair is also portable. It comes with a storage sack for easy carrying and convenient storage. You can sling it over your shoulder for transport and the bag keeps it secure when not in use.

Pull it out from the storage pouch then just unfold its legs  and you’re set. You can simply fold it back after use and repack it into its carry and storage sack.

180 Degree Recline

Whether you prefer to just sit upright or recline your chair while sitting, you can achieve both with this good chair. It can be reclined up to 180° so you have total freedom in your sitting position.

You can set your reclining angle with ease, simply adjust the lever locks on the sides to set your preferred recline position.

Having this great feature makes it a much more comfortable chair compared with a lot of standard camping chairs, you can have a customizable chair for better comfort and relaxation.

Wide Range of Use

Designed for the outdoors, this chair can be used in so many ways, even indoors. It’s so versatile that you can carry it anywhere you want a comfortable chair to sit on.

This chair is perfect for fishing where you stay seated for a long time. The soft Oxford fabric with mesh padding keeps you cozy while waiting for your catch. For campings, you can enjoy its comfort as you rest and relax in your Tent.

Its also perfect for quick naps at home or hanging out at your backyard. You can use it in a whole lot of other activities and situations. 

300 lbs Support

This chair has an oversized design and made to accommodate a maximum weight of 350 lbs, thus it’s suitable for most people.

If you want a camping chair and you’re always checking for the size limit of different chairs, you can simply pick this one, especially if you are a big person, then you’ll have no problem fitting in this chair.

Vingli Outdoor Heavy Duty Camping chair

What are the Benefits of this product

Bring a comfortable padded and mesh chair with you that’s very useful especially if you plan to stay longer for your outdoor activities.

Conveniently adjust your camping chair’s backrest reclining angle based on your needs so you can get the perfect resting position.

You can be sure that your camping chair can be used for a long time because it’s made with high-quality, corrosion-resistant steel frames for durability.

People of all heights, even the tall ones can sit nicely in this oversized camping chair so no need to worry about fitting issues. 

Experience a high level of comfort with the 600D Waterproof Oxford fabric that’s easy to clean and keeps you dry when splashed with water.

Being able to support a weight of 300 lbs means most people should have no problem using it even those on the heavier side.  

The legs of this camping chair can be extended so you have more freedom with how you want to use it while considering the type of campground you have. 

The portable and foldable feature of this camping chair, with the inclusion of a storage pouch, makes it easy to use, transport, and keep secured after every use.

The mesh breathable fabric is durable, does not sag, and provides better airflow than solid fabrics for better comfort. 

With lots of practical uses, this camping chair makes your outdoor trips or even indoor rest very relaxing and comfortable.

Quick Specs

  1. Brand: VINGLI
  2. Material: 600D Waterproof Oxford Fabric, Mesh, Steel Frame
  3. Packed Dimension (LxWxH): 72 cm x 65 cm x 26 cm (28 in X 25 in x 10 in) 
  4. Chair Dimension (LxWxH): 
  5. Cushion Size: 48 x 22 in
  6. Adjustable Angle: 0-180°
  7. Adjustable Height: 14-20 in
  8. Item Weight: 20 lbs
  9. Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  10. Color: Green/Grey


  • Good for indoor and outdoor use
  • 180° adjustable reclining backrest
  • Made with durable steel frames and 600D Polyester fabric
  • Comfortable padded and mesh chair
  • Can accommodate tall and heavy people
  • Adjustable Legs


  • At 20 lbs, some people may find it heavy
  • While portable, it’s quite bulky

Questions and Answers

Question: How do you clean it?

Answer: You can detach the whole cover to wash it.

Question: Is it strong enough when used while the backrest is reclined 180°?

Answer: Yes. It can support a maximum weight of 300 lbs, sitting or lying down.

Question: Does it come with a cup or bottle holder?

Answer: No. It doesn’t include a cup holder or any other accessory aside from the carrying bag.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • Use the adjustable leg when you’re setting your camping chair in a surface that’s uneven.
  • It’s best to use for close proximity campsites or fishing spots if you have to carry it physically since the camping chair is on the heavy side.


A camping chair is an essential gear you should have  to achieve the kind of relaxation you always look forward to in your outdoor trips. Thus, you should pick the right chair that can give you the best comfort while not sacrificing on durability.

The Vingli Camping and Fishing Chair has the most important things you should look at if you’re in the market to get a good chair. While it’s a little on the heavy side, it easily compensates with ease of setup, durable materials, adjustable legs and paws, and 180° reclining features.

With all its awesome features, it’s a highly-recommended camping chair you should seriously consider. If you spend hours and hours outdoors, you must always have a nice chair like this with you.  

If you have any more questions about the Vingli Professional Fishing Chair, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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