Vitchelo v800 Review

Walking around after sunset can be a risky business without a reliable source of light so this Vitchelo v800 Review may hold a solution. If the trek involves traversing difficult terrain, then the stakes could be high as the risk of injury is always too real. 

Now, one thing you have to keep in mind is that getting just any headlamp you come across on the market is not an option, as you might spend a lot of money, and still end up with a lamp that you can’t count on when you need it the most.

Besides being built for the outdoors, it also comes with a variety of features. Plus the low price of the Vitchelo Headlight makes your purchase decision easy.

Let’s get to find out what this lamp has in store for you before you can step on the market to get one.


The Key Features

Just the right size and weight

Among the top features that make most of the top-ranking headlamps, a darling of outdoor enthusiasts is the construction that makes them very comfortable to use. And it’s all about how light and fitting it is on your head.

That’s about what this headlamp does best. Besides being a compact little unit, it is also very lightweight; weighing only 4 ounces with the batteries on, you will easily forget that you have any headlamp on your head.

Comfortable when in use

Having your headlamp on and all set doesn’t mean trading off on the comfort of a morning run. Besides being light and the right size, it takes several other features to give you the ultimate comfort when using these lights.

Another notable feature as far as the suitability of this lamp for your head goes is the elastic headband, Not only is it soft, but it is also very wide, and you can adjust it to achieve just the perfect fit.

The most exciting thing about it by far is that once you have it in place, it stays in place.

Built for the outdoors

You can find a wide variety of headlamps out there these days, but it takes a headlamp with the right construction to take on the outdoors and come out strong over the years.

That’s why this one is built with a weatherproof design that enables it to perform well even in rainy and extremely cold conditions. Nevertheless, make sure not to submerge it underwater as that might damage it.

Lasting battery life

The battery life of any headlamp could make or break your outdoor experience when it comes to venturing out after dark. If the battery can’t last long enough, you might end up with your lamp going out at the most inappropriate moment.

As such, this unit is built to give you the best experience. One thing about this headlamp is that it uses three AAA batteries, which you are sure to love.

Besides using the renowned AAA batteries, it also employs a CREE technology that gives you more light with less consumption on the power, helping your batteries last even longer.

The batteries in this lamp can run-up to an impressive 120 hours when using the low brightness setting, more than enough to last you several days on a single charge.

Super bright performance

Just how bright your headlamp is going to describe the efficiency you can expect to get with the unit. Too dim and you might not be able to see a long way ahead of you, something crucial especially when running in the morning.

If that’s one of your worries, then this headlamp gives you a reason to feel confident with the super bright flashlight, which lets you see up to 360 feet.

Besides, it also has a white as well as a red LED light, which lets you enjoy the best night vision possible.

Tilt it downwards

Using your headlamp while out in the wild, miles from civilization, you can set it any way you want to suit your needs.

But when it comes to enjoying a morning jog or run on the roads, it becomes a completely different story, as you have to share the road with other users.

In this case, this Vitchelo V800 headlamp comes with a design that lets you enjoy your light without causing a nuisance to the others.

As such, it features a tilt that you can set up or down, so you can notify drivers others of your position without blinding them.

What Are The Benefits Of Owning This Headlamp

Talking of ease of use, nothing quite beats the ease of selecting different light options than the one this headlamp offers.

This is simple to operate and once the light is set that is all you do just press the button.

When switching from the white to the red light and back, you can simply use any of the two separate buttons instead of having to cycle through one to the other like is the case with most options.

Super lightweight means no heavy object sitting on your head, with this particular headlamp you will hardly notice you’re wearing it.

It is a handy companion when reading in bed at night inside the tent.

Versatility is the other thing you really need to keep a close eye on when shopping for a headlamp, something that this unit does great with its ability to work wonders for different purposes.

Hiking, hunting, camping, running, jogging, reading, and other activities, you can always count on a good headlamp to illuminate your surroundings when required.

In case of an emergency, the red light comes in handy at helping signal for rescue, which could make a significant difference if you are ever caught up in a dire situation after dark.

As a completely hands-free lamp, fastening this lamp on your head is not the only thing that makes it ideal for freeing your hands.

Turning off the light is also just as easy since all it takes a single push of a button.

Unlike handheld flashlights, having this lamp on your head means it focuses the light where you turn your head.

What’s more, you have up to six levels of the white and red lights to choose from depending on your preference.

With a lifetime limited warranty as well as a 60-day money-back guarantee, this headlamp not only gives you every reason to step out with confidence after dark, but it also ensures you can enjoy a worry-free purchase.

Here’s A Tip

  • Remember, to get the best out of this headlamp, don’t submerge it in water as this might cause damage to its components, shortening the lifespan of your unit or destroying it altogether.


  1. This is a well-built little unit with a lightweight design.
  2. Choose from up to six levels to suit your needs.
  3. Its long battery life is the other notable thing about this headlamp that makes it awesome.
  4. It has separate buttons for selecting the right light for your needs, taking the guesswork out of the question.


  1. I know there are claims of this being a waterproof headlamp, Caution. Waterproof Rated at IP6 does not mean it is waterproof, it simply means it can cope with some splashing water or light rain, do not submerge it in water.



Isn’t it nice to have a lamp that gives you every reason to walk, jog, or run after dark or early in the morning with confidence?

If this is what you have your mindset on achieving, then this VITCHELO V800 is all you need. It’s lightweight, robust, and comfortable, Its also cheap but stays put once you secure it on your head.

The extra convenience of a headlamp giving you a bright LED light while ensuring your hands remain free is amazing in that you can always do more without having to use one hand holding a flashlight.

We recommend this headlamp for its outstanding performance and durability at this very affordable price point, you’ll love it.

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The above video is a 2 pack video, however, we are talking about a single headlamp in this review, the video was just for demo purposes.

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If you have any more questions about the Vitchelo v800 review, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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