The Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill – Will It Really Go Anywhere

Nothing makes outdoor adventure more fun than when you can cook on the go, which is where the Weber Go Anywhere gas grill could be a great addition to your camping and outdoor gear.

It takes a small, lightweight, but robust grill to make outdoor cooking both efficient and convenient for a small family unit or a couple of friends.

This can be hard to find in a lot of grills out there, as the robust ones are usually hefty and large. But with this unit, you get the best of both worlds.

That’s where this grill comes in handy, especially if you are on a camping adventure in small numbers. So what makes this grill worth going for?

In this review, we will look at the main features of this Weber, what they can provide us, and what are the benefits we can expect from this gas grill.

So keep reading to find out why the Weber Barbeque Grill could be the perfect fit for your family or group.  


The Key Features

Porcelain-enameled cooking grate

The cooking grate is one of the features you use the most on a grill. Hence, it should be both strong and efficient. Durability is of the essence, but performance is even more important.

Getting things wrong on this aspect could mean wasting your money on a grill that can never deliver up to your expectation.

But there’s some good news, as this Weber Go Anywhere gas grill comes with what I think is the right grate. Made of porcelain-enameled stamped steel, this grate is built for the long haul, but there’s more to it yet.

It also ensures a good heat distribution for well-cooked meals. And most of all, it helps at keeping flare-ups at a minimum for the best cooking experience.


While most people consider going for grills with two or three burners, this doesn’t mean you can’t get just as good performance from a unit with a single burner.

What matters the most here is the performance you can get out of the unit and the amount of food that needs to be cooked.

First, the burner is made of stainless steel, which makes it as strong as it is durable. The other interesting thing about this burner is its good power output.

At 6500 BTUs of cooking power per hour, it is not the most powerful output but it is robust enough to get your food well cooked at the right time.

Large cooking space

It’s also important to note that the cooking space plays a significant role in how much food you can prepare when grilling.

This Weber gas grill has a 160sqin surface so this will ensure you can prepare enough food for a group of around 4 people, especially if you are camping as a group or with a family.

Then it helps make cooking both easy and fun, which makes sense as grilling is about having a good time with your loved ones.

That’s why you can’t afford to pass up on the 160 square inch cooking area on this griller, it is a very efficient size.

Push Button Ignition

Cooking on your grilling can be easy, fast, and a whole lot of fun. But one thing you have to do before you can get to all that is to start the unit first.

This is where the ignition plays an important role, gone are the days when you had to struggle with matches and lighters. It is instant, easy, and works well.

A push-button electric ignition. If you want to take the struggles of lighting up your grill in bad weather out of the way, then this feature will truly prove to be handy. 

Carry it anywhere you want

Portability counts as far as using your grill on any outdoor adventure goes. If it’s easily portable, you can take it with you just about anywhere you are.

But the most exciting aspect is that your grill won’t take up all the space in your car’s trunk or slow you down on the trails.  

Want a grill you can use just about anywhere? Well, the name of this unit pretty much says it all. The first thing that sets this grill apart is the compact design.

Measuring only 23.8 inches by 12 inches b 8.4 inches, and weighing only 13.5 pounds, it is built for anyone on the go.

The legs are steel

Ensuring that your grill is steady can be an uphill task if the legs are weak and unreliable. Then there’s always the dreaded risk of the whole unit wobbling or toppling during use.

But if you don’t want to live such a nightmare, then get a grill with strong legs. This is one unit with steel legs that make it an ideal option if you want to cook with confidence.

Made of plated steel, the legs also help lock the lid in place while transporting your grill. There are a number of question marks over the legs they are a very small diameter metal which results in a not so solid stand. 

However the reduced size of metal as in all things these days has also resulted in a lighter product which is something that matters if we have to carry or transport it.

Tuck-Away lid holder

One thing you need to have in place or well out of the way depending on what you are doing in the grill is the lid. With the food cooking, you need to keep the lid in place.

But once you want to check on your food or remove it from the grill, you will have to open it for easy access.

The lid on this grill comes with a holder that helps keep it well out of the way. So you can have it securely held up, hence freeing your hands while handling or removing food from the grill.

What Are The Benefits For You

With the legs and handle folding, the unit is super easy to transport. Factor in the lightweight design and compact package, and you can bring this unit along anywhere you want.

Its high power stainless steel burner is as durable as it is robust, giving you a reason to cook and enjoy evenly and fast cooked ribs, steaks, and anything else you would want to grill.

There’s virtually no assembly needed as far as the use of this unit goes. Thankfully, since it comes fully assembled, you can start using it as soon as it arrives on your doorway.

Moving it and even when transporting it, you never have to disassemble it, you only need to fold the legs to lock the lid and off you go.

The unit ’s enameled-porcelain construction is strong and very durable. This material also helps the unit achieve impressive heat retention and goes the distance to make your cooking even more efficient.

Heating fast is the other aspect that makes this grill worth going for if you want to transform your outdoor cooking for the better. Along with the easy and fast ignition, this feature ensures you will be cooking in next to no time.

Cleanup is a breeze, thanks to the porcelain-enameled cooking surface. This makes it easy to wipe away any dirt on the surface of your grill with a single wipe.

You can use your grill easily with disposable 14;1 oz cylinders. And although the cylinder is not included in the package, these canisters are readily available in most places, which makes them easy to get on the go, so don’t forget to purchase one or two of these cylinders.


  1. It doesn’t require any complicated assembly, so you can start using it as soon as you get at the campsite
  2. The cleanup is very easy once you are done using your grill.
  3. The fast ignition and large cooking area make using this unit very easy.
  4. Its 6500 BTUs of cooking power, you can cook a nice steak or burger.
  5. You will never have to worry about any flare-ups that compromise your unit’s fuel efficiency and take hours to cook.


  1. It has only a single burner.
  2. 6500 BTU in some windy conditions is not really powerful enough.
  3. Legs were a bit Flimsy for me.
  4. While small it is a bit cumbersome.



Whether you want to enjoy a weekend cookout in your backyard or prepare some juicy steaks in the outback, this grill goes with you anywhere you take the fun. Despite the single burner, this unit still has enough power to prepare enough food for a couple or a small group.

At its size and weight, this is the unit to bring with you on any outdoor adventure for portability. It fits easily in your car trunk and is ideal for those who want to go light. But I found it a bit cumbersome in packing anything on top of it because of the handle

The design of the folding legs, which lock the lid in place while transporting your unit is good, but I thought the metal was a bit on the light side and allowed the unit to wobble a little. It would be fair to say for anyone looking for a lightweight grill to bring onboard on your outdoor adventure, this is a reasonable grill at an affordable price point.

This unit is designed to perform well by a reputable company, however, there are some negative reviews that you should consider, although in our review it performed well enough and earned a 7.5 out of 10 rating from me

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If you have any more questions about the Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Thanks, Shane.

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